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  1. Yeah, we definitely should cut a slot wr who averages 80+ catches a year. Great idea.
  2. Perfect pass, and he absolutely snared it at the last possible moment. Just a dagger. Game was over at this point.
  3. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3402150/after-finding-out-ryan-fitzpatrick-was-in-attendance-last-night-for-buffalos-thrashing-of-new-england-i-think-sportsbooks-should-reimburse-pats-bettors#story-comments This man has offically announced that he will gladly be the backup QB next year. What an absolute king.
  4. My apologies to him. I always appreciated his getting the Bills back into contention, but always was frustrated with what, I thought, was a lack of killer instinct. Wow, was I wrong. His clear, absolute hatred of Belichick, summed up by the drive where we were up by 30, still kept throwing, and called a TD pass to a backup tackle, was the most cold-blooded shit I've ever seen from a Bills coach. He never took his foot off the gas, not one bit. I am sorry, Coach. Thank you for delivering that ass-kicking to me and every other Bills fans that were starved for it.
  5. Couldn't be happier to be wrong. Kudos to you and the others who forgot about the history and Billieved. One of the best games ever.
  6. 51-3. Comeback game. Dropping seven motherfucking TDs on the Pats in seven drives. Those are the top three. I'm ashamed for ever doubting them in this one. They were PERFECT.
  7. What everyone forgets is that that entire game had extremely shady officiating. At the end of the first half, for instance, the refs essentially penalized the Bills defense over and over again until the Titans got into FG range, then called another bullshit penalty after del Greco missed on the first attempt. I'll always believe that there was a directive from the league to help Tennessee win that game. It was a new team, with their first year in Nashville, in a new stadium, with new uniforms. All that shit had to be sold to a new fanbase and a new city. Having Buffalo, with their team of aging veterans, win that game would've been brutal for the NFL's marketing efforts. I've still, to this day, never heard again any lateral call ever be based on the "flight of the ball." That was an excuse they cooked up on the spot to allow a lateral from the 29 to the 31 somehow count as backwards. Fuck, I'm now angry from typing all of this.
  8. You can already see it, right? Belichick is going to find a way to get a shitload of pressure on Allen -- our coaches will make no adjustments for it; they will pick us apart with Pennington-to-Chrebet-type 8-yard slants all game -- our coaches will have no answer for it; and suddenly there's 4 mins left in the 4th and we're down by 10. "The Genius foils the Bills again!" Ugh. Hope, I'm dead wrong.
  9. I tend to err on the negative after being burned by one too many losses, but I just objectively don't feel great about this game or team, to be honest, at all. They're missing something...they're not mentally where you'd like a playoff team to be, and they've seemed unfocused and undisciplined all year. Very different from the last half of 2020, when they were locked in and looked to be confident and enjoying themselves. I feel like unless we get a 1st quarter break (e.g. turnover after a TD drive) that gets us out of the gate early, then we're looking at a frustrating night. Just don't think this is the year.
  10. I read that his YPG average, which is 321 in games over 50 degrees and 363 in games over 75 degrees, is like 144 in cold weather games. Yikes.
  11. Monday Night would suck so much. Last year was great with 1, 4, and 8 PM games both days. Goodell has fucked so much with the sport, and virtually every decision he's made has made it worse.
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