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  1. All over. I read 2 newspapers (very different political views) the Albany Times Union & The NY Post. I also find stories on the internet. I find Fox News unwatchable, but if they're the only ones showing a Trump speech, I'll turn them on. Whenever Biden or Trump are talking, I try to watch it. When you watch an entire speech or press conference by Biden you quickly realize that the people calling him senile are the ones in cognitive decline, or they just watch the clips that make him look bad on Fox News because they're too fucking lazy to form their own opinions by actually watching the guy. I may get on Trump's case but I know he's not in decline, he's always been this stupid.
  2. If you held yourself to a high intellectual standard you'd know what a dumbass Donald Trump is. The guy can barely put 2 sentences together that make any sense. All you have to do is listen to him talk without commentary & if your conclusion isn't he's 1 tick from retarded, you need to get your hearing checked.
  3. Put the pipe down & look around you. America 1st in Covid-19, traitor lets Putin pay to kill American soldiers. If that's excellence what do you define as failure? Trump's goal is to appeal to the unintelligent & bigots-he's succeeding Big League.
  4. I think Trump is too old. With his feeble mind & body Trump will never make it to 2024.
  5. He watched the video, but his brain is so scrambled that by the time the video was finished he forgot he had seen it. Same deal for the Russian bounty: He was briefed but within seconds his scrambled brain forgot about it. Here's a prediction: By election day Trump won't even be able to say his own name. He will have to be put in a nursing home until he dies.
  6. You've blended a lot into this. The game you started with was the 12/6/92 game where Dennis Byrd was still in the hospital & the Jets played an inspired game to beat the Bills 24-17. The game with the cold & big wind chills was the following season on 12/26/93 & the Bills won it 16-14 & clinched the division that day.
  7. I was at opening day in 1980 when the Bills finally beat the Dolphins. To my knowledge, it's the only opening day game in NFL history where the fans stormed the field & tore down the goalposts. That sums up the level of frustration better than anything else. Opening Day & the goalposts came down! I've always hated the Dolphins the most as have most fans my age. NE hate is for kids.
  8. I also have the final Courier Express. It's all yellowed from age.
  9. According to the leaked Bills draft board they were willing to trade up for Allen, Darnold or Mayfield:
  10. Yes, we did EJ wrong. We kept him from starting his broadcasting career right out of college like he should have been given the opportunity to do. Instead we drafted him, had him playing football instead of honing his analyst abilities on the air. By now he could be as hot a commodity as Tony Romo if we hadn't derailed his career path.
  11. The stupidity of the OP is quite obvious when you look at the past 5 drafts. Only 5 teams out of 32 have not drafted a RB in the 1st 3 rounds and no team has gone the past 5 drafts without drafting a RB somewhere. Lit thinks he knows more than every GM in the NFL when the truth is, in the words of Sgt Schultz-he knows nothing.
  12. His goal is to outdo Vontae Davis & walk off the field after the 1st offensive series on opening day.
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