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  1. Sorry about that Jungle, I should have guessed you would be🤣
  2. I know Wilt scored 100 way back when, but to score 81 in modern days, unreal
  3. Remember that time Paul Krugman was right? Yeah, me neither. Nobel Laureate in economics? I know nothing about economics and could flip a coin and be more right.
  4. My opinion is if it’s possible to be born with BOTH sets ofsex organs it is, hermaphroditism), then I think it’s possible (maybe even likely), that you could be born with male anatomy, but wired to have female tendencies. this is what I mentioned before. This is my opinion, nothing more. But there’s so much we don’t know about the human condition. It very well might be a mental illness. But, maybe it’s inherent. You or VWR or anybody else don’t know that it’s not, plain and simple.Is homosexuality a mental illness? Someday, we may know the totality of what makes us human, but that day isn’t today.
  5. Hey! A back-handed compliment! Progress towards a unified Range!😂
  6. I’m not sure what people are predisposed to do. Do you think people have a predisposition to be alcoholics? And, you’re right, don’t they wait now with babies born with both sex organs? Observe what tendencies they exhibit before doing any rework of the plumbing?
  7. I’m neither a doctor, nor do I play one on television. My opinion is if it’s possible to be born with BOTH sets of sex organs it is, hermaphroditism), then I think it’s possible (maybe even likely), that you could be born with male anatomy, but wired to have female tendencies. Visa versa, of course. Not sure that male or female hormones are all it takes to “fix” someone. P.S., my wife was a nursery nurse, and was assisting on a delivery of a hermaphrodite baby.......she said it was a very strange thing to see.....😳
  8. Yes. I understand your point. There really hasn’t been any demonstrable examples of a successful socialist country, IMHO. Supporters use the example of Norway as a successful kind of socialism. I went to Norway in 2013, for a couple weeks, went to a few cities. Yes, they get free college, and free healthcare after the first (roughly) 200$. Then they get an exemption card. I’ve talked to citizens and have read comments from them, and the healthcare is not the best, but not the worst either. But it’s very expensive to live there. The tax rate is high. Even though they get oil revenue, it goes in a fund which collect interest. Right now they have enough in it that every man, woman and child would get 213,000$. Seems smart to me, but would never work in this country. First of all, it’s too big. The government is to inefficient, too unwieldy. I believe in capitalism, but it’s not right that lobbying (legal bribery) should be allowed. Laws protecting and benefiting the rich, and screwing the middle class and poor should be changed. Nobody should go to bed hungry in this country. But I don’t believe Bernie style socialism is the answer. But then again, should he win.....at least we’ll know the answer to that, once and for all .😎
  9. If it truly is a mental illness, it’s not disgusting. It’s an untreated illness. Personally, I have no idea. I think it’s genetic, Physiological.
  10. Frawk, you’ve finally got me interested in neck porn, thanks a lot. Like I don’t have enough on my plate.
  11. Not exactly. And in building his war machine, he had no problem relieving the rich of their riches, and put many to work, but didn’t pay high wages. And of course, he put many to work with no wages. His brand of socialism wasn’t in any way a Marxist/communist socialism. And as a demagogue/propagandist who lied constantly, I’d look at his actions rather than his words.
  12. Why do people bring up Hitler when talking about socialism? Because of his party’s name? His socialism had very little to do with economic policy
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