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  1. I hope so. I like his game when he is healthy. Side note - he spent a bunch of time last offseason at Westside Barbell (powerlifting mecca) to rebuild his strength after his knee surgery. You don't see too many football players take on powerlifting templates during the offseason - he is a special kind of dumb (like me!). Makes me pull for him a little more. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2018/03/why_trent_murphy_thinks_hes_an_ideal_fit_for_sean_mcdermotts_buffalo_bills.html
  2. He'll end up being one of those QBs that you can't quite cut bait from. A Bortles or a Tannehill, somebody who will show flashes, but then goes into big funks. The rookie deal won't be quite enough, he'll get a bridge deal to prolong the inevitable. And I am Mr Homer, I want him to succeed.
  3. For this iteration of the Bills, the punter also has to be the holder for FGs - and that is way more important from a consistency standpoint. The decision should be 60%-40% based on holding vs. punting ability.
  4. Man that GB game was rough. Besides the pass blocking and tentativeness of Josh Allen, the receivers were not getting any separation. All around bad offense.
  5. Exactly. He needs cost certainty as his revenue stream will be gone very shortly. He is basically retirement planning at this point.
  6. That is the right move. The guy looked like he could have died against the Pats last year.
  7. Exactly. Murphy was on pace for one injury time out per game. It also points out how tough Jerry Hughes is...
  8. Interdasting. I see Dawkins holding down the LT, at least for the first half of the year. I think Teller will be given a spot (LG) as he is a trust the process guy. Probably won't last, but he will be there week 1. Morse at C. I agree I could see Long or Spain taking over the RG spot, and Ford will be the RT. Nsekhe, Long/Spain and Waddle will be the backups.
  9. The Jets have the blue chip QB that is supposed to win in the NFL, we have the ugly duckling QB that can only throw bombs and runs a lot. Makes sense to me that the Jets are the favored team. Time to prove 'em wrong.
  10. Yup. He either makes strides this year, or we start planning for the next QB in 2020...
  11. I've been grinding on this one for a while, Beano has compiled a strange mix of RBs. I'm going to list 'em out and provide no depth to my lazy analysis: McCoy - While he has done it with success in the past, 2018 was not a good year for him on all fronts. Receiving opportunities were down for Shady, and it doesn't help that the Bills were not a good screen team either. On 1st and 2nd downs he'll get some opportunities, and only if the Bills figure out how to screen better. Yeldon - TJ will be third on the depth chart, but he may be utilized primarily as a 3rd down back. Something to watch for during the preseason. Gore - I see Frank filling the Ivory/Tolbert role where he will be asked to rush the ball with very few passing opportunities. >521 rushing yards will be the magic number for him, and I bet catching the ball will be the last thing on his mind. Singletary - Not used much in college as a pass catcher. It may take a full year to understand what his capabilities really are. I see him either finding a role on special teams (not likely) or pushing McCoy off the team. If he proves to be a useful addition this preseason, then he may make Shady expendable. It will be tough to get him thru waivers and onto a practice squad. And dumb to carry 4 RBs every Sunday. And I don't see them cutting DiMarco. Troubles a brewin' at the RB position.
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