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  1. I think special teams is going to burn us before any coaching decisions will. That unit, from kicking to coverage, is a liability.
  2. I really can't believe all the Bills fans that are stoked about the Pittsburgh game getting flexed to Sunday Night. The home team usually wins those game and we suck rhinoceros dick in primetime.
  3. I love Tre White, but I assume he'll be gone, The only thing this team is good at is drafting top-notch corners and letting them walk after their first contract. Clements, Winfield, Gilmore, etc. etc.
  4. Dude, Allen definitely didn't do enough to win, but come on. We've been witness to so many shitty QB performances. Do you remember the Derek Anderson game against the Colts last year? Or the Peterman Bears game? It didn't seem like we were in the same league as those teams.
  5. And Baltimore was ripe for it too. I couldn't believe they didn't call one. Not a single one.
  6. I got pretty drunk during this game too. We'll make it through.
  7. I loved how Singletary got like 60 yards on the ground on one drive in the first half and then they decided to not give him the ball out of a regular formation ever again. Because who needs a RB averaging 6 YPC in a gritty defensive battle?
  8. The only thing he has been mauling are potential TD drives. That drop today in the redzone fucking lost the game.
  9. I would like someone to give me an honest argument for why Dawson Knox should still be on the team. If you're a TE who is not a good blocker, your only fuckng job is being sure-handed. If he was replaced with Pete Metzelaars, you could make an argument that we might be 12-1 or 11-2.
  10. I hate the "playing not to lose" shit as much as anyone. But doesn't that the fact that Allen-QB'd games end up in wins more often than not mean anything. This team is similar to a lot of teams over the drought. They weren't fucking 8-3, though.
  11. Any Bills fans bitching about Mahomes should put themselves in the position of the Chicago Bears, who took Trubisky over him and Watson. Difference between the Bills and Bears is that the Bills took a project during a rebuild and the Bears took Trubisky during their Super Bowl window. I'm not going to even get into the position Mahomes stepped into (optimal) vs. Allen (shiity as imaginable).
  12. I live in the DC area, and my friends were apoplectic when they signed London Fletcher to a big deal. "He sucks!" "He's too old!" I had to calmly explain to them that he was a better player than anyone on their fucking roster and that it would work out fine. Six months later, Fletcher's getting 17 tackles a game, and they're all talking about what a great signing he was. Ugghhhhh...
  13. From a luck standpoint after decades of getting served up nothing but slices of dick pie, we deserve at least a season's worth of lucky breaks.
  14. I don't care what anyone says; this guy does NOT want to play in the NFL. Then he loses his martyrdom. He's believes himself to be this Muhammad Ali-type freedom fighter but, at the end of the day, he's a guy that moped on the bench after getting benched by Gabbert and turned it around into a protest to avoid criticism. He has been led astray by his GF, activists who don't have his best interests at heart, and a media that loves to jump on any story where white people can be called racist. He is a phony. He wore a "Kunte Kinte" shirt to his alternate tryout today -- ask yourself, what person who actually wanted to enact change would do that? Why are his supporters destroying guys like Malcolm Jenkins and Jay-Z, who actually are making changes? B/c Kaep's brand of activism isn't about change, but perpetual bitching.
  15. Man, he's just a guy that has been playing forever, in the trenches no less, and it's taken its toll. He was furious with himself today, probably because he knows the end of his career is near.
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