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  1. Ranking players like this has to be one of the most useless exercises on the planet. How do you split hairs on guys that play different positions? Ryan Ramczyk is one spot better than Nick Bosa? George Kittle is a better player than Tom Brady? GTFO.
  2. Yes, this is true. Especially of Allen and Edmunds. Allen is obvious as to the reasons why but it would be great it Edmunds can start making game changing plays on a weekly basis. That said, this is why I'm glad they went and traded for a STUD in Diggs. I think the other player on offense that has potential to explode is Knox. That's also the type of thing that takes you into contention, getting huge production from a 3rd or 4th round pick.
  3. Yup. Once there was an ounce of film on him, it was over.
  4. Yeah I don't mind them either. I think if it looks good on TV, it will open the door for teams to wear grey as opposed to white.
  5. That helmet is great, man. I like the new Rams uniforms overall. I think the numbers could be better and I don't understand the thin yellow strip on the shoulder of the bone colored jerseys but other than that, I'm on board with them. I think they whiffed on the "LA" logo but got the uniforms mostly right.
  6. Or, Bill Belichick is YET AGAIN AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE. I'm telling you that there is a chance he sees QB as just a position with a job to do. Just like RB or WR. And maybe he's right. Maybe he's be laughing his ass off for the last 10 years while stupid teams handcuff themselves with huge money deals for QBs. Spending 25% of their cap on one position and then having no depth. Time will tell and I hope they are terrible. But as I've pointed out before, he's won with Brady. He's won with Cassel. He probably thought he'd win with Garopolo who he drafted in the 2nd round and just watched play in a super bowl. Why would he not think he can win with a 4th rounder? And if he thinks it, he's probably right. If the Patriots are bad because they get bad QB play, that will 100% be on Belichick and I just can't see him falling on his face like that.
  7. Jungle, it's not about Stidham as much as it is about Belichick. So what about the pick 6's last year...you can't win it all every year but they got a lot closer than we did...again. Belichick hasn't won a super bowl without Brady but that's a crazy argument b/c he's only coached one season without him over the last two decades and in that season, they won 11 games. The only point to be made here, IMO, is that nobody knows how good Stidham will be but if the guy with two fists worth of Super Bowl rings who watched him practice all last year decides to roll him out there in week one, that's a sign to me that he could be a good player.
  8. Please tell me why you assume that Stidham will not be good. Do you think Belichick, after watching him in practice for an entire year, is set to put a shitty QB under center. Wouldn't it be logical to assume that what they've seen from Stidham had at least something to do with not begging Brady to stay AND not drafting a QB AND not running to get Dalton or Newton? Stidham could suck and I hope he does...but assuming that he will be is just ignorant.
  9. After 20 years and 9 super bowl appearances and an 11-5 season without Tom Brady under his belt, has Belichick not earned the benefit of the doubt that whoever he chooses to put under center week one could be pretty good? Honestly, if he rolls Stidham out there, then I'm fucking terrified that Stidham will be very, very good.
  10. Good article with some good points. For as much as people make fun of "culture", imagine what sort of shape Marcell Dareus would have shown up for the season in. This is a time where having motivated guys that love football will help more than ever.
  11. Yeah, I cant' see that with this schedule. It's all about winning the division. All four of us have to play the 9ers and Seahawks and Chiefs so it will come down to winning division games. If we get swept by the Patriots like we always do, we could easily miss the playoffs.
  12. Then Fromm has to beat out Barkley b/c I don't think they will be able to hide him on the practice squad.
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