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  1. The quote in the photo is funny..."not as dynamic" as who? The guy can make any play on the field. He needs to get better but I think some of this may just be left over bias from when he came out. If he plays the same this year as last year AND starts hitting a respectable percentage of his deep throws, he will rise another tier. Or if they let him just run the ball like Lamar does he would go up again. He could be a 1000 yard rusher in an offense that wants him to run the ball.
  2. I tend to think the same thing but there are other things that could make large differences. 1. Josh Allen getting better in year 3 2. Not having Frank Gore on the field at all and replacing him with a good young back 3. Dawson Knox catching more balls I'm sure there are others. That said, I think (hope?) that adding a #1 WR will have a humongous impact. It should help Allen read defenses and it should help our other WRs get open as well. We will see. I can't believe it's like a month away. It's the least I've ever thought about a season leading up to it just because of how busy I am at work and such.
  3. RB ratings are there...man, Nick Chubb is good. I had to look up his stats to see why he was rated a 92. Funny that he went in the second round and is rated ahead of the 2nd overall pick Barkley. Silly to take RBs high. Just fucking silly.
  4. Gilmore was an 89 when he was here. He's elevated his game in New England. Guys tend to play better when there is a shit ton more expected of them. Try blowing a coverage and then walking to the sideline and looking the Goat or the other Goat in the face...harder than giving a TD and then telling EJ Manual to piss off.
  5. The rules in place are just totally CYA. The virus should be respected but this is overboard. That said, advantage: Patriots. Our rule abiding coach will clearly stick to all these protocols to our detriment while Belichick will just ignore them...he's used to breaking rules. Go win the Super Bowl for the cost of a future 3rd rounder? I'll take that any day.
  6. McDermott is a good coach. So far I think he's done mostly very well. I like that he seems to be embracing modern football analytics. I like a lot of what he's done plus he's gotten results. I've watched two playoff games with my son...better than what it's been.
  7. I don't follow hockey but if what they've done with the Bills is any indication, it seems they are willing to move on from people pretty quickly if things are not going well and willing to stick with guys and support them if the results are coming in. The real test will come if/when the Bills falter under McDermott and Beane...
  8. We all would. But him winning league mvp obviously means we would have won a ton of games and be a really good team with a really good chance to win the Super Bowl. In fact, if you told me now that Allen wins league mvp in 2020, I'd say we win the Super Bowl. MVP QB on this roster = domination.
  9. Tough spot. Whatever they pay him, every third round pick for the Bills from here on out will want the same. That said, personally I think this kid will be our leading rusher and #1 RB sooner than later so I'd give it to him. I think Singletary (and I like Singletary) is his complementary back and not the other way around.
  10. I don't know...I honestly really like what Dabol has done with the offense in order to help Josh Allen. I like Orlovsky but I think the stats he talks about for Allen are arbitrary. Allen dropped like what...29 total TDs on teams this year? If Allen does the following three things in 2020 we are going to be damn good 1. Cut down on fumbles 2. Connect on more deep passes 3. Make just a reasonable advancement in reading defenses because of having more experience Those three things and we will be very very good. Now, to Orlovsky's point, down the road when he doesn't have all this talent around him because of the ebb and flow of the NFL salary cap how will he do? Hopefully by then he'll have progressed even further.
  11. Ranking players like this has to be one of the most useless exercises on the planet. How do you split hairs on guys that play different positions? Ryan Ramczyk is one spot better than Nick Bosa? George Kittle is a better player than Tom Brady? GTFO.
  12. Yes, this is true. Especially of Allen and Edmunds. Allen is obvious as to the reasons why but it would be great it Edmunds can start making game changing plays on a weekly basis. That said, this is why I'm glad they went and traded for a STUD in Diggs. I think the other player on offense that has potential to explode is Knox. That's also the type of thing that takes you into contention, getting huge production from a 3rd or 4th round pick.
  13. Yup. Once there was an ounce of film on him, it was over.
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