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  1. 100 Percent this as Allen has shown a real knack of being a closer. as others have said though Brady could've marched them down for a FG attempt after.. ugh really wish we would've got to see that.
  2. If Allen finishes this game Bills win. I know Allen was rough but he is a closer. They way he came out marched down the field in the second half and scored was impressive. Barkley can not extend plays like Allen does and if he has to start against Tennessee I think we are in trouble.
  3. 3 of those losses were dealt to those teams from the Bills. Allen has had a few bad throws all year and people want to say he sucks at Critical times? He brought them back against the Jets and led the 4th Quarter TD Drive to beat Cinci. This is such a crap take.
  4. I fully agree he look great against NY. Hope his recovery goes well. Taylor is a really good football player.
  5. Damn feel bad for him. He was having a strong start to the year. They will either bring Vincent Taylor or Kyle Peko up from the Practice Squad. I am thinking it will be the big guy Taylor.
  6. What a garbage thread... So fire everyone and start it over again?
  7. Allen had pressure in on him all day as the Oline was bad especially after Feliciano was out. and he still led them back and won the game. Yeldon had the worst play of the game as getting a TD on that drive could've pushed the Bengals in a hole they were not going to dig out from.
  8. the pick was awful as he should've either quickly dumped it to Gore or take the sack. with that being said his upside is insane and QBs make bad throws in the league each and every week and the last thing we want is to tell Josh is to be safe as humanly possible as in the end you can not win that way. we don't want a game manger. We want a damn QB.
  9. They were better then the Jets from the go , had some weird turnovers.
  10. The Cowboys will be as well. The Bills look like the best team on the field in both games and I hope and think they will appear do the same this week.
  11. Minshew is riding high right now but after the 1st quarter he didn't do much of anything. Thursday Night Football is so damn awful. Minshew will come crashing back to earth...
  12. More in likely they will bring in new people to make the picks. I am not saying I rather be them then the Bills. Hell the Bills a couple years ahead of them when it comes to the rebuild and now we just have to stay ahead of them. I think Fitzpatrick is over rated a bit as he already went from corner to safety. I think it makes sense to move him out for a first rounder who will hopefully have an impact on your offense.
  13. With a younger guy who will come in and not be jilted by the tank. Who will buy into the plan and the team. They are not going to be better in one off season but it wont take to many with all the picks they have acquired along with the cap space they have.
  14. Well yeah they are bottomed out that's for sure. It will take a good 2 to 3 more seasons for them to start winning.
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