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  1. When I was young, I only felt like I had the “nuclear option”. I didn’t know anything about a “fuck anything with a hole option”. good thing too.
  2. Dr. Frawk, why do you disagree with Dr. Bowflexbody’s diagnosis? You claim your diagnosis of strump as accurate. Do you not think Dr. Bowflexbody is as qualified as you are to make an opinion?
  3. Where is our “voice of reason” on this matter, JS? BLACKS HAVE NO CULPABILITY IN THEIR FATE! THEIR FATE WAS SEALED THE MOMENT THEY GOT ON THOSE SLAVE SHIPS! Because of slavery, Jim Crow, general white man keeping them down, micro aggression, institutionalized racism, segregation, CIA introducing drugs into their neighborhoods, racial profiling, etc, they’ve plunged into a black hole (we should be looking into a name change here) that they can never recover from! i say bullshit. People ARE trying. Blacks need to take responsibility for their own actions. One FUCKING HUGE thing would be not knocking up multiple women who will raise children without a father. NOBODY EXCEPT YOU , Mr. black dude, can solve that for you. All you are doing, is breeding future gangbangers and lonely kids.
  4. Funny how she can come from a place like Egypt or see what it’s like in Saudi Arabia, and complain about America. Yeah, we have problems, but really? Well, and least she doesn’t have to worry about being beheaded here, so she’s got that going for her. And her communications degree.
  5. He started dating her in 2015, in 2016 season, he was kneeling. Funny, born in Egypt, raised in s. California, but her fathers job caused them to move Saudi Arabia a lot, and it’s THIS COUNTRY, where she has become a successful talk show host, that she bitches about oppression.
  6. He’s still a self-righteous holier-than-thou prick that thinks we need to repent. Fuck protesting proselytizers that think we need to hear what they believe. Put a fucking sign on your lawn, but I don’t need you near me.
  7. That was before he started dating Nessa Diab, (dating since 2015), his Egyptian-born Muslim activist girlfriend.
  8. Yeah, guilty as charged Jimmy. But I can’t help being skeptical. When someone claims that a picture is beautiful, but show me a hazy, fuzzy out of focus outline of it, it doesn’t convince me. I don’t like the federal reserve. I don’t trust the government anymore than the next guy. I read The Creature of Jekyll Island. I don’t believe JFK was killed because of Executive order 11110. so who knows? I guess I’ll just have to wait and see if you’re right. If you are, I’ll man up and say I’m wrong.
  9. I’ve never seen that. Classic. “From the chittlin’ district to the diamond district”.
  10. You make a lot of assumptions, Dr. Frawk. It’s a goddam good thing this forum is filled with doctors, sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion. Wheres Dr. Essjay? He has some insightful opinions.
  11. I SPECIFICALLY axed you about why you pick on his looks. Scroll back to my original post. it wouldn’t surprise me if he had some degree of dementia. Hardening of the arteries is extremely common in people his age. And his poor diet can’t help.
  12. You can thank these 3 guys ( it’s possible 2 of them are the same guy, idk)
  13. Soooo...... fat is ok? Ok. the color of his face is weird, I’ll give you that. his posture? Non-issue, no matter how much you want to make it one. tripping over his words? Stammering? Saying one word when I meant to say another? I’ve done it all my life. My father did it and his did too. I don’t think this equates to cognitive ability. It might, if it was caused by a stroke or something. I don’t know. the guy is 74. And not in good shape, to say the least, so if he has problems from time to time I understand. I guess I just was wondering why you’re so fixated on his looks when you apparently have voluminous amounts of things to be negative about.
  14. The thumbs up is for the beautiful woman part. LA, not so much....🤣 how do you deal with the traffic? I go nuts when there’s an accident on the Niagara Falls blvd and I’m delayed 10 minutes...
  15. You are really hung up on looks. Hair, skin color, posture. What’s up with you? You would’ve had a field day with William Howard Taft.
  16. Any respect would be from people that would probably keep it to themselves, for fear of being ostracized, doxxed, etc. He’s not going to stand firm if he loses support (sponsors, ticket holders, etc) . They’ve already been supporting a fairly crappy organization under his ownership. hes one of the two most meddlesome owners (used to be anyway), but at least JJ knows football 🏈
  17. China continues to kill and maim us with their ordnance, disguised as entertainment. They are diabolical, I tell ya!
  18. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out the twats that we’re doing that have shat out 8 kids between them, all getting taxpayer/govt. benefits. Too stupid to realize how ignorant they are.
  19. Definitely a case of play stupid games win stupid prizes. i almost choked on my meth when I first seen it.......
  20. I would like the Portuguese Man O’ War renamed also. I have absolutely no Portuguese in me, but strangely, I’m still offended......weird
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