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  1. But to your point, he was on the sidelines with 36 seconds left with the lead after just marching the team down the field and hitting his stud wideout for what should have been a game winning td.
  2. Um, your young QB did just that, with just over 30 seconds left to play.
  3. Good news is half of that defense is now here. Bad news is they're several years older now.
  4. I was wondering why not send Brown and Diggs on fly patterns instead of kneeling? Let them out run defenders who are expecting a kneel down. Let Allen throw a bomb at the end of the half. There would be minimal rush, everyone was expecting a kneel down.
  5. He's always missing tackles, not just this year. I don't get the love for him by fans. He's definitely replaceable, no need to break the bank resigning him. He's the best we got right now, but our standards need to be higher in the offseason.
  6. Yes, I'm pretty sure he had a special teams penalty on a return Sunday.
  7. The first question we need to ask with any possible addition is can we afford him? We're running out of cap space to add a solid player and unfortunately it's too late to cut Murphy and save 8 million against the cap.
  8. This New England game is the exact kind of game the Bills are known for loosing. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we laid an egg and lose. With that said, Miami is our biggest obstacle. New England lost way too much over the offseason. I never understood the love they were getting. Forget losing Brady, half their defense sat out with the Covid excuse. They were never contenders.
  9. Gary Anderson is a good example, also Dustin Hopkins whom the Bills drafted a few seasons back was cut after a couple misses and went on to become a steady NFL kicker. I'm all for rolling with him this year just to see if he can overcome whatever it is that is hurting him. Did anyone notice Bass trash talking the Jets sideline after his last make? After missing 2 fg's and still having the balls to trash talk, that impressed me a little bit.
  10. It tells me he doesn't trust his players and or Daboll in clutch time. Needs to call timeouts to overemphasize the importance of the play and insure everyone is on the same page.
  11. He deserves more playing time going forward. He keeps his roster spot until he shows differently. Screw the veteran pecking order. Best players need to be playing each week.
  12. I contemplated turning the channel at halftime. They looked like hot garbage from top to bottom in the first half. But for whatever reasons both sides of the ball played better in the second half. If not for penalties, the game may have turned into a blow out. Disappointed in the first half, but redeemed themselves somewhat in the second half. Hopefully it carries over into next week.
  13. I would tend to agree, but you have to admit that the Dallas Thanksgiving day game was fun to watch last season.
  14. I said this on another site when someone said, bottom line we're still 4-2. I said just over a week ago we were 4-0. Losing is such a tradition in Buffalo, fans don't care if the Bills are great, as long as they're not in last place. Complacency runs rampant among Bills fans. There's nothing wrong with wanting your team to be great and still playing in late January. The last 2 weeks have shown me, not much has changed in Buffalo. Some fans want it all, while a majority are willing to accept mediocrity.
  15. I blame play calling. After week 4 people were anointing Daboll as the next Texans head coach. I haven't forgotten the past 2 years. The KC game play calling was all over the place. I don't think the offensive explosion the first 4 weeks was as much Daboll as it was Josh Allen getting better with the Diggs addition.
  16. I heard it's a 4.5 million dead cap hit. Kind of weird with the Ford injury and Winters just being awful. Feliciano is probably ready to come back, but this is still strange to me.
  17. I noticed this during the game, he seems to lack vision, and or his hitting the hole where is coaches are telling him to. In contrast, Moss tends to turn his back to the online and tries to push backwards an awful lot instead of lowering his head and running through defenders.
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