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  1. Obama’s dudes were scarier and definitely FOR Obama. This dude could be a Democrat hoax for all I know. But anyway, I win.🤣🤣
  2. Well, in the pursuit of their dreams, many people have become excellent waiters and waitresses in Los Angeles.
  3. It’s just a commentary that speaks to fairness I guess. Hollywood has some dark secrets, but everyone seems to be okay with the symbol that stands for it. i don’t think it needs to be torn down either, btw, but when I hear how hypocritical the right is, well..........
  4. I didn’t see this originally. I don’t know how I miss so many posts. I don’t know why people need to know what life is about. There IS no meaning to it. It just is. That is all.
  5. When I checked my area, they didn’t have anyone. I suspect that isn’t accurate, there are trump signs all over lawns here.
  6. He’s a little obsessed with Trumps stance on standing angles.....
  7. 🤣🤣 I gotta say, when I saw this camera shot last night, I thought of you frawky.
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