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  1. Because it will be so enjoyable watching it every week until he is crowned SB MVP
  2. There are rumors that Gase will be fired if the Jets lose to Denver on Thursday because it would give the new coach 3 extra days to install his system. Gregg is champing at the bit. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/it-sounds-like-adam-gase-could-be-fired-this-coming-week/ar-BB19tyvC?li=BBnb7Kz
  3. Well the Browns are certainly innovative. Some draft experts say a team should draft a QB every year. Well the Browns have done one better-they sign a new head coach every year. If you're a head coaching candidate and the Browns call just say "No hablo Ingles" and hang up the phone.
  4. This every/average category is backwards-the correct way to calculate is to get the % of fumbles to attempts, not dividing attempts by fumbles. Lamar Jackson has the best (least)fumble rate. Here is the correct answer: % of fumbles per attempt L. Jackson: 4.49% Wilson 5.00% Watson 5.80% J. Allen 6.32% Fitzpatrick 7.14%
  5. I just want to steal a post from Lit while he's sleeping on the job. 3 missed FGs and an extra point. Hauschka on the way to Nashville. Gostkowski won't be allowed on the Titans return flight.
  6. After the way Gostkowski is kicking tonight, I'd bet Hauschka is already on a flight to Nashville,
  7. No one who knows how to read a scoreboard. It's the total score that counts, not some isolated period of the game. It's sort of like if in one week Detroit wins & the Bills lose, nobody would want Matt Patricia instead of Sean McDermott.
  8. Some people get bored watching a Bills blowout. Others enjoy watching the Bills pour it on. I won't be turning it off at Bills 38 Jets 13 but if that's too boring for you, so be it.
  9. From what I've read about why Miami released him, the word is he cannot react to the defense fast enough, similar to when EJ Manuel was scouted as having "slow eyes". If this is true, he'll never make it because he doesn't have the instincts to play QB at the speed of the game in the NFL. All the other stuff about his personality is nonsense. The reason he's only on a practice squad and headed towards the end of his career is strictly based on the fact that like many other college QBs, he is unable to handle the speed at the NFL level. It doesn't take very long for NFL coaches & GMs to figure that out about a QB. That's why 2 teams & every other team in the league don't think he's worth a spot on an active roster.
  10. If George was still alive he would have fired Boone after the game.
  11. Screw the stats. Kelly dominated in 1990. Go back & watch the videos & stop looking at stats. QB stats are the worst thing to look at when trying to compare QBs.
  12. The only time I've ever watched tennis is when I stayed at a friend's house who was big into tennis and was basically a hostage in their living room since at the time they only had 1 TV. About the only thing I ever saw that was worth watching was when some hot women were playing.
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