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  1. I checked with my handlers (Mossad and shin bet). They said I could agree to that.
  2. Um, are you a loon? If not, don’t worry about it. Don’t you have some zyklon b to disperse?
  3. Ok, you wrote a big long reply about nothing, but didn’t agree to keep my name out of your posts and comments. Well, I tried again. Who’s got the obsession, f***f***? <—- that would be “fuckface”. Out of courtesy I “bleeped” it for you.
  4. Sigh. Listen fucknuts, I’ll say it one more time. KEEP ME OUT OF YOUR COMMENTS IN THE SHOUTBOX OR FORUMS. And in return I’ll pretend you don’t exist, Comprende? I’ll put you ignore, where you belong. IF I want to like someone’s post that has a negative aspect to you or a post you made, I will. You can do the same. Otherwise, I’ll go after any bullshit comment or post that you write. Instead of educating those here that aren’t enlightened to your batshit crazy bullshit conspiracy theories, you’ll be wasting it replying to me. (Because, after all, we know you have to get the last word)
  5. Listen fuckface, I offered you a truce before and you completely ignored it. Keep ALL of your snarky, snide, passive-aggressive comments mentioning me, and ill pretend you don’t exist. If someone makes a comment challenging you or your opinion, and I like it, that’s just tough shit if you don’t like it. You’re fucked in the head, that’s why most people ignore you.
  6. Hip, really shouldn’t have laughed at that. He already calls you hip replacement, I can only imagine it will escalate. Just be prepared for.......hip pocket, hippopotamus, hippocampus , hippodrome,etc.
  7. Well, as his main stalker and parasite(apparently I’ve overtaken frawk), may I answer this one? I’ll answer it with a picture, as pictures they say, are worth 1000 words.
  8. I’m not Russian. In fact I just got my ancestry dna results back, Scottish, Irish, norway Sweden. No russian. I had Solzhenitsyn as an avatar because my freedom of expression was being oppressed by Lit. But it was all in fun.
  9. I actually agree with quite a bit of that, SJ, how did that happen? But, were immigrants forced into these countries by”the usual suspects”?. Or was good hearted (bleeding hearted) liberal politicians making policy that allowed it to happen because (fill in the reason)? I don’t see the wisdom in letting people into a country with deeply entrenched 7th century ideologies, that think instead of assimilating and obeying their adopted countries laws, they continue to do the same things here. And please, I KNOW they aren’t ALL like that, so save the sanctimony for someone else. If you’re going to obey sharia law and customs like honor killings and female circumcision, please stay the fuck in your own country.
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