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  1. Ask it a different way. You have 1 game to win the Super Bowl and you have to pick between L Blount or J Ajayi. Im taking Blount. He is a veteran and has a nose for the endzone and is a bruiser.
  2. I'm glad to be wrong about him. At the time I thought he was a bad hire. When Crossman was with the Lions, they had the worst special teams in the league. I wanted us to bring Bobby April back. (He is now with the Jets, by the way.) Crossman's coaching was scrutinized around the NFL after Detroit became the first team since at least 1940 to give up a kickoff and a punt return for touchdowns in consecutive games. The 4-12 Lions dumped him. Doug Moron picked him up. But he got us to #2 last year and I definitely think we can be #1 this year. I'm glad I only thought bad things about Crossman but didn't post them. Our special teams looked great last year.
  3. Agreed. He should be gone for a full season. In other news, I'm glad the suspension came through on a Monday so I don't have to listen to John Murphy's nonsense about it any longer. Generally I like him but he was such an apologist for Brady and the Pats last week that I almost swore off listening to him. For a pretty smart guy he seemed utterly incapable of understanding how much of an advantage the Pats gained over the years from this practice.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/videos/new-england-patriots/0ap3000000492237/Casserly-Patriots-got-off-easy?icampaign=nflcom-cs-homepage-videoswap_generic_nfl Can't embed the video for some reason.
  5. But if they have been doing it since 2007, as the fumbling statistics for an outdoor East coast team seem to suggest, then they've had a competitive advantage over the rest of the league for eight years including playoffs. So Brady should get more than 3 for the act and 3 for the coverup. The Saints bounty scandal wasn't as egregious as this. We'll see what happens but I'd love to see Goodell bring the hammer down on them. Give him only 3 games and the rest of the league is encouraged to cheat. The reward is so great, the fine so small, why shouldn't teams cheat their way to the Super Bowl if Goodell is only giving wrist slaps?
  6. I voted for the full season + playoffs. That's what should happen, based on repeat offender status and statistical evidence that they've been at it for years, but 4 games is more likely.
  7. And the Buffalo Bills will win the AFC East, which they would have done anyway, but everybody will say it was because Brady was suspended and doesn't really count.
  8. Exactly. Judging by their fumbling statistics, it seems pretty obvious that they've been doing this since 2007.
  9. This is the truth, straight out of Boston on May 10, 2015. Get your knives and forks ready, because this is a tasty meal if you're into schadenfreude. http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2015/05/09/reality-not-looking-good-for-tom-brady-and-patriots/IGT3myWkYdZagI4FCzkHKJ/story.html
  10. I hope you're right. My fear is that it's bad press for the NFL -- worse press, I mean -- to suspend him, which would be an acknowledgment that one of the league's golden boys, reigning Super Bowl champ and prime spokesmen is a cheater. It would throw all four titles into more question than they already are by everybody outside of New England. I think the NFL will probably give him a slap on the wrist and tell him not to do it again. If they had lost the Super Bowl (nice call, Pete Carroll), the NFL would be more punitive.
  11. Asterisks next to every Super Bowl win. Every one has been tainted by cheating.
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