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  1. Maybe you’re right. But I had a feeling you would spin it that way. I don’t trust any politicians. So. I would have said the same thing if it was Hilary.
  2. I can’t figure that out. Dems love to give away the store, but now they want to play hardball. I wonder why? Just kidding, I know why. plus, this giving doesn’t necessarily translate to votes for them.
  3. It’s what obsession does to the brain, worms around until the thought process gets scrambled. (I snuck “brain worms” in there for frawky to enjoy)
  4. Funny how the richest man in the world, who could have bought any newspaper on the planet, thought buying the Washington Post was a good investment. good man, thinking of the grandkids education funds like that! I’m sure it will pay out dividends for years to come!
  5. Oh great! Thanks LI! Frawkster already worries about me. He’s very homophobic.
  6. Trump thinks of everything. That hair is like a natural baseball cap, keeping the sun out of his eyes! Brilliant!
  7. I don’t blame anyone for opting out, especially if they can afford to.
  8. Gee, I wonder if I have said anything on social media that would make me worried that people would think less of me? Hmmmmm, yeah, don’t really give a fuck. it’s nice to be in a position where you don’t have to suck anyone’s dick to have a career.
  9. If there’s one thing I know beyond ALL doubt, it’s this. HUNTER BIDEN WAS TOTALLY QUALIFIED TO SIT ON THE BOARD AT BURISMA. IT HAD FUCK ALL TO DO WITH DADDY. If you believe that, you just might be a frawkhead.
  10. OHHHHHHH. I was wondering. So frawky was talking about indoor putt-putt. Boy, Biden must have a nice basement. No wonder he stays down there.
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