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  1. 53 grade on PFF. WORST on the defensive line and likely our entire defense. Oh but his stats were good. This guy has FA bust written all over him.
  2. Uhhh they drafted singletary who is great, as a rookie. Henry did nothing his first two years FYI. Before that they also traded for McCoy who was good for several years and drafted THREE running backs in the first round. RB should be the last thing anyone is bitching about. Dumb thread.
  3. So by my calculation they went 3-10 after. Another pathetic troll thread by king troll.
  4. As usual blaming assistant coaches and fringe veterans for all that ails the team. Pathetic. Jimmy G was hurt the entire year last year and they were gifted Bosa as a result. That's why they were 4-12. Seriously it's like talking to five year olds on this board half the time.
  5. Don't you make a thread like this halfway through almost every game? Congrats on being right this time.
  6. I suppose 28 teams will be lining up for him after that bang-up job he did with the Browns. Maybe bring along his head coach? And an article from April. Hahahahaha. Pathetic.
  7. Nope, but I know what "mutually part ways" means and so do you.
  8. Wasting board space? Half of it is political posts. This is embarrassing even for you.
  9. You said over and over what a great GM Dorsey was, "one of the best in the league". I told you he wasn't. Now he's fired AGAIN, for obvious reasons. And you're hiding your post in Technical Service Center.
  10. All of it. You must be pretty embarrassed, moving it out of the forum. Sneaky sneaky.
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