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  1. Hillary has smashed so many Chardonnay glasses in her house thinking of these two, the help only lets her drink out of paper cups now.
  2. Totally agree. It’s probably not marketed at eaters though. Probably smokers. Maybe hookers.
  3. I’m with you there pig snout, Trump says all kinds of stupid stuff. But this is a “Biden saying stupid shit thread”. Start your own TRUMP WHATABOUTISM thread somewhere else and wait for us, we’ll get over there as soon as we’re done bashing Biden. This is why his handlers keep “Hidin’ Biden” in his cellar. He’s a gaffe golden goose.
  4. Hmmm.....this is a very disturbing development. I wonder what this means. I need a candidate that sniffs people, regardless of their sex, race, creed or religion. I’m gonna keep researching this.......
  5. I’ve been perusing hundreds of images of Biden and his “alleged” sniffing problem. I’ve only come across one minority, and it was an Asian girl. Should I be concerned? Does he only like sniffing “whitey”? Can anyone find a pic of Biden sniffing POC? I knew he was a sniffaholic when I saw this:
  6. If I owned a quiky mart, I wouldn’t let TWD buy anything, because, how would I know if his money is real?🤣 C’mon TWD, you know you’re smiling!🙃
  7. I guess I’d have to agree with this, yes. But we do have discrimination laws. So you don’t have total control, right?
  8. Well, terrorist assholes HAVE tried smuggling bombs in their shoes in the past (underwear too). You might argue it’s a knee-jerk reaction to then make EVERYONE put shoes through a scanner, but that’s what they did. So, some asshole doesn’t try again.
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