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  1. Best game since I hit puberty. God Bless Frazier for this game!
  2. The most important play in at least a quarter century. He is a true king. Man, that was fucking great!
  3. The most important play in at least a quarter century. He is a true king. Man, that was fucking great!
  4. Carson Wentz's contract makes him essentially untraceable and uncutable (those probably aren't real words). Philadelphia has no choice but to try a reclamation project with him. Big QB, big arm, fairly mobile, from a small school. Who worked wonders with a QB similar to that?
  5. 100%. And I hate the "it's the playoffs, they're already pumped up to win" narrative, as if anything that could be perceived as trash talk is irrelevant. There is a huge difference between regular focus and pissed-off focus.
  6. They played a perfect game against the Bills from a strategic standpoint and still lost. I will give them ultimate respect, but if they want to bitch about officiating, they can carve up a slice of the 'ol dick pie.
  7. Agreed. As weird as this sounds, I almost want to get it out of the way so that I can enjoy the other games and relax. I love watching the Bills but assume I'll be a ball of nerves Saturday AM. This year isn't like the year we played Jacksonville, where McCoy was hurt and Taylor was averaging like 140 YPG, so watching the playoff game was a novelty. They can do it THIS year.
  8. This is truly beautiful. Especially after today. We kicked the dogshit out of them, and their normally awesome defense can't even begin to defend our passing game. HAHAHA, your season is ruined and you have no chance of fucking with us next year either!
  9. Agree on all counts. I'm also thinking about divisional round implications. If someone asks me who would win a hypothetical Bills-Steelers matchup there, my first question would be "Where are they playing?" The home team wins that game, in my opinion.
  10. I still can't believe that Beasley was still playing at that juncture of the game. What a colossal error in judgement.
  11. Market anticipates us resting starters, apparently. Is this because Pittsburgh is resting their guys and we get the #2 seed with them losing? Maybe some first-round matchup strategy?
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