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  1. Well, you removed Lit is a Loser from your sig, positive move on your part👍
  2. Short answer: yes. But things posted on social media have been getting people fired for some time now. “Ideals and principles”? I hope she sues for her job, back wages, punitive damages and court costs. like MeatHead said, the pendulum has swung the other way. Ridiculous. p.s.,, they are acting like animals. p.s.s. Can I sue my parents for calling me a pig and my room a pigsty the times I was a slob and my room was messy?
  3. Ok, I just read MH’s post, I’m just remembering the one time about a year or two ago with johnhall. I remember how he was years ago, but wasn’t really involved here. Didn’t remember any old fight dates. I’m not friends with Lit, but maybe after we meet up we’ll get to know each other better. Wanna come? I have cars with more than two seats😋
  4. Is that why you won’t give it up? Because he never gave you a reach around?
  5. I THINK I have you on the NOT LIT list, you seemed ok. I’m waiting for the dna tests to come back from the lab
  6. More than the ONE TIME everyone knows about? Do tell, Jungle. Sometimes, I think YOU are Lit. Why else would you post like you do? (Disclaimer: I think everyone is Lit at one time or another🤓) I’m waiting for him to respond to a lunch meeting. No fighting allowed though. I’m not steady without my walker....
  7. They’ve seen. How about APPLEBEES then? I heard you like that place.....😎
  8. Maybe he should. Post some twitter feeds of those groups burning and looting, I’ll see if I can get a hold of trumpy. You can’t penalize people for the way they think, only if they act on it. No?
  9. It’s a reflex. I’m all for labeling any group promoting hate or violence a terrorist organization, btw
  10. I have. Ad nauseum. To you. To Hal. In person. To HipKat. In person. You want to hear it again? Ok, in person. Me and Hal will jump in the vette and meet you halfway. Say, Medina, they have a nice little diner there. I’ll buy you a meatloaf dinner.
  11. It’s a common technique for those that think they are morally ( and, or intellectually) superior
  12. Funny, you said the same thing about my incident. The only conclusion I can come up with, is your multiple personalities don’t know what the other ones are doing. So, maybe, in a way, you’re right.
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