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  1. Couldn't agree more. The constitution was here long before any of you, if you don't like it leave.
  2. Or the other way around. Then all the sheep will die off leaving only free thinkers to rebuild.
  3. So Ertz is scheduled to make 12.5 million, but is going to agree to an 8.5 million pay cut?? If he gets cut Bills could be in a bidding war?? So he can make more than 4 million if he's released, make 12.5 million if he's not released, but is going to settle for a mere 4 million to be traded to Buffalo?? Talk about a fictional fill piece from that journalist (not a true journalist, real journalists don't make up scenarios). GTFOH!!
  4. Hopefully he's on a personal mission to live up to his draft hype, although I blame his coaches more for playing him out of position. He's not a middle LB. I think he'd be much more valuable in the Lorenzo Alexander role. He's not Urlacher, quit wasting time forcing him to be.
  5. As long as he isn't another Maybin. I really hope that the Bills don't think they're already a finished project, and all they need is depth. There's still room to upgrade starters on this team. A project in the 1st round is a little uninspiring.
  6. I would love the Humphrey pick, but I highly doubt he is still there at 61. I think Beane trades up for a DB, not that I think we should.
  7. He's going to want more than we can give. Too bad though, he'd probably be our best DT from day 1.
  8. Offense didn't lose us the KC game. Defense did. The inability to rush the QB or cover the TE is why we lost. And you can add in a 10 yard buffer on Hill at the line of scrimmage too. Pass defense, not WR depth is what's holding this team back.
  9. Last years team was lacking on defense, so too is this years team. If we don't hit on a few draft picks, how are we going to be any better than last year? AFC championship game runner up may be good enough for some people, but I'd prefer to win our last game of the year.
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