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  1. I think he will. I also don't think his contract should break the bank. McDermott and Beane got rid of EVERYONE from the past regime that they didn't like so if they kept Shaq around, it's because he is all about football and doing the right things. At least in their minds.
  2. We absolutely have been getting lucky. But I've always believed that that sort of stuff evens out. So based off the shitty luck from the drought, we should be good for another 15-20 years. Enjoy it.
  3. Isn't it at all possible that the defense also knows it's third and six? And that the Bills are likely to try a pass of about six yards? So sometimes you may have to make a different throw.
  4. It can help the issue a lot. A true #1 WR can absolutely create more defined reads for the QB by dictating coverages.
  5. As usual, you are making more out of what was said than what is there.
  6. Not on Thanksgiving in front of the entire country. No chance. They will be blown out or lose an absolute back breaker. There is a 0.0% chance that I we see Josh Allen, John Brown, and Devin Singletary or even Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer standing with a reporter eating turkey legs and talking about a statement win on Thanksgiving. If they beat Dallas on Thanksgiving, I'll pick them to win a playoff game. It would be the biggest win we've had since the last time we won a playoff game. Of the remaining "prove it" games, I think they actually have the best chance against New England.
  7. I agree he should be brought back. What should he be paid though? What is the market for an edge-setting, 4 sack/year rotational DE?
  8. I'm glad Dolphins fans think he's trash. Certainly doesn't mean shit as to what he actually is or isn't. Thanks for sharing though.
  9. They may as well cut or trade him right now. Anyone can see this is just so unlikely to succeed. But they won't, because that's how NFL teams work. Good for the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants that the Redskins are going to be a train wreck for another few years.
  10. The point of the whole "300 Yards" thing isn't really about 300 yards. It's about having a good passing day when it matters. When the team needs him to make plays. If he plays a few more games like he did yesterday, I think we'll be in good shape. Unfortunately, we don't get to play Miami again. Josh needs to play the game he just played against Baltimore or Dallas or, God forbid, New England. That's what we're waiting for...a big game in a big spot.
  11. That would only be true if Taylor were good and playing for another team. Josh Allen had better get better...that's 100% for sure. But comparing him to Tyrod is silly. Or at least doing it the way Sullivan is doing it. I don't know that it's fair to include Allen's rookie year where he really shouldn't have even played. I would compare Allen's year this year with Taylor's final year. Allen is throwing for 30 yards more per game. Tyrod was at his best in his first year with the Bills. Mind you, he has Watkins, Woods, Goodwin, and Hogan to throw to. And people complained he needed more weapons. Additionally, while Taylor was a great front runner, he was terrible if he was behind. Allen has as many 4th quarter comebacks this year as Taylor did in his entire Bills career. So, IMO, I agree there isn't as much of a difference between the two right now as you'd hope, but Allen still needs a little time (obviously). If Allen is in this same spot next year, which is quite possible, then we've got huge problems.
  12. Well, it's impossible for him to throw less. There needs to be some steady improvement from him over these last 7 games for me to not want to draft another QB.
  13. Killer instinct? It's a lack of talent that is the issue. They don't have anyone who is good enough to just make a play on offense when it's needed. You can have all the "killer instinct" you want, but if your best player is a #2 WR named Brown, you'll constantly struggle.
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