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  1. I'm happy for McCoy to land on a playoff caliber team. I think he'll to well in the pass happy Arians offense. He's going to get a lot of Brady dump offs, plus he's a decent pass blocker.
  2. Yeah at guard. Don't forget he's our primary backup at center too. While Morse faired well last year staying healthy, he's still a big injury concern for me.
  3. Need more detail on the seriousness of the injury. Torn pectoral is kinda vague. Could be a full blown tear or a slight tear. I'm no doctor, so I don't know the difference in recovery time, but since it's still July, I'll wait for the team to tell me if it's good or bad.
  4. He throws a lot of balls away too instead of forcing. He doesn't throw a ton of picks.
  5. Can you quote where anyone said they have a problem with End Racism written in the endzone please? Can we now let DeAngelo Williams wear pink highlights in his hair to support his mother and breast cancer awareness, or is that going too far? Hypocrites!!
  6. So are the Bills being snubbed, or is McDermott and company that good at getting the most out of average players? Like it or not, we are and were last season, a top 10 NFL team. 47th is our highest rated player?
  7. Great story, be even better if he won. But can't we stop with Reggie Bush as a Bill?
  8. I bitch about LB depth yearly. I've never been completely sold on Milano, he's a nice player, but we could do better. And I thought this prior to last years playoff whiff that cost us the game. It would have been nice to draft 1 or 2 lb's to compete.
  9. PR move to appease the season ticket holders that left with Brady. Newton is broken. I'm not worried.
  10. Frankly, Kim and Terry's opinion of the man mean very little to me. Hoping for the best, it's what we always do.
  11. The game was blacked out in Buffalo. I went to a friend's house who lives on a hill, turned his outdoor antenna east, and watched the game on a fuzzy Syracuse station.
  12. I'm guessing barring injuries, Bass would need an entire camp to unseat Hauschka. He may not get a fair chance to become our kicker.
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