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  1. It bears mentioning that Daboll ran 1 time in the first half of a January playoff game in Buffalo where there was 30 MPH wind
  2. One of the more underrated reasons for the AFC Championship loss...fucking amazing how he doesn't understand keeping the defense honest, especially when they're getting pressure on Allen consistently.
  3. The four best consistent pass rushers they've had since drafting Bruce Smith 36 years ago are: Bryce Paup, Aaron Schobel, Jerry Hughes, and Mario Williams. Total draft picks used to acquire these four? One solitary 2nd rounder.
  4. Bills seem to be in a similar boat as Baltimore. Are they better than most teams? Yes. Will they make the playoffs? Sure. Can they be counted on to beat elite teams? No. Is there a clear fix to this issue? No.
  5. Allen should've audibled. Burrow, in the Bengals-Vikes game, had a very similar situation in OT. Audibles to pass because the line was stacked, and won the game.
  6. Frazier rarely calls an aggressive gameplan. He did so surprisingly against Baltimore, it worked like a charm, so of course he abandoned it immediately.
  7. The Bills are getting a little too much hype for my liking. Everyone is forgetting a little too much that Pittsburgh started 11-0 last year. Just has a feeling of one of those games where we'll be hearing an announcer say something in the 4th quarter like, "Look out, NFL! The new generation of this league is getting all the attention, but Big Ben and the Steelers are still a FORMIDABLE contender!"
  8. Saying the quiet part out loud. Everyone already knows this is a goal; it goes without saying. Vocalizing it shows a total lack of business acumen, a total disregard for how you're viewed by others, or both. Not good. Thos is what happens when someone gets to skip the whole "working your way up" part of a promotion.
  9. Amazing how Lambeau and Soldier Fields, two stadiums that are fucking ancient compared to Rich Stadium (excuse me, Highmark Field) , are able to do this repeatedly with no issue, but when the Bills want to do it, it's an issue. The league and Goodell are hellbent on us moving, and that is the obstacle we have to overcome.
  10. "We used that to buy the team." 1. That's a lie; you didn't just fork over $1.2 billion in cash. 2. You mean your husband used that to buy the team.
  11. Exactly. And the city they floated as a threat is a total improbability. Was such a poor business move all-around that I imagine if one of our completely equal team owners came up with it, it would likely not be the one who made billions of dollars in business.
  12. Their teams' values are appraised at #1 and #2. That's all that matters in regards to power within the group of owners.
  13. Jerry Jones is the most powerful owner in the sport. Zero fucking chance he's letting this move happen.
  14. I think as long as Terry is alive and well, we're okay. His wife...ehhhhhh
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