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  1. I wouldn't put it past him to trade up. Our 2nd rounder could get us to around 18. Our third could get us to around 23. A future 1st may get us to like 12 (that's just a guess). I can't see them trading up for anything other than a pass rusher. Feels much more like a year to go down. They've got most of their cornerstone positions on lock down...QB, WR, CB, LB. Pass rusher is all that's missing. I'd rather see them drop back and draft two of them.
  2. I bet he gets it. Feels like he was just trying to sit the fence a little which is fine by me. I can't imagine having to speak publicly to an NFL fanbase at the age of 24. I don't think I said my first smart thing until my late 30s. Some would argue I still haven't.
  3. I guess. But we did win 13 games with what we had. When we played KC both times Steve Spagnolo dominated Allen and Daboll. And that's nothing to be ashamed of...he's an absolutely awesome DC. Yes, KC put up a lot of points on us but it's not like they beat us 38-35...we couldn't score on them. At all. And before anyone jumps in and talks about what Tampa did to them in the Super Bowl, let's not forget KC had like 4 backup OL in for that game.
  4. Yeah...because he won't be there. He'll be a top 15 pick. The stuff at UCLA is the only thing keeping him out of the top 10...his physical traits and 2020 tape are outstanding.
  5. Agreed. If they feel the need to draft a RB, then get the best one and Williams is it. He's got better vision than Harris. I'm not on board with Etienne so much and, admittedly, it could be that I'm bias b/c of how much of a bust Spiller was and I know I shouldn't be doing that!
  6. I can't say I've watched enough Bears games to have a real opinion. I know a couple Bears fans and they, of course, say he sucks. But he is 29-21 as a starter so for me, that's a solid record for my backup.
  7. With regards to pass rusher, I think Buffalo is going to land a guy on a one year deal closer to the draft when some of these guys get really desperate. An older player like Kerrigan could make sense there if you hope that reducing his snaps keeps him more effective. But sooner or later, they need to get a stud on that DL and those types of guys are hard to find.
  8. Yeah those are huge hits. Keep in mind though that if you eventually do land an amazing pass rusher like that, then that is what you have to pay them.
  9. We've "gotten better" in free agency a million times. And then won 8 games. Welcome to the world of having a good team. A really good team. It's hard to get markedly better...especially in a year when the cap has shrunk! They can get better and win less games. 13 wins is hard. With this team now, the season doesn't begin until the playoffs.
  10. My guess is that it's Ertz but Philly is a douche organization and will want too much for him. We may get beat out by the Colts or something. Hunter from Minnesota would be fantastic. We need a pass rusher but those are hard to find at 30. You have a better chance at a CB that late in my opinion.
  11. Ha! Edmonds needs to explode this year. Like start making game changing plays regularly or don't pay him.
  12. I think he's good. I think he's had bad coaches and team management around him. The Cowboys are barely better at coaching and roster building than the Texans.
  13. Yup...that's true. But I'm not 100% sold that TE is a huge need. How many more targets do we have to share? If they get Brown to take a pay cut, then the need is even less. If they cut Brown, then I'm absolutely on board with Ertz and Ertz only...he's legit and can handle a high volume of targets and make big catches for us. I'm also not done with Knox. There's reason to believe he can be good. Just like Allen, the kid was raw coming out and TE takes time to develop. I'd still hedge our bet with a veteran (low cost) but I wouldn't be shocked at all if Knox has a great 2021.
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