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  1. I'd certainly be interested in him as a back-up next year. Talk about a guy that would force feed Diggs if he ever had the chance.
  2. Hard to hold a guy back if he really wants to go with Dabs. Not good business to treat people that way. I will certainly be nervous about a change, but with the dude we have playing QB, we'll be attracting many a good candidate...should be able to do better than Rick Dennison.
  3. I find the Athletic to be worth the $3/month. Great Bills content. Just an FYI
  4. I wouldn't know how he's playing so I looked it up. Last 4 games he's averaging 177 yards and has 2 total TD passes. I'm not saying they can't make a game out of it, but I'd like to think our highly ranked defense will perform well. Hyde and Poyer make it really tough on young QBs.
  5. WR should be in the cards in the 1st or 2nd round this year. I'm in. Keep your fastball.
  6. Dude...Chase was like the 5th overall pick. The Bills traded last year's first round pick for a guy that then lead the league in receiving. When Sanders and Beasley leave this year, they will draft someone in the first or second round. I can see getting mad at RB or OL but they've done a nice job with WRs IMO.
  7. I won't fault them for Rousseau. Taking a DE in the first round is fine by me. The Basham pick was sort of silly. I mean, I don't mind hitting QBs, but doubling up was strange.
  8. It was a terrible call and I also hate the whole "he gave himself up" deal when a guy is diving for the endzone. Buffalo got a break with that whole sequence for sure.
  9. Colts v. Raiders is the best uniform matchup of the week IMO. Classic.
  10. Yeah I think this is the greater issue. I honestly won't fault them for going back to back pass rushers. Hindsight they should have taken a OG or CB but, at the time, they thought this kid was a going to be a good player. But the reality is that Basham has been the opposite of what he was billed as. Epenesa is another story. He was billed as a first rounder and then everyone passed on him so it was either going to be that the Bills got a steal, or that he fell for a reason. After that Phins game I thought we were going to see him come on strong...but nope.
  11. Yup. Which is all causing me added stress this week. The Pats D is no joke and I can totally see them making Allen look antsy and hyper and do stupid shit. I just have no confidence that this team will win a close, hard fought game because they haven't all year.
  12. They should absolutely look to improve that position. But I don't have a problem with 3 guys rotating through. They just need to figure out how to use each of them and this week was a good start for that.
  13. I get that they want to protect these guys so, clearly, they are telling the refs to throw a flag if they get near the head. Although I thought the language was always "forcible" blow to the head. That was nothing. Instead, why can't they tell the refs to use their best judgement and then review the hits and fine the guy a lot of $$$ if they deem it was to the head? Wouldn't a monetary fine do more than a 15 yard flag?
  14. Dude, this just isn't realistic in the NFL. I spent 15 years out of market watching other teams play and today's game was very typical of what I watched over those years. You simply cannot dominate week after week after week in the NFL. Buffalo did what they had to do today and won. Look at the Bengals...you can lose to bad teams! We watched shitty Bills teams win for the entire drought. News flash to all Bills fans: every game we won from the year 2000 to the year 2019, the other team's fans were beside themselves because we sucked yet someone won the game. Buffalo's losses over the last year and a half: Chiefs, Titans, Cards, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans. They are due to get beat by someone they shouldn't at some point. Wake me up in January when it matters and everyone else can hopefully stop being pussies by then.
  15. It is 100% fact that they've played 4 Arena League offenses in their first four games. It just is. They could play just as good and give up 30 this week. They are about to face BY FAR the best QB, TE, WR, OL....you name it....that they've seen. In fairness to the defense, though, they've shit down the throat of all 4 of the teams they played. So they deserve some praise for dominating when they were supposed to. But this week has me nervous b/c the most likely outcome I see is the Bills looking exactly like they did against the Chiefs last year and losing this game.
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