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  1. Lol yep. Going undefeated in a year is very hard. Doing it twice in a row is damn near impossible lol. Not to mention we’re losing our coach, etc... so we’ll be going through some transition next year. The deck is stacked against all that aren’t in the P5...
  2. Ya don't care, lol. It's somewhat tongue in cheek... but we're having fun with it. We should never have been left out of the playoffs as the only undefeated team in the country... So **** it. This Monday's game is for runner-up... lol
  3. Only undefeated team in the country... and we just beat the team that beat both the teams playing on Monday. They locked us out of the playoffs to maintain their money greedy P5 crap.... so screw them... we're claiming the National Championship and don't give a shit what anyone says! :rockon:
  4. Hey guys, got Mor's message. I'm alive. Just busy celebrating my UCF Knights winning the national championship!!!!!!!!! I was in this sea of black and gold on Monday...
  5. Our division did really well. The Jets safety duo is going to be nasty. Love Jamal Adams... best player in the draft IMO. Reminds me of Reshad Jones...
  6. Sorry, no idea how that link was posted... that was a link my wife texted me lol. Anyway, here's what I meant to paste... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/25/pro-bowl-defensive-tackle-kyle-williams-may-get-cut/
  7. Thoughts? I'm not sure how he played this year... https://www.buzzfeed.com/goodful
  8. I don't know about Albert and the Jags, but all reports are currently stating that Thomas took a large cut on a reworked deal that is now heavily incentive laden.
  9. What does this sentence mean? I think autocorrect nabbed you somewhere along the way here...
  10. Seahawks - Run the ball with Lynch and win the Super Bowl - NO LETS PASS!!! (interception) Falcons - Up by 8 with 4min left on the NE 22. Run the ball 3 straight times and kick a FG to ice it. NO LETS PASS!!! (sack, holding, inc, PUNT) 2 Super Bowls where they had no business winning... unbelievable.
  11. I think he had a total of 22 sacks, 7 forced fumbles and 8 pass defenses against the Bills in his career. His overall accomplishments were: - 7th all time in sacks - NFL Sack Title (2002 - 18.5) - 2-Time AFC Defensive Player of the Year - NFL Defensive Player of the Year - NFL Record for Most Fumble Recoveries - NFL Record for Defensive Touchdowns by DL or LB - Led the league in sacks from 2000 to when he retired in 2011 The guy was an animal. Unfortunately, I don't think you appreciated what you were watching at the time...
  12. Well he was not only elected into the HoF, but on the first ballot... so it's fair to say most people disagreed with you lol.
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