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  1. We get Star back next year. Singletary is a backup. Moss is a plodder/goalline guy. How cool would it be to have a Thurman Thomas again to lean on? Guard is a high priority too.
  2. Balls - the entire Bills organization. The mighty Pats have been taken down, finally. A perfect team win in all phases. Goats - I would say Knox, but since we still eventually scored and he made really nice catches the rest of the game, he gets a pass. Jones however gets a billy goat. Not only were you wide open, the ball wasn't a bullet, and it goes right through your hands to hit you in the chest. But the worst part is that it would've broken yet another NFL record, most players on a team to catch a TD pass. We're currently tied at 13. That would have been the 14th different Bill to catch a TD this season and break a record that will probably stand for a minute or 2.
  3. Seeding absolutely does count. If we don't want to meet up with KC until the AFC championship game, we need to stay put. If we stay at 2, it's 2 guaranteed home playoff games. If someone beats KC, it's all home playoff games. We don't want to go on the road if we don't have to. May not be fans in attendance to matter much, but sleeping in their own beds should matter. As far as resting players, you draw the line at does a win matter or not. If you're locked in and playing for nothing, you set players. If you're playing to gain something you play anybody you need to win the game.
  4. Kinda torn. It'd be great to keep up momentum and build even more confidence if we cruise against the fins, plus I've hated the idea of gifting them a game that's important to them. At the same time, if Allen, Diggs, Beasley, Tre or LB or a safety gets hurt and misses the next game, was it worth it?
  5. Sounds like someone in Patriots land covets what the Bills have. 2020 sure has been bizarro.
  6. I've got to hand it to Foxworth, before his comments, I'd never heard of the guy. Still don't know who he is other than a dumbass bigot.
  7. The forced fumble on Cam Newton as Pat's were driving for the win against us. If the Pat's score, we lose and who knows what the repercussions are?
  8. New England had a huge number of starters opt out due to covid. Their defense was excellent at times this year. Through the first half of the year, and after barely beating them, I was still worried about them winning the east. Belichick in my opinion had the Pat's playing far better than their talent. In the end Cam failed them. Unfortunately he's done. You give Belichick Alex Smith, or Carson Wenz, maybe Trubisky, possibly Darnold, and watch him challenge again real fast.
  9. I may be alone, but there is literally no team I fear playing, AFC or NFC. KC is probably the best team, but I think Buffalo can play with and beat any team in the NFL this year when we're on our game. Henry and the Titans probably are our biggest threat simply due to that run game.
  10. You have to extend him, the only question being when. I would hope that dialogue will open between the Bills and Allen, with the Bills letting Allen know as soon as it's fiscally responsible, he'll be made an offer. Allen seems like a guy who would understand and not hold the lack of an immediate extension against the Bills. Last night during the broadcast they showed all the Pats AFC east championships since 95 and Schlereth said that's a record that will never be broken. Hold up Mark, Allen is only 23 or 24 and already has 1. If Bean is as good as we all hope, Allen could win us a lot before he's 40.
  11. Love that Talley video. Just goes to show how vested they were and are with the team and community. Probably had something to do with all their success.
  12. So nobody's ass puckered up last night when Tre got hurt after the game was out of hand, or when Diggs took a cart ride into the locker room with about 5 minutes left? What about when Epenenza got helped off the field near the end? The only way we upset KC is at full strength. I get the need for fans to want to keep this momentum rolling, I have it to, but the Bills need to be smart and sit their studs if the opportunity arises. Once we can no longer gain seeding, sit Allen, Diggs, Beasley, Tre, Milano, and Hughes.
  13. Bills almost never win by more than 10. Bills 24 49ers 17
  14. But to your point, he was on the sidelines with 36 seconds left with the lead after just marching the team down the field and hitting his stud wideout for what should have been a game winning td.
  15. Um, your young QB did just that, with just over 30 seconds left to play.
  16. Good news is half of that defense is now here. Bad news is they're several years older now.
  17. I was wondering why not send Brown and Diggs on fly patterns instead of kneeling? Let them out run defenders who are expecting a kneel down. Let Allen throw a bomb at the end of the half. There would be minimal rush, everyone was expecting a kneel down.
  18. He's always missing tackles, not just this year. I don't get the love for him by fans. He's definitely replaceable, no need to break the bank resigning him. He's the best we got right now, but our standards need to be higher in the offseason.
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