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  1. How many times do I have to click "Bills" before I don't see any of the political bullshit that's all over this place? It's annoying.
  2. I think they are just going to cut him. If they cut him, it's only a 2.5M cap hit. Not a bad idea but I don't think it works in this instance. As for Yannick as other pointed out, that would be an investment in the long haul. You'd be paying for his prime years and banking on he and Oliver causing some real problems for teams. It would be a big contract, but that's a position where you are usually happy to spend money. Robert Quinn is also interesting to me. He can provide a pass rush and he could probably do it to the tune of 11M per season over 2 or 3 years.
  3. I think that would be legit. The guy has plenty of money and only so much time left. Wilson will be the best QB he has ever played with. And Seattle has a real shot to go to the Super Bowl every year because of RW. Good luck to him and no hard feelings.
  4. If you make a trade in the first round, the guy had better be a stud. Nobody regrets what was given up for Julio Jones or Troy Polamalu because they became All-Pro/HOF players. You trade up for Sammy Watkins in a loaded WR class...you lose your job. Also, going up 3-4 spots doesn't cost you a first rounder or probably even a second rounder. So if Beane looks at this WR class and decides that there is someone who is just perfect for the Bills and that guy gets within reach and it will cost us an additional 3rd...then I guess I'm fine with it. Example, they move up to get Shenault and then back it up by using him all the time and getting him all of McKenzie's touches plus downfield throws then that would make sense to me b/c he has a very specific skill set for that shit and they really want that in the offense.
  5. The logic there makes sense. Try to spend the first rounders on positions that are the most expensive on the open market. I think the game is changing and the days of the statue QB taking 7-step drops are gone. I think the importance of a "franchise" OT is diminishing a little and the idea of LT being more valuable than RT is all but gone. If the best player by a wide margin is an OT, then take him.
  6. They'd better do something. Hell, find a guy that's even better than Singletary. I'd rather not pay a free agent, but the better our ground game, the better off we'll be. Gordon would be a great fit but I'd rather not pay him what he's going to want. That said, you gotta spend the $$ somewhere and at least it would be on offense.
  7. The bottom line is that this coming year is the money year. He was raw in year one, he was better in year two, and now in year three he needs to be good. Like flat out good. He needs to hit the deep passes and avoid turnovers like he did in the 2nd half of this season. The Analytics people just feel so compelled to define everything immediately. They discount the human element to a fault. Allen can get better and he might. Hopefully he does.
  8. I can't see him leaving New England. He wants to win a Super Bowl. Sign Green and draft a WR in the first round for him and go for it. No WAY he wants any part of trying to go through the Chiefs and Mahommes to get to the playoffs. He wants the path of the Bills (who he owns), the Jets (who are a mess), and the Phins who are rebuilding.
  9. Cooper would be a waste of money for what he is going to get. The draft class is too deep to pay him upwards of 16M/year. Not saying you can find his production immediately, but you gotta think you can get close and for WAY less $$. I'm pretty sure this happened around the time of the last CBA negotiations. The timing was thrown off for a year. It's something that the Players Union would never agree to b/c it would cost the current players jobs. Many fringe free agents get signed ahead of the draft in case a team can't fill that need. If teams are left to go through the draft first then lots of veteran players will be left in the limbo b/c a team was able to draft a guy in the 5th or 6th round.
  10. Why? Our current WR room plus a Tyreek Hill would be pretty damn good. I get the point of the article...you can't touch these WRs at all anymore. Certainly can't blast them when they come across the middle which is what used to happen to guys like Cole Beasley. Because of that, these smaller faster WRs are flourishing. Get another TE who can go high-point the ball. If it works out to get a WR that is big but also good, then awesome. But the big guy better be able to run b/c otherwise today's defensive backs are better and better at staying in their pocket and knocking the ball away.
  11. In fairness, they did try to trade for Antonio Brown about this time last year. I think they fully understand the need. There weren't any blue chip players available in free agency last year and this class is loaded. I sure hope they use a pick on a guy that they think can contribute immediately. They need to find a guy that they think can be a number one...a high volume target, big play guy. That player does not need to be 6'3" or whatever...just really good. Then they need to find a guy that can effectively take the place of Andre Roberts AND McKenzie. Those two guys should be one guy...kick returner/jet sweep guy. Having two dudes do that is a complete waste of a roster spot.
  12. Breida is restricted so that almost never happens. Freeman is way better than Howard. Way better. Nothing worked in Atlanta this year so I'm sure he can bounce back. Also, he offers a TON as a pass catcher which is something Buffalo needs to compliment Singletary. It can't be a scenario where they put the other guy in and teams know we won't throw to him. I'd be all over this signing for 1 year three mil as reported.
  13. You're right overall that they should have started earlier. I disagree that Oliver was a luxury...I think you have to have a good interior pass rusher and he has been ranked as a top 5 pick since he entered college so I like that selection. I bolded where you said most were "bargain bin" because while they didn't overpay, if you look back at the available WRs and TEs there wasn't anyone good. I'd argue that Brown and Beasley were the best or two of the best WR signings of the year by far. Golden Tate, Adam Humphries, Crabtree, Perriman, Cobb...it wasn't a great list. For TE there was Cook but he signed with the Saints b/c of he's old and wanted to play with Brees. I don't see any TEs they whiffed on either. I guess my point is that I'm happy they didn't venture out of the bargain bin b/c they would have grossly overpaid. I'm all in on spending for a healthy AJ Green this year though. He's the type of guy I'd take a risk on. A fantastic player who can make a game changing play. Give him a 2 year deal that won't affect resigning Edmonds or White or Oliver. I'd be okay if they swung and missed on Green b/c I'd appreciate the effort and understand the logic. Green, Brown, Beasley, and a 2nd round pick as your top 4 would be good.
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