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  1. He looks like a late case aids infected Warren Beatty
  2. I wonder if the Patriots think that way? I don’t think so. they crush a team, good or bad, then study to crush the next team. Fuck keeping us humble bullshit
  3. Maybe! But............he didn’t! And that’s concerning
  4. If you want to say, get the wins until you get better, that’s fine. That’s great. But this performance by this team against a team that is so bad it’s team members are trying to get OFF it, was disappointing. And Allen was disappointing. You have the whole spectrum from very negative to very positive viewpoints on this board, I’m starting to lean negative. Just my opinion
  5. Normally, I’d be happy to take the ugly win over the pretty loss, but this one seemed to really let me down. And I’m not the type that would think this. Allen doesn’t look better. OLine was subpar. Etc. had higher hopes after this game........
  6. I highly doubt transpermia from Mars was a thing, but I don’t know anything more than your average dork
  7. Evolution, as a science, in a nutshell says mutations(which happen all the time), can be good or bad for survival of a species. Bad ones die off, good mutations help continue the species. I guess you’re saying, that god took an existing species,( homo erectus, Neanderthal, cro- magnon) and modified it to today’s Homo sapiens, or as the Bible account says, took dust from the earth and created something new. That’s certainly within the realm of possibility, if there is a being that exists in that capacity.
  8. Ok, I can’t argue that point really. But, are you saying evolution is a fact, but at some point god stepped in and tweaked Lucy?
  9. I agree it’s odd that there are parts of the fossil record that are missing. I guess it’s just drawing conclusions from what we have. I mean, if you went to bed one night and it was dry out, then got up in the morning and everything was wet, you’d conclude it rained out. Even though you didn’t see it.
  10. Aren’t most dinosaurs found in places like Mongolia and the plains states where erosion has brought them to us?
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