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  1. No, he's old and has injury history. At best he'd be our number 2. As a 2 or even 3, he'd need to play special teams. I don't think he has that much left in the tank. How about we get good coaches to teach our players instead of waisting roster spots for over the hill vets like Gore to mentor our younger players?
  2. Other than his locker room presence, I'm not sure he adds much to the team.
  3. I'm not arguing guys are not open. I even buy the players not executing. My problem is that Daboll continues with the same play calling even well after certain things obviously aren't working. If the players can't execute certain plays, then for the love of God, call a play they can execute. Singletary was severely underused and Josh Allen continues to throw. At what point do you go with what is working? How many missed throws before you abandon the passing game? Daboll isn't putting his players in a position to succeed if he's constantly calling plays that his players can not consistently execute.
  4. No, instead they choked. Not sure why it's supposed to feel different.
  5. Siran Neal, who just moments before was standing over Watson talking shit.
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