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  1. The Eagles are winning this game. Mark it down for several reasons. First and foremost, I live in the heart of Eagles country and the football gods will never allow me to enjoy a win over that team. It just won't happen. Philly will torch our D and I'll have to listen to how we are a shitty team that just doesn't have to play against anyone. And also that if the Patriots played in the NFC East, they'd have way fewer Super Bowls. The douche-baggery of Eagles fans knows no limits. If I had a gun with two bullets and was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and an Eagles fan, I'd shoot the Eagles fan twice. As for real football reasons, we are going to lose because Philly has a really good QB and coach, and their backs are against the wall. They've won bigger games against better teams than this so they will be laser focused and ready to roll. Meanwhile, Buffalo will still be trying to prove they can beat anyone who is even halfway good. I'll bet they get D-Jax back and it makes all the difference for them. Get ready for disappointment.
  2. He had a pass tipped at the line and Knox and Beasley had at least two drops between them. So when you look at his 16/26 and make it 19/26 that's a completion % of 73 which I deem to be pretty good. Right now, I'm enjoying watching him play. I hopeful that we can make the playoffs this year by beating the teams we should and that maybe, as time goes on, he gets better and we start competing with the big boys. It might not happen. Hopefully Beane and co. will have the guts that the Chiefs had to make a move for a better QB even with Allen on the roster if they need to.
  3. You just can't help yourself can you? What happened to the epiphany you had where you weren't just going to be a negative asshole all the time? That lasted what...3 days? You're embarrassing yourself. You're insecure and it shows. You just throw out negative shit all the time b/c it's a win/win for you. Either you're right and you can puff your chest or your wrong, but everyone is so happy that nobody cares. It's pathetic. It's okay to have optimism and be happy that the team you like is 5-1 and winning close games. It doesn't make you a moron if they don't win the super bowl or go to the playoffs. You suck. You just suck so bad that it's hard to find the words to describe it.
  4. You are all aware that New England scored 29 offensive points against the Dolphins and we scored 24, right? It's not some huge difference. I wish that Buffalo would have just killed them but the fact is that you're dealing with people here, not numbers or statistics. Miami was energized because they were starting Fitz and Fitz made some nice plays which he almost always does when he first gets on the field for any franchise (see Bills, Texans, Jets, etc.). Buffalo weathered the storm and made enough plays to win. It's crazy to me to get so worked up over the way a team wins that you take only negatives away from the game.
  5. Why? I'm an Allen supporter and I can't even defend this. Allen has been missing guys by 10 yards on every deep throw. He's not even giving them a chance. Please explain how Foster changes where Allen throws the ball to.
  6. This is exactly right. Sooner or later the defense will give up 24 or 28 points just because of the way the NFL is set up. A deep pass against you guarantees 3 points at least. Buffalo's offense better wake the fuck up in the 2nd half. But I don't hate Daboll's play calling. You gotta hit open guys and catch passes. Allen needs to hit Brown and Knox needs to catch that ball..
  7. Agreed. He is proving to be terrible at it. He's not even throwing 50/50 balls. He's just airmailing them all.
  8. The Giants are better with Jones and once they get Barkely back, they can easily play with the Jets. So can the Raiders. But, I agree that the Jets are much better than 1-4. There have been 0-4 teams that have made the playoffs before and if ever there was a year for that to happen, this would be it.
  9. Providing they beat Philly, I think they will be favored in all of them except maybe @ Cleveland.
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