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  1. I wouldn't say I hate the guy, but just like Kobe, I have little respect for him.
  2. Stevenson can only run straight ahead. He gets tackled by his own guy more often than not. Has anyone ever seen him make a cut, stutter step, do anything but run straight ahead?? So what, he's fast.
  3. I'm saying put the game away and then rest. Always play to win.
  4. I think everyone welcomes the chance for either to move on. Daboll won't get a HC job, his resume without Josh Allen, which covers more of his career, sucks. I said so last year, and it's still true. I could maybe see Frasier getting a job for a disaster franchise that needs a steady quality presence at HC, maybe Jacksonville or Chicago, but not much else out there for him.
  5. We've been extremely lucky with injuries compared to say, the Titans. Says a lot about coaching, but that's a different story. Any chance we have to sit Allen, Diggs, or Millano, Poyer, Hyde and Oliver on defense, why risk an injury?
  6. Bates played LG today. Running out of the I helps. Running the read option up the middle is a big problem, unfortunately that's Daboll favorite run play. Running outside of our guards is where we have to most success. Running inside our guards is pointless. Morris needs to be replaced for sure.
  7. I have never been a Daboll fan, but I will give him credit for sticking with the run in the second half. He's usually not patient enough to stick with it.
  8. The Bills have had how many people test positive?? How many have had threads started because of it?? Beasley is being treated unfairly because of his outspokenness on the subject. Agree or disagree with him, you're head is in the sand if you can't see that. He's simply sticking up for himself.
  9. Agreed! If we can't win this game, then why do we even want to be on the playoffs? We'd be 1 and done if we somehow still managed to get in. If we can't beat the Pats, we won't make any noise in the playoffs. If we lose, start thinking best draft slot possible.
  10. Me too. Changes with the assistants is a must in the offseason. Mcbean is definitely safe for most likely, the next 2 seasons. How quickly we forget where we were before they got here.
  11. I wouldn't call Obada a stud. He's played sparingly all year, and yesterday was the first time you've heard his name in a positive light. Let's see what he can do this week before we anoint him. As for Oliver, did you not see him chase Cam down about 10 yards down field and swat the ball out of his hands?? Great play, however the ball bounced right to DJ Moore.
  12. Noticed this too. Hope he isn't getting his panties in a wad because the offense isn't running through him.
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