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  1. Not only that, but the 22nd pick was going to have to be a WR. So he essentially traded a 5th, 6th, and future 4th for the right to draft a young, proven number 1 WR with the 22nd pick. That's how I look at it. The fact that the guy writing this article says Diggs will "at best replicate the role John Brown already plays" shows what he thinks of Diggs. If he thinks Diggs is the same player as JB, then it would be a terrible trade. But he's the first person that I've seen who doesn't think Diggs is a far superior player to Brown.
  2. That video is tough to watch. He was just terrible at it. That said, he's a hell of a worker by all accounts. If, and it's a huge if, he figures that out for this year...we are winning double digit games and beating teams in the playoffs. I think the rest of his game is good enough that if you combine it with hitting the deep ball, we are going to be very very good. If he could complete the deep ball, we beat Baltimore last year. We run them out of the building in the 1st half.
  3. If it makes you feel better, I didn't mean it that way. I like Tebow. I meant it more in that he's a non-traditional QB and they were able to adjust and find ways to win. They seem to know how to make an offense work without having to have a hall of fame player back there.
  4. I'm not talking about Stidham specifically. I'm talking about the idea that whatever QB Belichick decides on I will give the benefit of the doubt to b/c he's been able to win with a lot of them. I'm talking about the greatest coach of all time and how he views the QB position. I literally gave you multiple examples of his teams winning with late round QBs at the helm or less than "elite" QBs calling the plays. Belichick has absolutely made some bad draft picks and I agree the trade for Sanu was a bad one. No coach or evaluator is perfect. As for their salary cap situation, they will figure something out...all good teams do. The Saints and Steelers have "cap trouble" every single year and seem to work it out.
  5. Yes. Yes they can. They damn well might. There is a chance that Bill Belichick simply sees QB as another position with a specific job to do. Just like any other position. And there is a chance that he's right. How successful they are without Brady could shape the way teams evaluate the QB position and I'm not kidding...it could be revolutionary. Think about it. Did Tom Brady always do the Patriots a favor by taking below market deals like everyone has always thought OR did Tom Brady take below market deals because that's what the Patriots offered? Tom wants to win more than anything and so that combined with his wife's money made him willing to take those types of deals. Additionally, may I point out the following -Bill Belichick went to the playoffs in Cleveland with Mark Rypen and Vinnie Testaverde. -He drafted Tom Brady in the 6th round and then used him to replace a former first overall pick -He drafted Matt Cassel in the 7th round and won 11 games -He drafted Jimmy Garapolo in round 2 and watched him play in a Super Bowl this year -His under-study, Josh McDaniels, immediately traded Jay Cutler for Kyle Orton when he got the Denver job which shows how these guys view the position -McDaniels won a playoff game with Tim Tebow. I'm sure he also feels like they can win with lots of different QBs. Why would Bill Belichick NOT THINK that he can win with a 2nd year QB that he drafted OR with a QB he might draft this year?
  6. I, for one, am happy to hear him say that. To be the man, you've got to beat the man. We have yet to do that.
  7. I'd be all for drafting a WR with 54. If the guy is good, he will play. Injuries happen all the time and rookie WRs need time anyway. If they take this kid then maybe he plays a little this year but ends up as the #2 next year. The key is just getting someone who is good obviously. If they go WR, I would imagine it would be a guy who can replace McKenzie for the sweep and motion stuff. Maybe return kicks as well. Replace McKenzie AND Roberts with one guy...that would be ideal. That said, the draft is deep at WR so I'm fully expecting a defensive player at 54. It certainly seems possible that they could find a guy who can compete for the #4 spot on day 3 of the draft. I could see them trading up for that "Big Nickel" guy...one of the giant safeties from the two small schools. Or they could try to add a pass rusher.
  8. Jonathan Taylor is a very, very good back. He's a bell cow. I really don't know why people saw Leonard Fornette as a top 10 pick and yet this kid is a 2nd rounder?
  9. Pretend Diggs gets injured week one. Oh no! We suck again! They must add more talent at WR and they must add another capable RB. I'm not saying that has to be in round 2 but from here to the start of the season, they'd better add more to offense. I would love it if they took another WR in round 2 or 3...a guy that can run jet sweeps and orbit motions and return kicks. A better McKenzie is what they need to add at some point. All that said, looking at our starting 22 right now, everyone needs to brace themselves for a rookie class that doesn't start a lot of games. That's what often happens with good teams which is seemingly what we are right now. I have no problem with them drafting with an eye towards 2021 which would mean adding talented players that will allow them to let some of our guys walk. Maybe this Chin guy is seen as the next Matt Milano? Draft this kid and if he pans out, they let Milano walk. If not, they resign Milano. The draft is not just for 2020 and I have to remind myself of that all the time.
  10. Certainly not any kind of ringing endorsement. I don't feel like the author thinks much of him. The Bills clearly think he will be pretty solid in the role they have envisioned for him.
  11. All else being equal, I agree with this. I don't want to pass on really good players just for the sake of offense, but if it's remotely close, go offense. A tackle in round 2 makes sense to me b/c that player could help this year AND if they get a good player it can allow them to let Dawkins walk without having to pay a big contract. RB is an absolute need. I don't care where they get one but when Singletary comes off the field, the offense can't fall apart like it did in that playoff game. I also think that adding a WR still makes sense. How on earth can you not find someone who can do both McKenzie and Roberts' job? Draft one guy who can return kicks and run jet sweeps. I'd be happy to draft Brandon Aiyuk in the 2nd even though we have Diggs now. What if Diggs gets hurt? We are right back where we started. So if I'm being greedy and thinking that our first three picks are going to be contributors in some way, give me a RB, a WR, and a OT.
  12. I love these one year deals. If they guy stays healthy, he's absolutely going to provide value to us. If he doesn't...oh well.
  13. The guys in question, Chinn and Dugger, are viewed as more than a traditional safety. Both could fill the "big nickel" role on the defense so they would most likely play a good deal. Also, I think safety is super important in our defense so they may want as much quality depth as they can get. That's just a thought process...not saying I agree 100% with it. I'm still on board with the "score more points" mantra and neither of those guys score points.
  14. I think Beane is a pretty straight shooter and he has once again done what he said he was setting out to do and that would be clearing up as many "needs" as he can ahead of the draft. I think every position is on the table at 54. But yes, if you're looking at need, then RB shoots to the top of the list. It all depends on how the board falls but I think bpa is the way to go here. We have big contracts coming up so getting a guy at a premium position who could contribute this year and then start next year would be huge. Like drafting an OT at 54 who could play RT this year or even be the swing guy and then let Dawkins walk next year saves a lot of money for Milano and White contracts. They could still draft WR if they wanted to as others have pointed out. They could draft a TE. There's no guarantee that Knox will take a step forward and we don't have anything impressive behind him. All that said, I think the overall goal of the draft should line up with the rest of the off season and that would be to score more points. When in doubt, draft players that will help you score points.
  15. Exactly...many if not most of the world see us as a good team with a young/shaky starter. Just like the Titans last year. Plus, I'm telling you I just think Dalton is a good dude and all else being equal, he'd love to come play for this city after the way 2017 ended. Plus, how important is backup QB? I'd rank having a good backup QB more important than some of your actually 22 starters if you've got super bowl dreams. Right now a season long injury to Josh destroys our entire season. There are guys available who are able to win in this league. Even Winston would be an upgrade to Barkley.
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