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  1. A trade-up makes sense considering how tough it will be for lower round picks to make the roster. Beane mostly likes to move up in the 2nd round though.
  2. He already made his move re-signing Milano AND Williams. I didn't expect either one back. Of course this year's draft pick means something. We are not trading the #1 pick for a player. That is fantasy land.
  3. IMO Jefferson and Milano are irrelevant in regards to Watt. They are gone anyway. 1. Milano gone for sure. 2. Butler/Jefferson/Brown: AT LEAST 2 have to go simply to have enough cap to fill out our roster. Likely all 3 are gone. The big question is Addison. Do we cut him BEFORE signing a replacement? OR do we sign Watt and keep Addison around...give him a chance to compete in training camp with Hughes for 1 DE spot?
  4. Milano is surely gone. Saying we should franchise him and trade him is fantasy land. Don't have the cap room and his trade value wouldn't be very high. I think they'll re-sign Feliciano and DW. The question is do they see Boettger as a starter? If so then they could either let Feliciano go, or, more likely, move him to center and cut Morse. Really don't wanna lose Brown but Davis just looks so good. How can we justify that salary given our cap situation? Jefferson and/or Butler are also obvious cut candidates with Star coming back. Don't save anything by cutting him unfortunately. After watching that disastrous pass rush in the last game, I wonder if we could take a swing on Yannick Ngakoue. I think his value may have taken a slight hit with the Ravens but he will still be VERY expensive and there are teams who can easily outbid us if they want to. Not often you get a shot at a guy like that in FA. Maybe we should take a swing at him.
  5. Well where Goff was drafted is irrelevant but they also traded a 1st and 2nd for Brandon Cooks and Sammy Watkins recently. That trade haul is shocking. Goff must have negative value given his contract.
  6. This seems like REALLY lazy analysis to me. We don't need a guard. Not unless : we lose TWO of Felicano/Morse/Daryl Williams AND move Cody Ford back to RT. We should really be in a position to take BPA though. If that's Wyatt, fine!
  7. After you sober up be sure to hide this thread in the technical service center.
  8. Add that to Jordan Phillips's numbers and you have a half-dozen sacks for a paltry $20 million!
  9. They will need the draft to reload on the OL and DL. Daryl Williams is almost certainly a goner. If they somehow keep him it would be at the expense of Morse or Feliciano. Almost all of our DL are on short-term deals. Oh yeah we need a corner too and help at LB when Milano leaves. TE would be a stupid luxury pick we can't afford.
  10. They're a Dee Ford offsides penalty away from being 2x champs.
  11. Hindsight 20/20. Going into the season with Jefferson instead of Diggs would have been a massive gamble. We needed a bona fide #1 for to speed up Josh's development and we got him. In this case the trade worked out perfectly for both teams.
  12. Oooooh whoops my bad! Yeah this sucks. At least we didn't trade him to the Pats.
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