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  1. Mahomes looked like a mediocre quarterback tonight. Hope everyone took notes of what the colts did tonight.
  2. Excuses excuses excuses. Always going to be excuses for the golden boy.
  3. Horseshit. The offensive line didn't make him throw off his back foot and miss open receivers over the middle the whole time he was in the game. He fucking sucks.
  4. Barkley was not trash you idiot. He had as many yards as Allen in one quarter as Allen did all day.
  5. Horseshit. That was the right call to go for it there. Patriots got the ball on the 2 yard line.
  6. meathead did and hasn't undone it. i thought bans were supposed to expire automatically.
  7. If the Bills don't win this game then they have no business talking about playoffs. The Giants will be battling for the number one draft pick. Buffalo should beat the Giants with ease.
  8. How do you know who is a bot and who isn't? Whoever is a bot should be deleted from this website. Forums are made for actual human interaction via the internet.
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