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  1. Oh and the Bills will make a NFL garbage QB look like some guy that should be in a allstar game/pro bowler.
  2. Exactly and see the BS the Dems are trying to do..im ASHAMED of my own party playing this BS up with nothing...honestly I hope when it comes around they lose EVERYTHING as they deserve..I know I havent seen a current member of my party that id vote for...we are seeing/watching 2 different things I guess lol.
  3. Steelers 27 Bills 19 we see the typical game like last weeks..Bills will have plenty of shot to actually win the game but settle for FG in the red zone instead have the last drive come down to same deal as last week...shot to win/tie go to OT at least and they will again CHOKE.. At tyhe end we will be doing the same old just like last week,,
  4. Have them PROVE ME WRONG I WANT to be wrong I unfortunately just dont think I am..the Bills dont beat good teams in big games...since the Kelly?Flutie era they havent////now watch these CHUMPS lose to a Steelers team with a POS QB.....and Sabres like make BACKUPS look like all stars
  5. 9-7 I have ZERO FAITH in this teams ability to beat ANY GOOD teams the O is THAT bad...PROVE ME WRONG BILLS!
  6. we can agree to disagree...i may be a Democrat BUT im not a fucking liberal..I am Liberal on many social issues but not other stuff. straight middle of the road...you are a straight liberal though thats the difference//// there isnt a single currently running Democrat I would vote for..but I voted for Clinton(Bill) and if they EVER get rid of these far left liberals and run a CENTRIST I will vote for them also.
  7. Sorry keep some track of whats going on as a democrat...but of all the stuff I saw/heard all I saw was..no ACTUAL PROOF..just peoples thoughts, hearsay, and conjecture about what happened..and based on the released transcript..if anything thats more proof that nothing impeachable actually happened..over the hearsay and hurt feelings of some people that dont like the way the president conducts business...
  8. Honestly not much..I get that you dont win them all..I dont expect that..What I DO 100% EXPECT is that other than the year they got Jack/Sam that every year after that they should have been building up to and or right IN the playoff race..just like EVERY OTHER TEAM THAT ALSO SUCKED WHEN THEY SUCKED IS CURRENTLY DOING...out of all those teams that were also bad since the tank...they are all now currently on track..well EXCEPT THE SABRES who are STILL struggling..Bad ownership and GMing especially has doomed them..either GM's that dont have a clue and try to change too much and squander assets of garbage...aka GMTM and Okposo and others....or GM Botts and his do little to nothing approach...you KNOW going into this year you need a minimum of 1. A Legit NHL caliber good #2C : DIDNT GET ONE 2. A Legit starting caliber goalie: DIDNT GET ONE 3. Some scoring help: You got a Legit good player in Johansson then try to play him as C which he isnt one..so mission semi accomplished..get your #2c and put Johansson as his winger.. and Vesey a 3rd liner at best... so essentially he did...NOTHING in areas where he knew he needed to do SOMETHING... So I guess you have to really look WAY back to the last time they actually made the playoffs..and the series they had in their grasp but lost because of stupid players..you probably hit the nail on the head with one of 2 players/plays.....Ennis OT goal and the one I really remember was the goal from Nathan Gerbe that year where he more or less powered through the flyers player to score a goal. and the spinorama
  9. i guess id have to see how many of the past games were possible playoff deciders and which were lopsided or no meaning games..
  10. yes BUT there are simply guys on this team that do little to nothing and if you compare the Sabres to NHL PLAYOFF caliber teams dont belong on a decent team and would be not on or AHL callup caliber guys for a good team...Others are good players but out of position or "up lined" because we simply have nothing better. A few young guys that need,needed,should be in Rochester learning but are here but could be good..thats the difference.. Legit guys: Eichel Reinhart Skinner Guys that are good but laying out of position up lined or otherwise not where they should be in a lineup that is a good solid NHL playoff caliber roster Johansson(Good player but he isnt a 2nd line C but he IS a legit 2nd line winger Olaufsson(i think right now on a LEGIT 2nd line he is better off than on the first) Guys that should be in Rochester learning Mittlestadt Guys that have ZERO BUSINESS on this team or any legit NHL PLAYOFF caliber roster Girgs Sabotka Okposo ERod guys im not sure about Vesey Guys that need replaced by STARTING CALIBER guys BOTH GOALIES Keep Ullmark as a backup get a LEGIT starter D is mostly "ok" but you have too many and need to get rid of some...those guys that need to go are Scandella Risto OR Mccabe Bogo simply put you have way way too much NON STARTER QUALITY to bad/poor players playing here VS a playoff caliber team.
  11. Yup I watch in semi doing something esle and having the game on in ithe background deal...last night I was playing WOT computer game while having the Sabres game running on the tablet beside me...you know 1 thing I dont want to hear anymore is "Trade Eichel". or Eichels not good/elite" He is all that he is a legit elite player..THE GM HAS STUCK HIM ON A TEAM WITH 1/2 a NHL Roster 1/2 a non NHL caliber/call up from AHL caliber roster thats the issue...and mostly because of shit contracts like Okposos is handcuffing them
  12. Lets see...I have a feeling your right..years ago the last quality win I believe they had was Greenbay and as OP said it turned out to be just that...1 good game..then back to never beating another decent team till now seemingly... Lets cross our fingers and hope that this game launches them into that "can ACTUALLY win ANY game stratosphere...sure,sure we say its the NFL any given Sunday and thats true..but im talking more than any given Sunday im talking they start BEING that team that DOES IT! As with everything Bills related..im happy they won a big game decisively on the national stage. Their HC had a plan and these guys followed it to a T and won. hope it continues but im at the wait and see point.
  13. I dont agree with that CNN is at least "news" and where ever Fox is on the right CNN should be on the left..that said MSNBC HONESTLY isnt even a real news organization they are an actual branch of the Democratic party and DNC they are so bad.I dont even consider them real news and id not watch that at ALL to get anything but Democratic leftist propaganda...and remember this is from ME a Democrat...a moderate/middle road Democrat..
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