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  1. Half. Apparently if you’re half black, you’re black. I’ve never really heard the reason why.
  2. Yes- funny. My white privilege card is platinum gold diamond. Highest you can get. I’ve been paying dues on it for 63 yrs, they’d never let me into their SJW club. First rule of White Club............
  3. Bet his prison time will be 30% higher than a white guy would get
  4. Well, I do believe MOST people are worse people on social media, me included.
  5. Your responses are as snarky, snippy and venomous as anyone’s. Who are you to be the arbitrator of whether his was warranted? I’ll be awaiting your snarky response😎
  6. That’s because she supports the green new deal, she doesn’t want to release methane into the atmosphere
  7. Sorry, we use profane language here. Unless the TOS changes, that is. If you chose moralize it, that’s on you. It’s really more akin to picking your nose in public, not very polite, but not exactly a sin against the universe. Feel free to disagree, but, like I said, the TOS allows it.
  8. Vice-presidential power used for personal (family) gain, or am I missing something? Wish my daddy had had some vice-presidential power to get me a 50,000$ PER MONTH job. But I’m sure he’s worth every penny.
  9. It’ll be interesting to see if losing out on his war games has turned him on Trump
  10. Hip, you’ll never make it happen as fast as you post. In fact, it’s much slower. Much slower.
  11. Now see, here we go. Orange. If anyone called Obama a “black” piece of shit , they would have been ostracized . Because why? Because black is a racial term? If you hate someone so much, you have to refer to their skin color, you need to dig deeper.
  12. ....and I get a little tired of people jumping all over any supposed misogyny from trump and co., but trip all over themselves to get the latest gangsta rap. Sure, there’s a distinction between President of the USA and an “artist”, but misogyny is misogyny. Trump was a douche for saying the grabbing them by the pussy comment, but if really is upsetting to anyone, they should go through their music carefully, throw away anything that’s racist, misogynistic or just plain nasty. Anything less, is hypocritical. P.S., I reread this, and I mean ANY music, not just gangsta rap.
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