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  1. Well, a good shot to the balls makes your heart skip a few beats...seems connected. Six in one, half dozen in the other...
  2. Bills are in my blood, and she's a mini me. Gonna be a miserable time for her, lol. At least she has the Gators on Saturdays
  3. Was the only thing I could think of as I held my 7yo daughter as she was crying after the game. Circle the wagons, Punkin.
  4. That top coat is burriful, considering getting one now that I've seen it, but I so rarely need a coat down here. That second one is just too busy to me. Gonna be a no from me dawg.
  5. I would've thanked this post, but it had me rolling. Either way, co-signed
  6. I'm dying here, but I get the worst feeling that this game is going to be deodorant for the Brownie stink this season. I mean, these memes are amazing... But I have no stomach for what's coming if we lay an Eagles-sized egg against this dumpster fire.
  7. Does have that feel, well put. But, to your point, it's nice to feel the team wont lay down for anyone, and if given a chance, might just pull one out of their ass. Problem with riding that lightning, is eventually the ass is empty
  8. Sure, Rams think themselves to be in win now mode, but does anybody else believe that shit?
  9. I think it's completely ridiculous that 6 months of training, and all of the sudden you can be the deciding factor in another's quality of life. And don't get me started on their mounted laptops. No one should be texting and driving, much less operating a laptop. /Rant
  10. I think Ratched got a bad rap, and she could get the business. Just something about her, and I understand I'm probably alone in this...
  11. True, and it's not like they are a completely different team. I read somewhere, maybe Peter King, that they still have 14-15 significant contributors from the SB team. Losing like that hangs with you, though. The Oilers still haven't gotten over the Bills' comeback. I really liked Dan Quinn at Florida, great halftime adjustments. Wanted him here, who'd we hire that year he went to Atlanta? Was that the Rex hire?
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