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  1. I’m assuming you are talking to me maybe? Because you suck at quoting who you are referring to. 😂 if it is me, I was referring to BCCP blindsiding Hip with the unsubstantiated slander, which of course, was just not right. if you dislike someone THAT much, do it in a pm and make your plans. I’m assuming everyone here has too much testosterone, and has to go to the mat to settle their squabbles.
  2. Well, she HAS raised the quality of living for her constituents, that much is a fact. And living RIGHT. IN. THE. COMMUNITY. SHE. “SERVES”? What a breathe of fresh air!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! J/K, the ONLY one that has done well since she’s been in office is herself.
  3. All the black folks on this site are apparently staying in the closet. Why? 1. the range is all white. 2. most people play their cards close to the vest with personal info, realizing how easy it is to have that info used against you. (See Buffalo CCP) 3. ?
  4. If I was a precinct commander, I’d make sure my people saw this video, and others like it. Things go 0-60 pretty fucking fast when you’re dealing with scumbags. The unknown with every stop you make? Who are the scumbags, and who are regular normal law-abiding people. sometimes you get gunned down before you can find out. RIP Officer Darian Jarrot.
  5. I remember a few years ago when her driver was parking illegally and she got in the officers face with, “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” I hate that shit.
  6. The nanobots usually congregate in the body’s largest organ. So, I’m pretty much fucked with this huge stiff anaconda. results may vary.
  7. I’m finding the nanobots from the 2nd shot are combining with the bots from the 1st shot, and making my cock rock hard. I’ve had a non-stop hard-on since Thursday. Nothing helps, cold showers, thinking about “Rachel” Levine, nothing. I even slammed it in the car door and broke it. But, still, rock hard. you were right Dukey
  8. I’ll be hosting a strip poker party on my porch in June. If you’re a fully hot female you’re welcome to come over. My house, my rules. No passport required.
  9. I’ve been hearing about how black parents have to have “THE TALK”. It’s surprising that this talk doesn’t include cooperating with cops. Or maybe “the talk” really isn’t given by very many black parents. Or people are ignoring “the talk”. Or “ the talk” is just meant to be a guilt-inducer for the white community. any black rangers here that can weigh in?
  10. The more people resisting arrests and thinking they can struggle their way out of police custody, the more shit that can happen. (Injury, death) being insulted, put out, angry, feelings of being picked on, aren’t reasons
  11. Blacks (because of their history of oppression), can’t be racist. ~ BLM, SJW, GUILTY WHITES. So obviously, these are paid plants by white supremicists to throw people off. END OF SARCASM.
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