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  1. The egg is in the air, heading quickly towards his face. Hoping he can matrix dodge that shit.
  2. I like Tyrod. He’s a good player, and someone who should be 1 of 32 starters in the league, but his time with the Bills had to end. All part of “the process”. New regimes want to pick their guys. Dorsey just did, now Beane will too. I won’t be surprised to see both a FA QB brought in a move up in the draft.
  3. I Wouldn't be surprised by any of the 3 being made the starter. I just think who ever that is, it needs to be in line with what the entire team has seen throughout the process. By all accounts through pre-season practice and games, Tyrod has been the most consistent of the 3. If that's true, then they choose Cassel or EJ, what kind of message does that send to the team?
  4. I just look at it as retroactive payments for not paying anyone for years.
  5. The moment the transition tag went on him, the bills had to over pay to get him here. A fair market deal kept him in Miami. It's obvious the fish hold him in high regard or else they wouldn't have tagged him. The Dolphins could match out of spite and figure out their cap mess next year. I believe I read that Suh's huge cap number next year can be converted to signing bonus and free up 20+ million.
  6. according to Jason La Confora. Also mentions frank Reich as possible coaching candidate. Accorsi, Holmgren, Wolf candidates to help Bills ownership transition
  7. VIDEO: Terry Pegula’s emotional speech at Bills press conference | wivb.com
  8. Kyle " bonerjamz 2014" Orton. Let's hope he takes advantage...this is exactly what he forced his way out of Dallas for. Benching Leinhart for Warner worked out great for the Cards...In no way shape or form am I saying Orton is as good as Warner was, but this is a similar circumstance. Bummed that it didn't happen for EJ, but onward and upward. GO BILLS
  9. What sort of owner had he been? (I don't follow hockey and even if I did I'm in San Jose sharks territory)
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