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  1. You think 11-6 misses the playoffs with 7 teams? And I think he was so pissed off because he just watched the AFC Championship game over again...our offense just could not get it done. If the Steelers had half an offense, they beat us soundly. I'm sure they spent all off season trying to figure out how to beat what KC did to them and then they fell flat on their face in week one. Also, the OL play was embarrassing and that has to make you nervous when guys are just getting physically dominated. The holding penalties came bc they were getting beat so badly.
  2. Our D gave up 16 points. They aren't as good as the Steelers D b/c the Steelers hit a home run with Watt who is one of the two best defensive players in the league and then they traded a first round pick for a safety which would have made your head explode.
  3. Hey, it's the NFL and most games are close. This will be close. Ultimately, it's nicer to be in the seat than being where we've been for 20 years which was us hoping to pull an upset. One thing the Bills did not do last year was come from behind so hopefully if they get down, they can pull one out and check that box. The Steelers have a very good defense, but as we watched last night, if you have a good offensive game plan, you can take apart a talented D.
  4. Hopefully he just torches their shitty secondary (aside from Fitzpatrick) and doesn't need to run. I have no problem with their DC taking that stance. Let's see if they can back it up.
  5. Nope. Just enjoy the fact that we've gone from a league wide joke, to a legit, undeniable championship contender.
  6. If Gilliam can legit play TE, then they could potentially save a roster spot and just keep Knox and Hollister and let Gilliam be the 3rd TE when needed. Spencer Brown can play the Lee Smith sort of role.
  7. I don't see it. According to most accounts he had a lot of pass rush wins just not a ton of sacks. I think Addison gets traded. Hughes, Epenesa, Rousseau, Basham, Obada, and Johnson...that's six guys. Johnson is a core Special Teams player and Obada and Basham supposedly can rush from the interior. Trade Addison for a 5th or something.
  8. Agreed. And also it's not always about adding players, it's about having the guys you have play better...especially when it matters. Solving Steve Spagnolo's defense could literally be enough to make push to the Super Bowl. People talk about us not pressuring Mahomes but when I watched both Chiefs games, I saw a veteran DC giving our QB fits.
  9. Yeah he is what he is at this point. He and Hollister are fine for now and, while it would be great to invest a high pick in one, we certainly have other needs and we were one of the highest scoring offenses in the league using mostly WRs. If they get one, great. If not, I'm okay with it. They could still swing a trade for Ertz or Njoku or something if they really want.
  10. Culture matters. Guys are going to want to come to Buffalo b/c of the staff and b/c of the culture. Hopefully Trubisky never plays but, if he does, I think he will play well and earn a shot to start somewhere else next year.
  11. Perhaps that's why the pass is so shitty...he's probably throwing it away.
  12. yeah it's always scary to hear it. but hopefully it's just a negotiating ploy. I can't even begin to pretend I would know anything about negotiating a deal of this magnitude.
  13. I agree. They are trying to win the Super Bowl. If this was a rebuild then maybe...but it isn't.
  14. I don't follow them but the rebrand seems well done to me. Certainly this new logo is better than the old one. I really like what they did with the Elk. The helmet is cool too. I say good job.
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