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  1. Go for it. I don't give an eff. Like i said, this place is an insane asylum. Enjoy your Trump forum.
  2. signing off. zeig heil my dumber than fuck friends.
  3. Sorry man. I have always loved your posts. But after today, i'm a bit done with it. Trump supporters are a serious national security threat. I don't know what kind of state of mind you must be in to be a fan of this guy. It boggles the mind. I mean, what is it? Do you have some fear of black or latino people? Did you really hate science and math in high school? Do you just love being told what you want to hear even if it is utter BS? I mean... What else could it possibly be? I'm disappointed. Blown away. In utter disbelief. (not that you'd care after this day's series of exchanges) Its like i said, this message board is fucking nuts. Bonkers. Lit (who has plenty of his own issues) should just change it to the Trumpalorange.com. It would be a much more appropriate name for this once great website. In the words of your idol, this website is "sad".
  4. I mean, how do you even respond to a person so fucking stupid that their avatar is a picture of Trump selling peanuts (or something). The place is a fucking looney bin.
  5. Why even talk to these people? Why even post on this forum? It's literally an insane asylum. The people that post here are (not all, but by and large) fucking morons. What's the point?
  6. Unfortunately, you're an idiot then. And i am objectively correct in that statement. Supporting Trump outwardly is an admission of stupidity. You're telling me that facts don't matter. But they do unless you're stupid AF. You should care about facts. Ignoring them is to live in a world of delusion.
  7. And so, i rest my case. This is an insane website populated (primarily) by cult-of-Trump fanatics. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Move to Moscow. You will absolutely love it there.
  8. Always liked you woody. You a cultist too? At least own it. You can't Hasselhoff emoji you're way out of it. That's cute and all, don't get me wrong. I'm a fan of it. But.... Are you in the cult of Trump? If so, you can fuck off too!
  9. You're too stupid to even realize it. But you're the enemy of this nation. You are an enemy. Not a person with worthy thoughts that we should debate. no. An ENEMY! You belong in Russia. Don't lecture me about this country. You don't know shit about it. You suck. You and people like you need to be defeated. Got it? Don't listen to me though. Take it from a US general. You know... those guys people like you proclaim to get a hard-on for. But you won't click it. Because you're a stupid motherfucker. And you're one of the primary people that have utterly ruined this website. So cult on you. Do your thing. You're too fucking stupid to even realize that you're a traitor just like the fat, know-nothing POS you worship. Fuck you dude. I'll see you in the civil war. I won't be on your side. https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/congress-electoral-college-vote-count-2021/h_3f9fc2002acfc3ed3a0058d380892c65
  10. Doesn't matter who she was supporting. She died in support of a false prophet. A fraud. A man that only the stupidest among us would ever consider supporting. She died because of Donald Trump. Period. End of sentence.
  11. Fuck you ass hole. You're a problem. YOu're so fucking stupid you present a direct threat to the future of my children. Tough internet talk? You don't want to meet me in a dark alley. Fuck off moron.
  12. woman died tonight. some crazy fuck killed her. Yeah... fuck you Trump supporters.
  13. Ignore features are for wimps IMO. When a particular community becomes intolerable, you don't ignore the majority of the community. You just leave it. But that's not even the truth. In truth, this community left me. Whatever, i guess i'm back now so whatever. But i'm back for war. Trump should be assassinated by a US General. He should, at minimum, resign. Fuck that traitor and everyone that supports him. Go get your GEDs you GD trailer trash morons. I didn't like the 2000 election either. But storming the goddamn capital? Take that shit to Guatemalla where it belongs or GTFO.
  14. So much good football talk to be had. I'm just so very sad. My friends. My neighbors. My in-laws, family members. Good members of my favorite Bills site. They're in the cult of personality. And it really bothers me. There's no going back. So many otherwise smart people are so fucked in the head... I can't get over it.
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