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  1. I would have loved to connect him to the assassination. He was as corrupt as the sky is blue ( vote manipulation, back door deal-making, Billy Sol Estes, too numerous to name). Not a really good guy, to say the least. Someone on here was mentioning his favorite LBJ stories, I have some. I’ll mention a funny one. LBJ had an Amphicar, a car that could actually float and propel in water. He used to take guests in it and pretend his brakes failed and he’d drive into a pond on his ranch, scaring the shit out of everyone. Yeah, I would do that shit too if I had one.
  2. That’s what I like about you FanBack. You’re always willing to give credit to what inspires you to be an elite class poster. I in turn would like to give credit to Pornhub, which without their inspiring nature videos, I would be nothing.
  3. The problem really is the times. When JFK grabbed women by the pussy, the press was quiet.ask James Masons wife, among others. But the man had class, and brains. This guy has neither.
  4. Ok......I won’t make light of that. But , I sure would like to. It’s like me pushing Islamic bullshit, and expecting you to say, “ hey, that makes sense!”.
  5. Yes, I don’t believe in the “historical” Jesus. There were many around that time. Peter? Sure, there were some that believed Jesus, as was recorded in a book you believe, although you’re totally in denial of history 2000 years later. Constantine was a game changer to be sure.
  6. Explain, if you can, what you mean, “the founders of Christianity “.
  7. Sigh... are there no policies you agree with? And..... back to my original thought. This must be the way god wants things..... IF there’s a god. You seem to have a hybrid view, that god started the ball rolling and let us on our way. Is that right? Well, to that god, I say, suck my dick. He’s not up to par with my view of god. Certainly wouldn’t want to serve that guy.
  8. In my personal experience, that’s nonsense talk. In your experience, from what you’ve said about a personal epiphany, it does make sense. Maybe I’m not where you are. I don’t know.
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