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  1. All kidding aside, will anything change in the next 4 years until the next prezelection? Will we have an election where the results won’t/CAN’T be questioned? Will there be a committee or are the people who wanted trump out 100% satisfied with how things are done? im all for needing I.D. before voting, btw.
  2. I’d do her. Not the ETTP Erininthemorn. The LTTP Erininthemorn.
  3. The only reason I was thinking it could be true was, you were spot on with the exorbitant prices of the food 😂
  4. You were in KC for a Bills game in August 1963? Bullshit! But, really? No way! where were you on November 22, btw?
  5. They really should look hard at the whole “presidential pardon” thingy too. Righting wrongs, miscarriages of justice, etc, sure. But letting “buddies” off the hook and taking care of people that “donated to your campaign” *cough cough*, is abuse of power. Not a good look for law and order presidents. In fact, it’s the “swampiest”thing you can do.
  6. Yeah, that extra FICA tax I paid out to the govt for SS for my retirement is now considered an entitlement when they give it back. Jeez, sometimes you give bad examples, F8. btw, if that money they took from me were put into a savings plan for me with modest returns, it would be plenty to live on. No, they put it into a fund that got raided by the cunts in government, and is in trouble now. it’s not welfare if they took that money in the first place, F8.
  7. He overcame and found the path to redemption. It’s all good.
  9. Maybe they can be sent to re-education camps!👍
  10. You always do this. Corporate welfare is wrong, so while the coffers are open, let’s give away more money. No. How about the Democrats stop the corporate welfare, THEN use that money to help people. How about that? democrats rail against giving money to the rich, but are beholden to K street themselves, so it’s all just posturing and blather.
  11. That’s fucking weird! My wife and I were talking about cousin it yesterday! It was at 6:27 pm. UH OH, I better find out what this means! HEY TWD!!!!
  12. I thought that at first, then you seemed to acknowledge it. My sincerest apologies sir.
  13. I love these arguments. You have everything from, YOU SHOULD BELIEVE EVERYTHING THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU, to YOU CAN’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT TELLS YOU. And everything in between. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? It it something in the middle? Stay tuned..................
  14. Of course god loves football! Why do you think he leaves number clues in a football magazine for!
  15. I’ll be crushed if they lose. Eh, for about a day, maybe. The future does look bright, can’t deny that fact. p.s., whenever I click on Sean’s posts, I’ll feel like I’m entering here.......
  16. Saw this old program for a game. btw, the Chiefs beat the Bills 17-13 in front of a crowd of 5700 fans
  17. Bills 39-28 fuck if I’m adding any negative mojo!!!🤣🤣
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