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  1. Glad you’re alright DB! You gotta be careful, horses can be ver..........hey, wait a minute!!
  2. That face and the word sex should never be in the same solar system. P.S., I only went there because HK did it first. I’ll be leaving now, I gotsa get some toilet paper...
  3. I don’t trust NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC. I go straight to the TWD channel. It’s right between SYFY and COMEDY CENTRAL. Check it out, good stuff. They also play some of my favorite cartoons.
  4. Ok now, everything A-rod touches turns bad? Now THAT, is a lie. J-LO is still very edible.
  5. He inherited the Bay of pigs from the Eisenhower administration. He never should have given the go ahead if he wasn’t willing to give them air support. Without air support, it was doomed from the beginning. But his handling of just one thing, the Cuban Missile Crisis, should easily cement his legacy. He literally avoided WWIII by his decision of the blockade and backdoor channels to the Kremlin. If he would have listened to batshit-crazy General Curtis LeMay, who wanted to nuke Cuba, we wouldn’t be here talking about it. He wanted nukes in Vietnam, fucking guy was nuts.
  6. It’s not that closed off. Diplomats go back and forth from China all the time. Fuel supplies, etc, all from China
  7. Snagbagpc is back in a forced labor camp in Vietnam Nam. But he was able to sneak this message out: “I am so extremely handsome to be part of your wonderous site as it is carefully expanding into new horizons and adventure! Please keep on this path so the obstacles do not become urgent. SJ post is delightful and I’m filled with serious geesebump when I read. Please keep him so the message can come forth and be fruitful”. im guessing that’s an upvote.
  8. Well, since this is my idea, that SJ didn’t have that balls to do, he certainly would look at the results so far in joyful glee. So, good on him! He’s sure to ramp up his conspiracy theories that the JEW are following the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and enlighten all you goyim of his vast knowledge of conspiracy, all led from the Rothschild enterprise. He’ll interject it into every conversation, no matter what is talked about. He’ll deny the Holocaust, praise Hitler, David Duke and other “ good misunderstood “ men. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his football content was sometimes excellent. if you guys vote that he’s a quality poster that is important to this board, that’s all I wanted to know. I can take a hike, NO problems whatsoever. Other than to question whether I know what is a fringe crazy belief, and what is real. If you’ll except thinly disguised racism with a “cough cough”, then, that’s not my problem. Well, have a covid-19 free day everyone!
  9. I got you a jersey. Don’t complain about the sleeves being long, it’s free.
  10. So, does that mean you aren’t going to start a poll to see if people give a fuck about whether they care about your posts? You’re a ball-less gutless wonder. “the Ranges most relevant news source”? Care to see if that’s true? I’m guessing no.
  11. It doesn’t make sense to me that you would enjoy sports if you think everything is rigged. You’ve suggested several times that a guy would make or not make a play because they were told to. Why would you enjoy that? You really ought to play chess. You against your opponent. No conspiracies.
  12. Well, life is a finite thing. I’ve burned quite a ways through the candle, and I’m okay where I sit. We’ll see how it goes from here. You, on the other hand, “bond” with us schmucks on a Buffalo Bills message board that nobody reads, just like the other guy, SJ. What’s your point?
  13. Why are you here? Isn’t there some uninhabited Micronesian island with a couple coconut trees on it you could fuck off to? Take a desalination machine, a fire starter and a fishing pole and be free!! It would free us of your endless whining on the internet about how life sucks. Why don’t you flush your toilet and marvel that you have indoor plumbing. Turn on your tap and marvel that you have drinkable water, all you can want. Open your fridge and marvel that you can keep your food fresh. Turn your light switch on and off a few times, marvel at instant light. On and on, thousands of improvements and conveniences a king 500 years ago could only dream of. Smell a rose for fucks sake.
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