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  1. This game has been making me nervous all week. The Jets have good WRs; our secondary is struggling; Darnold's back; injuries; Jets are probably tired about hearing how much they suck, etc.
  2. Hasn't he been out the last two games? Gotta wonder what's going on behind the scenes with this one.
  3. It's disconcerting that he always seems overmatched against good coaches. And his squads seem to come out flat all the time. They kinda looked like they couldn't have given less of a shit each of the last two games.
  4. Which Super Bowl did Houston play in? Or Detroit? Domes are an abomination, and I would question the masculinity of any fan who wanted his team to play in one. Stop being a pussy.
  5. Domes are the quickest way to make your team soft as fuck. You're not going to the Super Bowl with a dome team unless you get home field advantage.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks the whole "Bills Mafia" thing is a little lame?
  7. Seattle game is the first one after the election, so I would expect no fans before that contest.
  8. There was a game in 2018 when they played Chicago and it didnt even look like the Bills were playing the same sport. That was probably the worst.
  9. Awesome to finally get some national attention for once. I gotta see us beat NE first before I truly become a believer.
  10. Normally stuff like this would piss me off since the Bills were so dominant for 5/8 of the game, but they deserve it and probably need to hear it. Maybe it will finally sink in that the game doesn't automatically end the minute you go up by two scores. We actually blew our 28-3 lead faster than Atlanta did in the Super Bowl.
  11. I thought the same thing. The Bills have been dicked over by way worse calls than that (the Rams defender did wrap him up past five yards), and they would never get as much as a mention in passing. Christ, that entire game up to that point was called heavily in the Rams favor. The ridiculous INT call that started the comeback, Allen getting an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for nothing that gave LA the ball at our 35, the facemask call on the fucking QB during our last drive. C'mon.
  12. It's nice to be able to win shootouts finally. You were right, you really can't truly compete in today's NFL unless you have an offense that's a threat to score 30 pts any given week.
  13. I didn't either. The announcers were a little weak. My favorite call of theirs was when they said that Allen was playing like Jim Kelly after a play when he ran the option and executed a spin move, haha.
  14. It wasn't Allen that called 4th quarter and OT plays like we were running a two-minute offense the entire time. Allen didn't give up two straight TDs and two 2-pt conversions either.
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