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  1. 1 hour ago, Klaista said:

    Wouldn't shock me if we go one and done. 

    We are after all, still the Buffalo Bills. I've been very confident the second half of this season, but on the eve of the playoffs, I'm starting to worry about the same ole Bills making an appearance tomorrow. We've been playing so well the past month or so, I fear a let down is just around the corner. 

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  2. On 1/4/2021 at 7:09 PM, jamsim67 said:

    He must have done something right in the NFL, as he kept getting jobs. Has a ring with the Patriots

    As a lower level te coach. As an oc the only success he's had is this season in the NFL. 1 season and a national championship at Alabama, you could do the same at Bama. I don't want Daboll to leave, but don't pretend just cause the Bills are winning, that our coaches are all elite.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Topas said:

    Right. Forgot about Star. Will be interesting if one year off helped him and he is rejuvenated or if he is only older and worse. Actually I would expect the second, especially D Liners often keep eating the same amount while not playing which means he will balloon even further ...

    If he's worthy of a roster spot, he's been home salivating to rejoin his brothers and go on this ride too. I would hope watching what he's missing out on would be motivation to come back more than ready. If not, then we move on.

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