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  1. Every since the Colts very good kicker missed that first FG, and the Bills dodged their first bullet, this has felt like a team of destiny. The football gods are finally smiling on us. Based of their last 2 games, we shock the world. Bills - 28 KC - 23
  2. Sunday should be a good measuring stick. Hopefully the spot lights not too bright for Allen. It's hard to imagine that even he realistically planned on being an MVP candidate and playing for a chance to go to the Super bowl. Hopefully he's mentally tough and blocks everything out and just balls.
  3. I'm not much of a Milano fan. He's too small and bounces off too many ball carriers. He'd be a nice compliment player, but we're counting on him being great every week. He's not.
  4. According to McD he's filling the Moss role for the remainder of the year.
  5. I'm excited to see what he can do in the passing game. Could be our next Ronnie Harmon, minus the drop.
  6. Agreed to a point. He can hit TE's and RB's. And covering those are our second biggest weakness on defense.
  7. The Ravens offense matches up pretty well against our defense. I expect the Ravens to try and control the clock, keeping Allen and company off the field. We need to take the opening kickoff down and score a td. Make them have to play catch up early.
  8. For the first time in what feels like forever, wild card weekend is almost over and it's not the off season yet.
  9. I actually thought about you during that putrid defensive showing in the 4th. I was wondering if you were cool yet drafting defense in the 1st?
  10. They are very well coached, and I don't feel like I'm being biased.
  11. I noticed the clock not stopping, didn't know why, didn't really care either.
  12. I joined during the Flutie/Johnson "debates". Arguing has been the norm for the most part. I do feel the arguing and division has escalated somewhat, but I'm also about 20 years older than when I first joined, so I may be just a little more tired and cranky than I used to be. Either way it's great that we can all come together today for a game. Go Bills!
  13. We are after all, still the Buffalo Bills. I've been very confident the second half of this season, but on the eve of the playoffs, I'm starting to worry about the same ole Bills making an appearance tomorrow. We've been playing so well the past month or so, I fear a let down is just around the corner.
  14. Talk about a kick in the nuts to Browns fans. It could be worse I suppose, but after waiting 18 years and not having everyone at your disposal sucks.
  15. He's appears to be looking at the receiver, but not necessarily where he's throwing to. Nice!
  16. Actually I heard that the current Ohio state head coach is number 2, but whatever. Daboll may turn out to be a good head coach, I'm just saying his resume doesn't impress me.
  17. As a lower level te coach. As an oc the only success he's had is this season in the NFL. 1 season and a national championship at Alabama, you could do the same at Bama. I don't want Daboll to leave, but don't pretend just cause the Bills are winning, that our coaches are all elite.
  18. Daboll has had 1, I repeat 1 good season in the NFL. Out of close to 20? If he gets a head coaching job with his resume, more power to him. He's done good things with Allen this year, but let's not forget that every single member of the Range has started a fire Daboll thread at 1 time or another.
  19. I can see it now. Jets fire Gase, hire Daboll. Bill's replace Daboll with Gase, the QB whisperer in hopes he takes Allen to the next level.
  20. If he's worthy of a roster spot, he's been home salivating to rejoin his brothers and go on this ride too. I would hope watching what he's missing out on would be motivation to come back more than ready. If not, then we move on.
  21. Plenty of room on the bandwagon, but it's the life long commitment that's the issue. Jump on we'll make room, but if you don't plan on staying for life, we don't want you.
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