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  1. I could see it. As the OP points out, they've moved up at some point in all three drafts.
  2. I mean it all depends on the $$. You can't have all-stars at every position. It's hard to have even average players at all 22 starting spots. So I think in some spots you have to have guys that are "good enough" and to me, he qualifies. They should be capable of signing him to a deal that in no way, shape, or form handcuffs them beyond 2020.
  3. He is still coaching in the playoffs. Amazing how much better an offensive coordinator can look when they have a good QB.
  4. A lot of young QBs make a jump from year 1 to year 2. I think it's absolutely possible that Josh Allen will make his jump from year 2 to year 3. Time will tell. And to be clear, I am not saying its going to happen. Gun to my head, I'd probably say the odds are that he is what he is going to be already. But I don't think its a foregone conclusion that he will never get better at seeing the field. And again, that's the biggest issue as I see it. Know where to go with the ball before you snap it.
  5. The awareness is the biggest problem. I think if he gets his awareness up, the accuracy will climb with it b/c he will be taking better throws and making more throws on time. I don't think he is wildly inaccurate. I think he just doesn't process quickly enough.
  6. I'm not talking about his accuracy. I don't think his accuracy can be fixed but I also don't think it's that bad. I think he has a low completion percentage b/c of his ability to read defenses. He knew what Dallas was doing...he picked them apart. He can't figure out better defenses yet. Maybe he will never figure them out. Or maybe it's not too far fetched to think that a 23 year old kid can continue to learn how to play the game more efficiently. It's also possible that he plays better in his next playoff game because of this experience. I think, to the Bills' credit, they've created an environment that will give him the best chance possible.
  7. I'm 38 and I am still getting better at my job. The reason for hope with Allen is that most of what he needs to improve on is between his ears. I think it's possible. Not saying it will happen, but he can learn to check that ball down to Singletary. He can get more comfortable in the offense so he can anticipate things the defense will do on a more consistent basis. The deep throwing? That is something I don't know if he ever gets much better at. But he can be better than he is now for sure. That is why I am happy to have Daboll back next year. Giving Josh 3 years in the same system will be very helpful to him. We're ultimately talking about a guy that many people said couldn't play in the league at all but who instead took a team to overtime on the road in the playoffs in year two. There's almost no point to debating Josh right now. Next year will tell us everything. Year three against a much harder schedule. Time will tell.
  8. Yeah, I'm a BPA guy in round 1 for sure. All things being somewhat equal, then lean towards a WR. A "#1 WR" is hard to find. They should be looking for one but if they can't get it done, at least add a 3rd WR who is as good as John Brown...a guy that has to be accounted for. They could also add another TE to pair with Knox.
  9. Just from what I've seen of these guys, give me Shenault all day. He's similar to Duke in size and seems to be super, super physical. Also, he is great with the ball in his hands so I think he could replace McKenzie on all those sweeps and motions and such. They have to replace Roberts. There is just no point to having a return specialist in today's NFL with the way things are going. If you're only going to dress 5WR then they all need to be good at offense. Only let Roberts dress if you are willing to put 6 guys out there.
  10. Who cares what Drew Lock did in a regular season game against them. The NFL doesn't work that way and you know it. But overall, yes, we will have to accept Allen as a 55-60% passer. The 52% in this game was misleading as he was in some strange spots where he was firing some passes into the end zone that had no real chance...they were basically throw away passes. He also put at least three great passes right on guys that should/could have been caught: Duke in the end zone, Brown on the sideline, and Duke on the sideline. Those three throws were outstanding. Also, when it comes to his completion percentage, I really think it's more about him continuing to learn where to go with the ball and seeing the field better than it is his physical abilities. I'm sure he missed on a few throws in this game but I don't recall very many foul balls.
  11. They blitzed and missed the sack a few plays later and that cost them the game. Offense has to score more points. It's that simple. We needed at least 23. Going into this game, if you told me we'd score 1 TD, I'd have told you we would lose.
  12. If you lose to Bill O'Brien, you've coached a bad game. Let alone with a 16-0 lead given up. The Bills started the season by coming back from 16-0, and ended the season by giving up a 16-0 lead.
  13. yeah...and imagine them playing good QBs instead of Allen from Denver and Duck Hodges and Eli Manning and Marcus Mariota and Duane Haskins. They'd damn well better get better next year....especially on offense.
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