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  1. As is the case with Morse, he's only getting noticed for the plays he gets beat. Does this not happen to every lineman in the NFL? If you focus only on the negative then you can pick apart almost anybody in the league. Everybody gets beat sometimes. His contract is too large but he's not making elite DT money. He's making half that. We overpaid for he and Morse but that's what you have to do to improve sometimes. Overpay for average talent in FA because that's the best available. The contracts are not hurting our cap in any way. I'm glad he's showing some spark because the awful effort we were seeing was a terrible reflection on our coach and GM who brought him up from Carolina, especially after the KB fiasco. I'm fine with him rotating in for the next couple years as long as the D keeps playing great. After next year we cut him loose and Horrible Harry should be ready to take over full time.
  2. Where's the love for the O-Line after yesterday's game? All those backups we wasted money on, had Allen standing FLAT-FOOTED delivering the ball to Beasley at one point. How often do you EVER see a play like that? Josh showed a huge improvement in pocket awareness yesterday, not running into sacks and being aware of the pocket breaking down. QBs that do that make their line look good. QBs who don't make their line look awful, which has been happening throughout the season. Also wondering if we should consider Dawkins the long-term answer at LT. He's highly graded on PFF and LTs are a bitch to replace! Thoughts?
  3. He's been better ever since the run D got embarrassed against the Eagles and we signed Liuget. Even before this week he's been more noticeable than in the past 1.5 seasons.
  4. Who cares? The point is that Allen sucks and made yet another bad play. A good QB doesn't force his receivers to make contested catches when they are wide open. I had high hopes for Allen going into this year but he has proven them to be unfounded. He's never gonna be any good.
  5. Prescott had 45 TDs 17 INT his first two years, without Cooper. Allen will look better with better WRs but he's never going to be very good. For god's sake he CANNOT hit a pass over 30 yards.
  6. It's not just Lit now. Anyone with half a brain can see Josh just doesn't have it. He can't go through more than 1-2 progressions before tucking and running, can't handle pressure, can't hold onto the ball, can't hit a pass over 20 yards, throws the ball behind receivers, etc.
  7. He's not being allowed to run wild like last year. As defenses continue to adjust to him he is becoming less productive. You're right, his long balls are beyond awful. He panics at the first sign of pressure and runs to the outside instead of stepping up and finding a receiver. His accuracy is too inconsistent to sustain drives. He's a great runner and tough but this inevitably leads to fumbles and injury. We need to find another option this offseason. They CANNOT invest a whole nother year in hoping he suddenly gets it.
  8. Cool! I was in Nashville and the number of Bills fans cramming the bars on Saturday night was unreal.
  9. Ha! Should have kept him and put that wasted pick Singletary on the bench!!!!
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