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  1. I'm sure after his playing days are over Fitz will someday lead the charge.
  2. I went to the stadum with a garbage bag filled with old newspapers to try to keep my feet warm while wearing thurmal boots & my feet still got cold.
  3. Six of the bottom 7 teams are in the playoffs, including the AFC's top 3 seeds. I don't know what the parameters in deciding what calls affected each team's wins are, but I'm guessing it reflects a bias by the originator of this "analysis" and can basically be summed up as garbage in, garbage out.
  4. Don Shula's last game was a playoff game in Buffalo. Let's get another notch in our belts.
  5. The only game I bet was the Bills -4 & a Bills -4,5/Under parlay. I don't care who wins the other games other than hoping, but not expecting, Pittsburgh to beat KC.
  6. If the Dolphins ask the Browns for permission to talk to Daboll will they say something like "Why are you asking us, he's with the Bills?"
  7. Chase was the 5th pick in the draft & the 2nd non QB taken. Acquiring a similar WR prospect would require a major trade up, more expensive than the Sammy Watins trade because the Bills are much lower in the draft.
  8. Great timing by the scoreboard/PA team. As he's exiting the scoreboard is flashing "It's Third Down" and right when he's about to go in the tunnel the PA announcer goes "It's Third Down!"
  9. Bigger question is who is Rick DiSantis? Perhaps a distant relative of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis whose side of the family spells their names slightly different?
  10. The Falcons come to the stadium on a bus, the Bills drive there in their own vehicles. Maybe he thinks he's playing in Atlanta. I hope he gets to the airport on time.
  11. Or he knows Pittsburgh won't bring him back but another team might at a reduced price. Think Joe Namath with LA Rams, Johnny Unitas in San Diego, Joe Montana in KC, Peyton Manning in Denver, RBs Franco Harris (Seattle) & Emmett Smith (Arizona) ended their careers elsewhere & of course there was the time that Bruce, Thurman & Andre finished their carreers away from Buffalo.
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