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  1. Meh...I'm just happy for the win. The odds are the Jets won't go 0-16. The longer they go, the more dangerous they will be. This was their second time seeing us and they were fired up to play. A play here or there and it's a blowout. I mean, Davis scored a TD but for the fact that he was on the line or not on the line or whatever...I've always wondered why the fuck that even matters?
  2. Yeah, I wouldn't say a bust b/c he's certainly not a terrible player. But he just simply isn't a game changer which is what you need a LB to be if you trade up for him. They took a swing and missed. Oh well. Pay Milano and then just see what happens with Edmunds. Draft another guy but just not in the first unless its Parsons from PSU.
  3. So what gives here? He was fine (or at least much better) at hitting these holes last year. Maybe Beane trades for a different guy as the deadline approaches. But still, I've always bought into the idea that you can find RBs in a lot of places so hopefully one or both of our 3rd rounders figures it out. I'm at a loss with Moss as well. I loved him coming out. I thought he'd be a really good player right away. Whoops.
  4. That's the point. Trent Edwards offenses score 20-24 points in a game. Pat Mahommes offenses score 40-44. McDermott is many things but he doesn't seem to be a bull shitter. He said in his post game that it was "pick your poison" and they chose to sell out to stop the pass. That said, I'm sure they were hoping to play the run better than they did, but they found themselves in a one score game late in the 4th quarter. If the offense shows up, scores 31 points, the world would be calling McDermott a genius for what he did defensively. Like Lit said, holding KC to 26 points is a really solid outing.
  5. I agree and I applaud it. We lost because of our shitty offense. Our QB wilted under the spotlight and our OC wasn't able to help him enough. Case closed.
  6. It's so hard to say. Allen, while he didn't make any crippling mistakes in that game last night with regards to turnovers or sacks, simply could not figure out how to move the ball. And part of that is on Daboll. They're getting nothing from the run game and John Brown clearly seems hurt. The TE position is also non-existent. They'd better come up with something because everyone is going to copy what has been done to them the last two weeks. I'm really focused on the next two weeks. Two wins there is huge. We'd be 4-0 in the division and 2 games up on the Patriots at the halfway point of the season. Then regroup and go from there. Honestly, the Patriots game is THE game. I can totally see us getting "big-brothered" like the Steelers just did to the Browns.
  7. Part of this is on the coaching staff too. Defenses have adjusted...come up with something else.
  8. I'd like to argue this point but the fact that we run for like 34 yards a game seems to prove you right.
  9. This game is on the offense. 17 points is not enough. There's no use even talking about anything else. You want to beat the Chiefs? Then score like 27 points or lets just move on with our lives.
  10. Well we sure as hell can't run the ball, that's for sure. I really thought Singletary was going to be a good player for us this year...nope.
  11. Honestly, I had no problem with that. It seemed that their plan was to stop the big play at all costs and it worked. They were banking on their offense to be able to score and they just couldn't . Allen went from not being able to beat man coverage and the all out blitz last year to not being able to move the ball against a zone this year. It's sad. Thank God we have the Jets next week.
  12. It's funny b/c I live out of market and all fans are like this. Even Patriots fans are just fed up with their team this year (and other years). It's hilarious to think that you can go to what...9 super bowls in like 20 years and your fans are still all pissy.
  13. I’ll agree with this. Edmunds and/or Oliver should be pro bowl players based off how excited the Bills were to get them. Epenesa, who I was stoked to get in round 2, has just written all over him.
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