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  1. That would only be true if Taylor were good and playing for another team. Josh Allen had better get better...that's 100% for sure. But comparing him to Tyrod is silly. Or at least doing it the way Sullivan is doing it. I don't know that it's fair to include Allen's rookie year where he really shouldn't have even played. I would compare Allen's year this year with Taylor's final year. Allen is throwing for 30 yards more per game. Tyrod was at his best in his first year with the Bills. Mind you, he has Watkins, Woods, Goodwin, and Hogan to throw to. And people complained he needed more weapons. Additionally, while Taylor was a great front runner, he was terrible if he was behind. Allen has as many 4th quarter comebacks this year as Taylor did in his entire Bills career. So, IMO, I agree there isn't as much of a difference between the two right now as you'd hope, but Allen still needs a little time (obviously). If Allen is in this same spot next year, which is quite possible, then we've got huge problems.
  2. Well, it's impossible for him to throw less. There needs to be some steady improvement from him over these last 7 games for me to not want to draft another QB.
  3. Killer instinct? It's a lack of talent that is the issue. They don't have anyone who is good enough to just make a play on offense when it's needed. You can have all the "killer instinct" you want, but if your best player is a #2 WR named Brown, you'll constantly struggle.
  4. Agreed. If Ed Oliver didn't play today, the Browns would still have struggled to hit 20 points. Meanwhile, D.K. Metcalf would have come in handy.
  5. yeah...he's right. If only we could score 21 points we'd be 8-1 and would be leading the AFC East.
  6. What are you guys talking about? Do you watch other teams play? Every team has a weak link on defense. It's impossible to have 11 good players which is why it's fucking sooooo stupid to base your team off it. If he's our weakest link and we are giving up 19 points...then I'm 100% fine with that. No, I'm a million% fine with that. Talking about anything other than the fucking horrible offense at this point in the year is stupid.
  7. Why? He's right. This game is what the Bengals, Jets, Dolphins, or Titans game could have been and what the Patriots game was...a wasted defensive effort. The offense was terrible and in the end, the defense and special teams couldn't bail them out.
  8. The game is on the offense. If your defense holds an opponent to less than 20 points on the road, you need to win.
  9. I have a bad feeling about this one. Browns are due to score more than 20 points. We are incapable of scoring 20 points. Browns 26, Bills 16
  10. The Browns have more talent and have played a tougher schedule. We will need to wake the fuck up on offense to have a chance in this game.
  11. I don't disagree with you. Someone from behind us is going to make a run. Maybe it's the Raiders...maybe it's the Chargers but someone will go on a hot streak and finish 6-2 while we very well could finish at 3-5 or something b/c our luck runs out. We are better than Miami and the Jets but how often in a year does ANY team win all the games they are supposed to? The Steelers, Browns, and Broncos are as good as us so those games are complete coin flips. Cowboys, Ravens, and Pats...I just can't see us even staying close to those teams.
  12. Look for that to change this weekend. Everything like that changes when teams play the Bills. Eagles can't slow down any passing attack...boom. Browns don't throw more than one TD a game...boom...here comes 4.
  13. I like the Browns to win. Feels just like the Eagles game where everything is going wrong for them so this is where it will go right. Too much talent. They are due to win at home and we are due to lose on the road. Of course, our offense is also due to score a bunch of points but I don't see it happening. Give me the Browns 26-17.
  14. I have zero problem with the game plan this week. Gore wasn't successful but he had been most of the year. Washington wasn't good so run the ball. I think they'd better be able to run it this coming week to avoid the pass rush in Cleveland.
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