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  1. Also, I’m not sure in what context you are asking the question. And just to be clear, I wasn’t being flippant about the tv comment. I believe that the “dark ages”, or whatever you want to call it, had a lot of religious influence that retarded the advancement of science and knowledge. Being that science is largely empirical, based on previous discovery, maybe things would have evolved faster. Instead of waiting until Maxwell came around to come up with equations to explain electromagnetism, maybe that could have been explained in the 1700’s by someone else, and so on. im not a big fan of religion, I find it’s negatives outweigh the good it does. Maybe that’s why I rag on it a lot.
  2. Are you going back to the services like road maintenance etc., provided to us by the govt thru taxation?. Yes, of course. i also collect social security, a system I was forced into like everyone else. Being naive, it took me years to realize my money was going to pay for people already on it. Had I been forced into a system where MY money would be put into an account for ME when I retire, with a modest interest compounded to it, I would have FAR more money than I’ll ever collect on SS. OH, AND THEYRE RUNNING OUT OF MONEY BTW. That’s what you get when the government says they want to help you.
  3. Well, that really depends on your (anyone’s) politics. If you love/like Bernie, you might not think that. I appreciate your attempt at graciousness though.
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ TRUMP: “Lets see if Bernie likes a little taste of socialism”. There, captioned it for ya!
  5. He’s worth millions and owns 3 homes. Bad look for a socialist. But, I’ll give him credit, even though he’s been been a govt employee for 30 years, he hasn’t enriched himself as much as others.
  6. When I was 7 they asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I said “fireman”. Because nobody told me that.
  7. Well, if the enlightenment would have started 100 years earlier, we might have had television in 1850
  8. Shiff is about as big of an asshole that has ever held office. But because he’s a useful asshole......
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