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  1. Of ALL TIMES to criticize the Bills was AFTER THEY SCORED SEVEN TD’S ON SEVEN POSSESSIONS. This guys sense of timing sucks.
  2. I believe he did pardon the WH turkey 🦃. so there’s that.
  3. Nothing wrong with eyebrows OVER your eyes, and also by the SIDES of your eyes. She be stylin’
  4. That’s why we need to stop OVERPOLICING THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS!! f8 says so! the one commonality between ALL criminals is their desire NOT to be caught! So this is a win-win!* Criminal gets to commit crimes, police don’t have to worry about their pensions because some stupid kunt doesn’t know how to behave when the cops show up. *sucks for the good people in the hood, of which there are many. ☹️😢
  5. I didn’t see race in the article. Just “male in a hoodie running”. so, I’m going with an Inuit rap lover. also, since when did Mr. Bean’s son “Lil Bean” get all rappy n’ shit?
  6. That’s negative reinforcement. instead, they should do it like gun buy-backs. 1K/jab. They can ask Byron Brown how that works, since they don’t do that in Canada. Do they? They don’t have guns.
  7. That was a campaign promise, right? those usually don’t work out, because CP’s are usually a mixed bag of promises, bullshit, hopes and dreams.
  8. Yes. You got it right. but you knew that already.
  9. I don’t know why you two don’t just admit your gay love for each other and be done with it! OPPOSITES ATTRACT!! ……probably gonna get some Smiley McStiffpricks fo’ dat🤣
  10. I will be referring this post to the subway rat union steward. They take a dim view of her politics, but the ones in her district love her because she leaves them in peace.
  11. I represent the subway seat union. We object to your statement and find it insulting. A grievance will be filed fore to with.
  12. You’re a class act, BT! * * you’ll have to excuse me if I don’t return the favor if we lose next week.😂
  13. Wasn’t Duhblahzio begging the rich to come back from Long Island?* *I know that’s still NY
  14. Yes. Everything but taking the exam and pledging allegiance to the country, I guess. Not quite full-fledged, really, but whatev. is there a reason you think this is a good thing? What reason are you advocating for this? Just curious. in the grand scheme of things, I hardly care. Just trying to generate a counter-argument to your advocacy.
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