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  1. He’s also giving a taxer-payer funded half-price ticket to anyone in a nursing home he hasn’t already killed.
  2. Yes. It’s just that the law doesn’t allow us to be like that. Even though he deserves it.
  3. Cruel and unusual. Needle in the arm would be good. But we’ll give him 3 hots and a cot, medical care, and access to a good law library for 25 years, then release him into your grandkids world.
  4. I don’t agree that no one is disputing antifa and blm. They are given a lot of latitude and their behavior is played down, if not outright forgiven, because left wing media agrees with them. I don’t agree with anything far left OR far right. Just the fact they are extreme SHOULD show anyone that they have no balance.
  5. What is the ADL and SPLC opinions on antifa and blm?
  6. Didn’t see ANYTHING like the violence, mayhem, riots, pillaging, and fires I’ve seen from the antifa/BLM protests. And actually, a lot of the violence is because or the antifa/BLM groups making sure they counter-protest. And listen, being and asshole is equal opportunity. There’s TONS of white assholes in these white groups, I have no doubt whatsoever. I don’t like ANY of these polarizing groups. You probably think I’m sticking up for them. I just don’t like people making a HUMONGOUS BIG DEAL about how racist and violent they are, and harp on it, while downplaying antifa/blm. In my perfect world, none of these groups would exist, we’d fix these things together. but I don’t have hope that will happen with trump in the White House. Whether deserved or not, too many from the left hate his guts.
  7. WHO GIVES A FUCK ABOUT THE PROUD BOYS. You? They are a TOTALLY inconsequential group. It’s antifucks that are causing problems. Stop trying to make an obscure nothing group into a big thing. When you see the proud boys causing trouble like antifa and BLM, get back to me.
  8. Ummm, Chris Wallace would feel much more at home at CNN or MSNBC. Not sure why he hasn’t moved on like Shep.....
  9. This is one of the things that turn me off about this guy. He doesn’t seem to be able to control himself, and comes off as a petty bully. It’s a terrible look for the office of the president of the United States. That’s what’s important to me, the office, not whatever schmuck happens to reside in it for a while. I think people that call trump a man-child are correct. I thought Biden started off more composed and coherent than I was expecting, but was becoming flustered with trump. We have one guy that can’t control himself or be controlled by anyone, even when he needs to be, and another that will be TOTALLY controlled if he wins. What a choice.
  10. In your excitement to prove trump a racist, you made a mistake. Admit it and move on. We all do it.
  11. I wonder what excuse F8 will have for that. More than likely he won’t even acknowledge this post. Or accuse you of deflecting
  12. Blacks believe that people perceive them to be more violent. About 80% of blacks think that. Are they stupid too? And, I didn’t ask about crime, just violent tendencies.
  13. Not necessarily. Did the question sound loaded? People (in general) don’t have the perception that black people are more violent? I see you answered in another post that poor people in general are more violent. Or something. Does poverty make people more violent? If that’s true, then people shouldn’t be punished for it. It wouldn’t be fair.
  14. You always ask a question when asked a question. Why is that?
  15. Let me make a statement. There’s a perception that blacks are more violent and criminal than other races. Number 1: Is this true? Number 2: If it is true, why?
  16. The internet brings out the pettiness in a lot of us, me for one. I’m a lot nicer in person.😎
  17. Shit! I was hoping things would be okay, but I guess that’s not to be expected. Odds are someone will get sick in the league.
  18. Now that TWD is back (snicker snicker), he has to send him his jersey. That he just got out of the closet and dusted off. Or something.
  19. Ahh, shit. The your/you’re thing thing whilst calling me ignant, dat bothers me .
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