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  1. ECU is my alma mater, so I have watched every snap this kid has took. We got a special player who has some of the best hand in this draft and can play all WR positions. Kids a stud, he was a great pick.
  2. I would be good with this. I went o East Carolina and have seen a lot of Jones, I think he can be a legit number 2 and what we need. Our oline you'd be set for years I feel after the contact to Groy... This isn't exactly a sexy mock but I'd be totally ok with this and of course I'd have a hard on over drafting someone high from my alma mater.
  3. any news on anyone the bills interested in? They gotta do something....
  4. I def agree with that, if Lynn takes his name out of the running for the Buff job we need to can EVERYONE.
  5. I love Meats posts, IJS.... just cause he doesn't just always agree with you?
  6. I do think there is a high level of dysfunction, however I think the media is blowing it WAY out of proportion also. I think a lot of this stuff is being piled on Whaley and Pegula when I honestly, feel Russ is the issue. I think this is being inflated more then a bit though too... all is not well but it's not a full on f'ing melt down/tire fire like some are acting. Just my thoughts....
  7. Personally? I wanna keep Lynn and bring in Gus Bradley as the new DC. I think continuity will be best for Taylor also drafting a guy like Mike Williams or someone to compliment Sammy (Robert Wood's is most likely gone). That said, if it isn't Lynn they need to get a guy like Turner or someone who can mold an offense around his QB's talent and shortcomings....
  8. Personally, I can respect the hell out of you admitting that. Look, Tyrod was far from perfect or even good this year.... however, he had games where he looked as a potential franchise guy. This is his SECOND year as a starter and honestly 5 of those 7 games lost were largely on the defense. Does he need to get better at scanning the field, working the middle, and going through his progressions faster? Hell YES! All things considered though, when you factor in how bad the defense was with all the injuries.... he wasn't this horrific train wreck some of you are making him out to be. This idea that Tyrod dooms us to another 2-4 years of mediocrity just isn't founded if you ask me...t that's true if we have ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE, such as we did this year. Personally, I am still a Tyrod fan.... I see he has HUGE flaws he needs to work on but still think he can be an above average to good starter in this league.
  9. Do we actually agree on this? I think TT would be willing to come to the table and negotiate for less money to be honest as I think he has faith in himself.... that is our best option to me. HOWEVER, if he won't... they need to still pay him at the end of the day. At some point you can't worry THAT much about the money and it's really not THAT much in terms of NFL QB's. Letting Tyrod walk without a certain plan in place (let's be honest, there isn't much they can do to get a better or even competent QB between now and next season), my head will almost certainly explode.... for real, would be a game chaning, jump ship, say F the bills sort of move for me....
  10. I don't think anyone could really complain if this was our hire.... that said, i don't think he'd wanna come here. Would take one hell of a pitch from the FO....
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