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  1. That's 3 of the last 4 years that Tyrod has lost his starting job to the team's top draft pick after an injury in September.
  2. I guess we need to trade Josh to Houston for Tyrod Taylor.
  3. No wonder you're Down and Out. 5 pick parlays with 3 prop bets included is worse than spending $150 on lottery tickets.
  4. Unless you have a signed one, jerseys don't appreciate because the factory can always crank out more.
  5. It was on starting last Tuesday (9/7) on Paramount +. It is not on the NFL Network. Julian Edelman has joined Phil Simms, Brandon Marshall, Ray Lewis & host James Brown. Judy Battista did an insider segment. Irvin wasn't on the 1st show. Edelman picked the Bills to beat GB in the Super Bowl, Simms picked the Bills to beat SF in the Super Bowl, and Marshall picked GB to beat the Bills in the Super Bowl. Lewis was the only one who didn't pick the Bills to win the AFC. He picked KC, surprising me by not picking Baltimore. I figured Simms would pick the Bills because he's been on the Josh Allen bandwagon, along with his son Chris, from day 1.
  6. I got my Josh Allen jersey in September 2018. What took everyone else so long?
  7. I'd like to play the Bears, but it's going to be GB because they have the easiest division to sweep & get home field in the playoffs. No NFC West team will have home field because they'll knock each other off.
  8. It wasn't even a 6th rounder, it was Bojo & a 2023 7th for a 2023 6th. That's like sending a team a dollar for a player.
  9. Nobody offers 2 #1s or even 1 #1 for a guy on a 1 year contract. Get real! When Jimmy Garopolo was a hot commodity with a half season left on his original contract, NE was only able to get a 2nd rounder and that was by a team that was going to give him a huge contract. So, why would you even think that a team that could have had Trubisky for nothing except money will now trade a #1, when they can lock a player up at a rookie deal for 4 years with a 5th year option when they use their number 1 next year? 2 1st rounders? You're out of your mind. The Bills cannot sign Trubisky to a long term contract. He isn't resigned to being a career backup. You've seen the movie Draft Day 1 time too much.
  10. Only people who don't understand depth charts of Super Bowl contenders & have too much time on their hands want to trade Trubisky. Just 1 game during the season can be the difference between home playoff games & road playoff games.
  11. Good, the ignoramus is ignoring me. He cannot produce any numbers to support his claims because he's too stupid to find any & if he did, as he has done in the past, the numbers disprove his theory.
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