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  1. I predict that if he leaves, which would be an abomination IMO for him personally, it will be to go to the colts. The colts are the perfect team for him. The Colts did everything right. They just did it too slow and their OL was so bad for much of Luck's early years that it killed him. Now, they have the best young OL in the NFL, good coaching and a solid D. Brady would be a NIGHTMARE for the rest of the league on the Colts. The Patriots are really good (duh) but they're soul-less, cheating bastards. I really do hate Tom Brady, but i think he's only about 10% of what i hate about that team. I cannot stand Kraft (he's an ass-hole as is anyone that finds any reason to be in a room with Vlad Putin - google "Putin Steals Kraft's Superbowl ring"). No decent human being should ever be in the same room with that criminal POS unless there is some sort of nefarious plan in play. Yes, US presidents and diplomats have to deal with him. They get a pass. But a business man personally meeting with Putin is a sure fire 100% clue that you're dealing with a corrupt POS. See also Kraft's solicitation to get with young girls (young girls being something Putin excels at providing to people he wants to manipulate). As for Bellicheat, i respect that he is great. But his methods are shady and he's a bully. Fuck the Patriots. I hope Brady does leave, goes to the Colts and wins a superbowl with them. Then we can dispel this myth that the "Patriots Way" is the reason they're great. I hate that organization full stop. If Tom leaves and wins somewhere else, it will be a scar on the Patriots organization. And that's something i'm eager to see.
  2. We move the ball just fine. We are even good in the red zone. It's turnovers that are killing our O.
  3. It comes down to these two things. 1. who is doing the Defensive coaching during the week. 2. who is calling the defensive plays on Sunday. If the answer to those two questions is Leslie Frazier (and i do think it is) then he is absolutely worth doing whatever is possible to keep. If the above is true, but McD is often over-ruling calls, that could be a different story. I happen to think the entire organization though is a little more collaborative than the above two possibilities. Which is probably why we're 4-1 more than anything. So, even in the unlikely event that Frazier is only 1/2 of the defensive decision making and preparation process, given these results you still keep that. The fucking Head Coach has way too much shit to be thinking about than nit-picking every defensive call. NFL or even high level NCAA head coach, honestly must be some of the most insanely difficult jobs on the earth when you think about it. You're only as good as your people. And your people are only as good as you allow them to be.
  4. He's outstanding. And will be considered for a HC job every year that he's here. Lets just hope we can hold on to him. If it comes down to it, just pay the man more. It doesn't hurt the salary cap. And Pegs has enough natural gas wells to afford whatever the hell he wants. Does Frazier really want another shot at being the HC? or would he settle for being a very rich, top 5 DC in the NFL on a club with great camaraderie? I'm hoping for the later. And if i was Frazier's best friend i'd advise him to demand a ton of money and stay. If i was Pegs, i'd pay him. Hell, make him the highest paid DC in the league for all i care. It's not my money. We kind of need to retain him IMO. It's a priority. And the damn rooney rule combined with the natural tendency of all human beings to advance themselves is going to make that tough for us. Its going to come down to this. Does he want to make bank and stay here where he's having mad success or take the head job on a team like the dysfunctional redskins? I'd stay if I was Leslie. But i'd get paid in the process.
  5. We need one of two things at WR and preferably both. Allen throws bombs and Allen throws darts at 100 mph. We need either a monster meagatron type that will fight for and win deep jump balls or we need a guy like Larry Fitzgerald who has football glue on his hands. I'd prefer we get the same traits in one player. Beeze and Brown have been great additions, but we're still one monster WR and more experience from Allen away from truly recognizing our potential. If the value is right, this off-season is the time to drop mad assets on getting a DOMINANT WR. It's rare to get ones like Larry Fitzgerald of Julio Jones who are not only the best player on the field most games but also not a diva. But we need that. We need that bad. I like our WR corps. I really like Williams and think he might fill that role in a way for us if things progress. But the time to blow our load on a massive WR weapon is now officially upon us. Whaley got the wrong guy at the wrong time for too much. The time to get the right guy is now and i'd pay what Whaley paid for Watkins or what ATL paid for Jones (read; a shit-load) in a heart beat this spring. But we need to get a monster. An absolute physical freak and if we can, there is no price not worth paying for it.
  6. I just don't think he's very good anymore. Since he went on that vegan diet or whatever the hell he did a while back and lost all that weight. The kneeling thing... I don't get it. It has nothing to do with the troops. The guy was simply making a statement about race relations in America (which is in a VERY bad place if you haven't noticed). I would never kneel during the pledge or the national anthem. NEVER. But i also don't view it as treason. And i still can't get my head around how people view it as having anything to do with disrespecting the US military. If the guy was any good, he'd be signed to a team like Oakland or Baltimore. He wouldn't work here in Buffalo even if he was good. Bills fans are upstate and generally not liberal. A guy like that would get booed right out of the stadium (which he was last time he played here). Ultimately, i just don't give a fuck if someone wants to kneel during the anthem. I wouldn't. But if you do, i don't give a shit. I don't give a shit what anyone does unless it harms other people. Libertarian through and through. The same people that call "liberals" snow flakes freak out because some asshole takes a knee to protest racial inequality... If that offends you so much you have to wonder who the little fragile snowflake really is. The dude with the balls to stand up for something he believes in (whether you believe in it or not) or the person that freaks the fuck out over it. If he was any good, he'd be playing somewhere in the league. The XFL awaits him.
  7. Jay Cutler 2.0 is in for a world of hurt. My god am i glad we took Allen over Rosen. Rosen hasn't been given a very fair shake given the teams he's on, but neither has Allen. Last year's Bills O was absolute dog shit and he still managed to make "something" of it. One is a winner. The other is a whiner. I'm glad we took the winner. I mean, is there a single soul in the Bills mafia today that would still rather have taken Rosen? Hell... i'd rather have Allen than Darnold or even Mayfield (though i really like them both).
  8. Winston. He's an idiot. A smart idiot. IT's a rare breed when you're bright, but also do stupid things and have no character.
  9. Allen is going to be REALLY, REALLY good. And soon. He's already showing the signs. Two interceptions last week were garbage. Bease should have caught the pick6. The other one was batted down (Allen's fault for throwing too low, but hey shit happens). The center exchange was on Morris. The fumble on the first drive was 100% Allen's fault. He also survived a few close ones and ones where he got bailed out on penalties. But.... The kid can play. And he's only going to get better.
  10. Hey i'm happy about it, but lets face it, Beicheat could probably figure out how to win with my 6'2" 205 lb dad-bod ass in there at LT. Actually, never mind, i'd be in he hospital after one play. And possibly dead.
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