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  1. Never did I would have cut him or upgraded last year..this is one of those positions I dont think the Bills covet/understand as far as the matchup nightmare as they never reallly try to get whats the equivalent of Fitz as your Qb instead of a franchise QB.....aka they just get guy's that can play the position but overall are absolutely NOTHING SPECIAL.. AKA in the TE position to make the comparison to the Qb position at TE bills are willing to: Keep a guy like Fitz as your #1 QB and pass on adding a guy like Allen,Mahomes or who ever you consider to be a top 5 QB..or in this case TE...they settle on mediocre instead of try to get something better than mediocre
  2. Very Billsy L and really doesnt surprise me at all.....probably the same thing KC is feeling right now.....teams lose
  3. Yes they are they are a fucking J O K E and have ZERO heart.
  4. meh i havent been here since around Jan or so found a better place..I mean what board has its Political and Bills posts in the same forum category...at least there i can look at bills talk and if I choose to I can look at political stuff go there I dont have to see peoples political gibberish right after the Allen post and before the Singletary post lol unfortunately for me every time i tried to log int the other site the PW was wrong so i gave up before it locked me out...this one was apparently "saved" though.
  5. Probably like me found a better place ;) only reason im here was this was the only Bills site on my laptop that I use when on the road that still has the password saved into it.
  6. He should be perfect then for Buffalos rotational scheme(Epenesa) Moss takes Shady then Gores spot as the 2nd part of a combo backfield so great pickup..I mean one or 2 of the Bills RB ALWAYS get hurt....this is almost without a hitch it happens..when we had Shady we were signing street FA from time to time, last year we were down to Yeldon...having 2 good backs is a good deal that the Bills NEED. Beane didnt reach and took the guy that wsa there and a good/great value Should be the Bills most talented roster probably since the Kelly era if not at least since Wade was the HC
  7. B+ or A- which ever you like... nailed this draft with a WR thats prtobably better than the one you would have gotten at #22 and less expensive than it would have cost to move from #22 to #12 i believe thats where the first WR went ..and guys young and on a cap friendly contract... WIN! The other picks were all good to great value where they got the guy(s) seems like about 90% of the media agreed to giving them A-B grades with 2 giving a C+ the one was a known Bills hating place so that was seen coming but out of the 12 I saw reviewed 10 gave them A-B and thats right where I am.
  8. IMO this addition will be Allens make or break point...because now..other then the old he got injured excuse...there are no more excuses if he doesnt take the next step....like I said other than if Allen or Diggs or 1/2 the OL goes down....lest say that doesnt happen...lets say they Allen/other WR/OL stays relatively healthy like last year.... If Allen doesnt take that step in year 3...all he needs to do is look in the MIRROR to know why .... if he does..same deal....lets hope he does.
  9. I dont care really...you got you a #1 WR, you got you a WR that you what...95% probably wouldnt have gotten at #22 overall in the first and the other picks...thats was cost of doing business...The way I look at it..If you wanted a shot to get a WR Diggs caliber you needed to move up into what top 10 or 5??? and even then its a crap shoot..what would it have cost to move from 22 to 10 or between 5-10? probably just as many picks if not more.... And best of all Diggs is under contract for a few more YEARS...at a reasonable cost...Win/Win IMO....you got a guy IMO you couldnt get in this draft at #22, you got a guy that you couldnt trade up for in this draft for less than it would cost pick wise to get up that high...now im betting #2 rounder is a CB or Edge rusher. Im 100% good with this. Kudos Beane and Co for getting us a #1 WR!
  10. This team just isnt GOOD ENOUGH to move past just MAKING the playoffs...aka as built they cant make it out of round 1...luckily they have cap room and a draft to rectify some of that
  11. AND...@ the SHitbox...err shout box..I WAS RIGHT ..and to the admin...fuck off
  12. Who were those 2 cocksuckers they need to leave BOTH THOSE BITCH ASS CUNTS IN Texas
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