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  1. It's really a testament to how bad ass the Bills Mafia is. No other fan base is so passionate that they could get this riled up. It's click bait! And they could easily hang 40 on us. They could do it to anyone. They are very, very good.
  2. Yeldon is a really good pass protector and pass catcher. If they use him that way he should fit right in. I'd love to see them find a way to dress Williams as well just so we could have a back that could grind it out a little if we need that. That said, how comfortable would I bee with a kid who hasn't played all year being the one to seal a game of this magnitude? Not very. But Singletary and Josh are both known fumblers.
  3. I am, actually. Schopp is usually pretty smart. Who knows...maybe he ends up being right and I just don't want to hear it. But I don't see it right now.
  4. Would be nice if Roberts helps us flip the field a little bit. NOBODY seems to want to talk about it but to me the number one reason the Colts game played out like it did was because they had us backed up to our own goal line the entire 1st half. That shit matters. It affects play calls. People bitch about Daboll in that game but it's an elimination game with a QB that has proven he will take some chances so you've got to be a touch conservative when your drives are starting inside your own 10. If Roberts kneels on one and gets us to the 25 that would have been a world of difference. If we have drive starts inside our 10 and Baltimore starts at their own 35 for half, we are going to be in a shit ton of trouble.
  5. Perhaps. It would be amazing if he has the type of game that makes us question why he hasn't been a bigger part of the offense. I'm worried about his ball security though.
  6. That is insane. Regardless of if the Ravens beat us tomorrow, as they stand right now, give me Josh all day and any NFL GM would say the same thing (although some wouldn't say so publicly). Lamar is spectacular but he has yet to prove he can pick a defense apart from the pocket. In order for his game to age well, he will need to demonstrate that. And hey, maybe the Ravens give him a legit WR next year and he takes huge leap and if so...look out. But right now, give me Allen because of how he throws it...not just throws it...but because of how good of a passer he is becoming. Reading defenses. Being patient and all that. Plus, on top of that he can still give you an awesome threat in the run game.
  7. Yeah...for the Texans (par for the course) and Watson. The first overall pick for a 25 year old PROVEN amazing QB? I'd do that all day.
  8. I also think Williams will play. They certainly do lack speed at the RB position but Motor had some nice games last year so hopefully he can have some success in the next three contests. 80 or so yards from him would be awesome. The kid averaged 5 yards per carry last year. I still wouldn't favor drafting a RB in the 1st but they could spend another 3rd or sign a better free agent if they want to. Pass rusher is also true. But they are really hard to find. I don't mind the idea of bringing in veterans like Addison for that. I wouldn't put too much stock in the fact that they didn't get to Rivers. The Colts gave up only 14 sacks all year and 5 were against the Steelers. So 9 sacks in 15 games.
  9. It's not like he was the sole reason but when you have a lead in the 4th it's nice to kill the clock and end the game. He was like 100% of the drive where we didn't let the Steelers back on the field. He will be missed.
  10. Cowher is right for sure. Moss will be a huge loss unless this Williams kid can be trusted. He looked good running the ball but can he pass protect? Moss it the closer and missing him will completely change our ability to grind out a game where we are leading. Yeldon is actually a really good pass blocker and receiver so maybe they put him in that role and feed Singletary more. Motor should be fresh. And yes, the pass rush has been non-existent the last 3 or 4 games. They were not getting to Rivers much at all. Hughes and Addison are old and could be running out of gas.
  11. This is probably true of most teams. They stayed patient, didn't make the terrible mistake and ended up with 27 points against a good defense. That's my biggest take away from this game.
  12. Seriously. The one on the right is conclusive. What an outstanding play by a 4th round rookie.
  13. I agree with this. It's the playoffs and the Colts were the "worst team" with 11 wins. It's true. Edmonds defensed a few passes. But yeah, Oliver isn't generating the pressure, at least to my eye, that they would have hoped for. That said I won't blame a team for trying to draft a really good interior pass rusher in the top 10...that he isn't awesome doesn't make that pick a bad idea. So far as Edmonds goes, his fraudulent pro bowls are going to drive his next contract to a place I want nothing to do with. They should start looking for his replacement. Edmonds draft status works against him. If he were a second round pick, I'd be fine with how he plays. But as a first rounder they traded up for, yeah....I'm looking for some more splash plays. Good news is he has potentially 3 games left to do it.
  14. I agree with that part. Hopefully they know what they have or don't have in Dorsey and make the right call. If I'm the Bills, I'm telling Daboll that I'm absolutely willing to make him the highest paid offensive coordinator in the league if he agrees not to interview. I doubt he'd do that though but you never know...some people like the roles they are in. And, double hopefully, we win the whole damn thing this year with Daboll. He isn't talked about enough when it comes to how we will fair in the playoffs. I feel like he is controlling Josh like a video game and if he keeps that up, it means everything. What he did in the Steelers game was incredible. They were beating our O up pretty bad in the first half and he made all the right changes.
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