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  1. Admittedly, I would've taken 7-3 before the year started 10 times out of 10. I think people are frustrated because, while this team can beat any other squad in the league, they have a few fatal flaws that historically rear their ugly head in the playoffs -- inability to put away games or hold onto leads, inability to get a running game going, shaky special teams, etc.
  2. Gotta pull for KC over LV. We're not catching the Chiefs, but the Raiders could definitely hop us for a Wild Card spot.
  3. Any answer other than "Aaron Maybin" is the wrong one. Manuel won a handful of games here; at least that's something. Maybin was a top-10 pick drafted specifically to be a pass rusher, and he didn't get a single, solitary sack as a Buffalo Bill. There is no lower than that.
  4. ...is that it was bound to happen someday, so at least we finally got it out of the way. This team had lost every way imaginable, EXCEPT by a Hail Mary. Given their starcrossed history and endless run of bad luck, they were destined to get burned by one sooner or later. I'm personally relieved it happened in the regular season and not in a playoff game or, God forbid, a Super Bowl.
  5. This is what happens when you take your foot off the pedal on offense and rarely play aggressive defensively. I've never seen a team that let's other teams hang around more than the McDermott Bills. Jauron was like this too, but it wasn't happening virtually every week.
  6. It's just hilarious to me that, this week, Bills fans fans raised north of $600K for pediatric cancer research and were repaid with a loss that would be the most painful in franchise history for like 80% of the league. So much for the concept of karma.
  7. McDermott is going to be the new Marty Schottenheimer. Consistently has winning teams but coaches every important game with his hands around his throat.
  8. I'm not even sure we make the playoffs this year. Losing games like today tend to decimate a team's mental state and ruin seasons. Thank God we have a bye to regroup emotionally.
  9. Our coaching staff is too concerned with trying to salt away 6-point leads with 9:43 left in the 3rd quarter to be bothered with that kind of foresight.
  10. The announcers were a step away, in the 3rd quarter, from coming down out of the booth to suck Murray off. I can't even imagine the verbal handjob that guy's going to get because of that play. God, being a Bills fan sucks. We'd never, EVER win a game like that.
  11. The Bills really do need to keep winning to keep pace with Miami. I've had a bad feeling about this one all week, but hoping for the best. This team can play with anyone when they're not flat. AZ - 28 BUF - 20
  12. I like that the writer mentioned that when Allen does get compliments, they're usually backhanded ones. That's 100% true, and it's total bullshit.
  13. I gotta think virtually no offseasons and preseason has something to do with it. A ton of teams have awful defenses, and it seems like their really isn't a standout dominant one in the league this year.
  14. It kinda pissed me off when the announcers spent a decent portion of the third quarter focusing on Adams (and borderline rooting for him to make a huge play) even though Allen had like 365 yards at that point.
  15. I mean, it makes sense. This team feels just like last year, just switch the offense being a huge burden to the defense. This week will tell a lot. If we can keep it close or win, I will think they can win a playoff game or two. If they look completely outmatched...then who knows if we even make the playoffs. Either way, these McDermott teams just feel like they have a ceiling. Those late 90s Bills teams had road Wild Card games, but you always felt like they could get hot and beat anyone. I felt that way about the 2004 team too that missed the playoffs. This team just feels like one that could never, under virtually any circumstances, go into KC or Pittsburgh or Baltimore and steal a playoff game.
  16. I may not believe we can beat the Pats, and you probably don't either....BUT, let's be honest...we're due. We are due. Tomorrow, the good guys walk into that empty stadium and dispatch our nemesis, finally. Allen - big day; Moss - big day; Beasley, Diggs, Brown - big day. The defense - big day. The division will be ours, and we will rejoice before a devastating playoff loss that ends with a missed FG attempt. POSITIVE THINKING.
  17. It's been like that since their Super Bowl years, to their detriment, really. Their cap situation always leaves them with glaring holes...they're lucky they have a HOF QB to bail them out and get them to the playoffs regularly.
  18. I'm not a huge believer in this team, but in three of the five wins, the other team scored a garbage time TD. That skews the numbers a little, along with the Tennessee blowout, of course.
  19. This game has been making me nervous all week. The Jets have good WRs; our secondary is struggling; Darnold's back; injuries; Jets are probably tired about hearing how much they suck, etc.
  20. Hasn't he been out the last two games? Gotta wonder what's going on behind the scenes with this one.
  21. It's disconcerting that he always seems overmatched against good coaches. And his squads seem to come out flat all the time. They kinda looked like they couldn't have given less of a shit each of the last two games.
  22. Which Super Bowl did Houston play in? Or Detroit? Domes are an abomination, and I would question the masculinity of any fan who wanted his team to play in one. Stop being a pussy.
  23. Domes are the quickest way to make your team soft as fuck. You're not going to the Super Bowl with a dome team unless you get home field advantage.
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