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  1. Things like this do not belong on this type of site! This is a Buffalo Bills site and has nothing to do with Cops shooting someone nor anything like this! I don't call watching something like this football entertainment! This is for everything "Buffalo Bills"! You bring up shit like this or anything outside of the Buffalo Bills or how it may affect the Bills, should be given the boot!! Just my opinion!!
  2. Don't get me wrong, I hated to see Sammy go but after thinking about it, what has Sammy done to put the Bills over the hump and win? When you can get 2 good players and a 2nd and 3rd in next years draft then I say, good luck to Sammy and Ronald and look forward to two 1st's, two 2nd's and two 3rds in next years draft, I've gotta say bye bye and move on! When was the last draft we had this kinda amo! Go Bills!
  3. Correction, they would have 2, First round picks, 2, second round picks and 3, third round picks with the commendatory 3 round pick with the two trades today. Best draft position that I can ever remember!!
  4. I think there are a lot more moves in store for the Bills secondary before the season kicks off. Linebacker too.
  5. 3569 passing yards and 479 rushing years or 4048 total yards in 2017 and 36 sacks. He'll through for 27 TD's 9 INT's
  6. If Cleveland come acallin wanting the 10 over all pick for whatever the reason, knowing how many picks they have in this draft I would demand the 12th pick and their first 3rd round pick for the tenth!
  7. Conley is a first round value that if innocent of the charges would be a steal in the second round and a home run! If the Bills could pick up a Marshon Lattimore CB, Jamal Adams S, Malik Hooker FS, OJ Howard TE, Christian McCaffrey RB/WR (slot) etc, Marlon Humphrey CB, Haason Reddick, OLB, Mike Williams WR, Reuben Foster ILB, we would already be ahead of the game with (2) starters. I would be in hog heaven, still having 5 more picks in this years draft!!
  8. So Woody, your saying what I have been saying for awhile that he is not worth paying 10 mil a year to retain him! You agree?
  9. The Bills won't pay Tyrod a guaranteed $30 million so if Tyrod wants to stay in Buffalo as he expressed, he will have to restructure his contract to something that's based on production and not a large guarantee amount. He may make his money but he will have to display production on the field worthy of big bucks!
  10. Sorry Coach but I couldn't wait for the end of the game, besides I didn't think anyone would touch that!
  11. When we speak of the front office being in blow up mode but who is the FO personnel. Pegula, Brandon, Whaley and who? Any one else of importance besides them causing headaches?
  12. I personally like Rex and so so on his brother Ryan. When the running game did as well as it did over the season and the defense sucked as bad as it did, then something had to give. Rex being a defense minded coach along with his brother Ryan being Assistant HC, then there in lies the problem! I personally would like to see John Gruden become our HC or Jim Schwartz or Tom McCoughlin! Not sure if Schwartz would come back to Buffalo except for the HC'g job. I think you'll agree on that. Can the Bills pry Gruden out of the press box and or will T. McCoughlin come out of retirement at 70? Your guesses are as good as mine. Who would you like as DC and D-line coaches?
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