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  1. Fuckhead newbie deciding what’s what. Rich. Eat a bag of Rosie O’Donnell’s used butt plugs, shithead. on a lighter note, welcome to what things often devolve to without rules. That’s what everyone wants, right?
  2. Stupid fuck doesn’t realize I don’t like trump. But I would expect nothing less from him. Shows up every so often to sling poo. Otherwise, has nothing to say of any relevance. Just your typical snipe and leave kinda guy. somebody religious should pray for him.
  3. That tongue was washing Willie’s taint. I would wear a mask when kissing her too.
  4. Yeah, ol’ Joe used to drive semi’s cross country loaded with Love and Hugs to the poor and disenfranchised is there anything that fucker hasn’t done?
  5. I would think that a group of racist white supremacists would use the word at a higher ratio than 1 in 6. Maybe 5 in 6.
  6. He was good in LOTR though. Can’t take that away from him.
  7. Oh, ok. I’m no rocket surgeon, but you already know that.😎 CAN I GET AN AMEN!!?!?
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