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  1. You missed the 3rd paragraph where I wrote about those exceptions. Many of those people will always be handicapped living in a society that is not designed to meet their needs. There are programs to protect them, but you cannot base minimum wage on the needs of what I already stated, is a pretty low percentage of minimum wage workers.
  2. Minimum wage jobs are not meant for functioning adults. There are 3 types of minimum wage employees: 1) Students, who are just trying to make a few extra bucks while completing their educations. 2) People entering the workforce at the beginning of their careers who are using that minimum wage job as a stepping stone to their eventual careers. 3)Low ambition people who don't want to advance to a better job, don't want to pursue higher education and are satisfied with a low paying job rather than a career. Now I understand there are exceptions, like people who don't have the intellect to get a better job, but those people are a low % of the minimum wage employees. BTW, if the minimum wage person from 2009 had the proper ambition, they wouldn't have to worry about the rent increase because they would be a homeowner by now.
  3. Nobody extrapolates a 3 game sample with the variables of different teams that an NFL schedule has. A statistician would bitch slap you if you told them what you did with those 3 games. You really need that remedial statistics course.
  4. Anybody who knows anything about statistics wouldn't take a 3 game sample of part of an NFL schedule and extrapolate it to 16 games against other opponents and different home/road ratios. Your sample size & data are not eligible for extrapolation. You need to go back to an adult education class & take remedial statistics. When you take your remedial statistics course, even though it will be dumbed down, the 1st thing they'll mention is sample size and validity of the sample.
  5. My whole point was you can't extrapolate 3 games into a season record without looking at where the games were & who the opponents were. It's beyond ridiculous for you to have done so. Now if you want to blindly extrapolate Garoppolo's 3 games, since they were 1-0 at home, then that would give them an 8-0 record at home, nowhere near the 3 wins in your latest round of the absurd. Give it up, you're wrong. Every time you reply you make a false assumption that makes you look like a clown. Just admit that your extrapolation made no sense & move on. BTW, you're the one who misstated they had a better road record-look it up Thurman, just scroll up to what you posted earlier.
  6. Obviously with Garoppolo in 2018 they weren't. 0-2 on road, I-0 at home. Overall they were 0-8 on the road in 2018, 4-4 at home. Wrong Again! Ouch. It’s amazing how two little can facts can destroy an entire thread of argument.
  7. I'd take their money & vote for whoever I wanted to since they can't watch me vote. In a way Andrew Yang is trying to do this right now, promising voters $1,000/month and he's not exactly lighting it up among Democratic party primary voters per the latest polls. I'm an independent who can't vote in primaries in NYS, so I don't have a preferred candidate. I don't like Trump-he's a liar & fraud who destroyed an entire football league in his younger days. However, I'm a moderate & if the Democrats go too far left, I won't be able to support any candidate.
  8. This has to be one of your more ridiculous posts ever. Anybody who knows anything about a schedule knows that a team's opponents and where the game is (home v road) have a lot to do with their record after 3 games and there is no rational way to project a 1-2 record to the rest of the season. They lost their 1st 2 of 3 games to the Vikings & Chiefs on the road while beating Detroit in game 2 at home. Now let's say they had 2 home games instead of 1 against a softer opponent than the Chiefs and started the season 2-1. What would you be saying if someone had posted that 2-1 extrapolates to 11-5 or 10-6? You'd be calling them a moron or something worse. Sometimes some people don't think before they post here-you have joined that club with this extrapolation.
  9. I'd like to know what you thought the Bills 2019 record would be. Did you say they were going to have a losing season in 2019 too? If so you're nothing more than a heckler who likes to say the Bills will lose. For the record, I predicted a winning 2019 season and made good $ betting on the Bills futures (You can check my posts in the 2019season prediction thread). I'm predicting a winning season next year. My track record is proven. What is your track record?
  10. I think we are 3 players away. A RT, WR & big RB. We can also fill in depth since we have all our picks and a few extra late rounders. I expect all holes to be filled and it all rests on Josh's further development. If he continues to improve the Bills will be Super Bowl contenders. If not, back to the drawing board.
  11. I don't need some fancy chart to tell me that Bojorquez sucks. I saw 15 of the 16 Bills games and I can see how bad he is just by watching the games.
  12. I'll be shocked too. Why leave him in when we're ahead by 30 points in the 4th quarter-save him for Baltimore.
  13. You can't count the 5 yards in a limited appearance as a full game. You have to take the 5 yards off his total & divide by 15.
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