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  1. should the Bills trade for kirk Cousins? that's real talk
  2. I am always down with blitz heavy and let the cb's earn their money. Gotta put pressure on Blake, he will make mistakes
  3. stop the run on defense and pick your spots on offense, dink and dunk then go big.
  4. Tyrod looks good when after 6 seconds when plays break down, he can't run a conventional offense and anticipate routes or read defenses well which is why he is always scrambling around everywhere.
  5. this is suppose to be a high quality QB draft class and we have a lot of ammo. I would stick to the board and if a QB is there when they pick and is highest rated player on your board then take him. I'm not sure Alex smith is much better than tyrod, his decision making is better but he cant run like him. I wouldn't mind getting Cousins in here for the right price. We gotta beef up the lines, get another quality LB, and WR.
  6. they def gotta look at that game tape, and the jets gametape
  7. he struggled at times but held his own pretty well I thought for a rookie.
  8. that mock addresses our needs and is pretty much bpa. Good thing about this year is we do not really have many if any glaring needs so we can go bpa for the most part.
  9. Mock Draft V.1 1. Reggie Ragland, LB Bama 2. Mike Thomas, WR MSU 3. Carl Nassib, DE PSU 4. Myles Killebrew SS, Southern Utah 5. Kevin Hogan, QB Stan 6. Clay DeBord, OT EWU
  10. I would welcome him, chris Hogan is not a starting WR and should only be depth and st's
  11. no, you cant strenthen a ligament, you will sprain it in peak condition or off season condition.....just bad luck or could be bad technique.
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