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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.



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  1. This is one of those Week One games that looks close on paper but ends up with a crazy lopsided final score. The Bills have so much continuity while Pitt might not have Watt at all let alone season-ready. These kinds of games at the start of the year seem to favor the offense playing at home.
  2. It's a fair question why vaccinated players aren't tested more if the league cares about spread. But if he was also worried about spreading it to folks himself, he could get vaccinated.
  3. If the vaccine had no effect the number of vaccinated people with cases should be about 4,000 higher.
  4. The severity is beside the point; the rules are known to all. Mark my words Belicheck or one of his brood will weaponize this over the season.
  5. Voodoo might be a little too much of a Dawgs fan, but a 5th round pick for a pro style QB who had a .800 record after 3 years against the best competition in college football is a solid deal.
  6. I didn't read anything about a race being blamed for slavery in the resolution.
  7. Great idea, impossible to implement fairly, and won't solve the problem. Offhand I say spend any money budgeted on genealogy instead, give anyone with a US slave in their last Xth generation 5/3 a vote in elections for the next Y cycles where Y is at least 3.
  8. How would you address black on black crime - go to the police?
  9. That is true, but this year we should find out two facts: what happens to the pressure in footballs during a game, and whether the Pats' fumble rate approaches reality once more.
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