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  1. You're still stupid for never thinking that they were trying to keep him away from the Patriots and thought keeping NE from getting any kicker is worth an extra roster spot since they can cut one of the usual inactives and not miss the 53rd man. As I previously stated all the kickers available are garbage and NE has to pick from the garbage heap. Might cost them a game or 2. There's no evidence they planned on cutting Hauschka.
  2. I'm acting like I've been there before. I went to the 4 Super Bowls and I'm starting to make Super Bowl plans for February. I already told my cousin in Miami that if the Bills win the AFC I'll see him in February.
  3. Some of us knew the Bills would be good this year while the usual complainers didn't: http://buffalorange.com/topic/26260-predict-the-record/page/2/ I'm already up $1,200 with my futures bets with another $850 coming when we clinch that playoff spot.
  4. PS means it was an afterthought, just reminded how bad your player evaluation is after watching you support a 3 time loser in McLaughlin.
  5. Were you at every practice? I'm guessing the answer is no because some of them were closed. Obviously the Bills saw something with McLaughlin that you have missed because after watching him in camp they made sure to lock up Hauschka for 2 more years. Then he cleared waivers & nobody picked him up & he ended up being signed to Minnesota's practice squad. Didn't show enough in practice (maybe you snuck in this time & saw him-obviously not) and was cut 9 days later. Then he went to the LA Chargers and lasted less than a month. Now temporarily with the 49ers, his 4th team this year, he CHOKES the biggest kick of his life & you're bragging about him. Get the fuck out of here on McLaughlin. PS: How's your boy Josh BUST Rosen doing? Can't get on the field for a horrible Miami team. NFL Scouting-not your strong suit.
  6. Jones already said today he won't fire Garrett during this season. Garrett is all but signed, sealed, delivered with the Giants if Dallas lets him go.
  7. ...and Dallas' kicker is 1/6 his last 40-48 yards. It's slim to none picking among FA kicker by late November. We're stuck with Hauschka through our last 2019 season game in February 2020.
  8. The one he missed was at the end of the game & cost the 49ers as they lost the game. The announcer who said the moment was too big for him was right. I'd rather not have a kicker who absolutely chokes with the game on the line. If you want to replace Hauschka you need to give me a real name not some rookie choke artist who when the Bills saw him in camp were so unimpressed they immediately extended Hauschka. Nobody else was impressed with said choke artist as he's already on his 4th team.
  9. With all the negative gameday threads he starts, he makes Jerry Sullivan look like Mr Optimism & Joy
  10. and lost 29-3 while throwing 4 INTs. I'd rather have a QB who doesn't throw for 300 yards and leads the team to 37 points and a 17 point win than a guy who throws over 300 yards and loses by 26.
  11. If you're referring to Lisa Olson, here are some links: https://www.si.com/vault/1991/05/13/124181/season-of-torment-after-months-of-anguish-reporter-lisa-olson-sues-the-patriots-for-sexual-harassment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisa_Olson In 1990, while working at the Boston Herald, she alleged that she was sexually harassed by New England Patriots football players in the team's locker room. Olson sued the team, and the players she implicated were fined by the NFL after its own investigation. The incident is considered by many to be a watershed moment for women in sports journalism. Although Olson settled a civil suit, fans of the football team made threats on Olson's life in the aftermath. The Boston Herald offered her a transfer to Australia, where she would work for the Daily Telegraph in Sydney, which Olson accepted. After the incident became public, Olson was subjected to harassment by fans of the Patriots. Her tires were slashed, she received hate mail and death threats, and her apartment was burglarized.[4] The Herald's then owner, News Corporation, offered to transfer her to Sydney, Australia, where she worked for The Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald.[4] On April 25, 1991, Olson filed a lawsuit in Massachusetts state court against the Patriots, Kiam, Sullivan, Oldham, and the three players (Mowatt, Timpson, and Perryman), alleging violations of her civil rights, sexual harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and intentional damage to her professional reputation.[11] On February 24, 1992, her attorney said that Olson had settled the lawsuit on undisclosed terms.[12] Return to the United States[edit] In 1998, Olson returned to the United States to be with her gravely ill father and took a position with the New York Daily News.[1][9] Later that year, Olson and Sam Marchiano were reportedly subjected to a profanity-laced verbal tirade by New York Yankees pitcher David Wells when they approached him at his home to comment on his sudden trade to the Toronto Blue Jays for Roger Clemens. David Cone, Wells's teammate, gave Olson and Marchiano Wells's address. Olson later wrote a column apologizing to Wells for coming to his house during what was such an emotional time. Olson worked as a sports columnist for the Daily News for ten years. She later was a columnist for the FanHouse sports website, and then a columnist for Sporting News. As of 2013, she was working as a freelance writer.[1] She won numerous writing awards during her time with the Daily News, including "Best Sports Reporting" by the Society of Professional Journalists. She is a frequent guest speaker at schools and colleges, and active in public schools' mentoring program for girls who hope to study journalism. In 2011, Northern Arizona University's School of Communication awarded Olson its Eunson Alumni Achievement Award.[2][3] In 2013, the Association for Women in Sports Media, at its 25th convention, awarded Olson its Mary Garber Pioneer Award.[1]
  12. If you really believe that, then you have the opportunity to make good money. If you think they'll get rolled you can get +550 if you give 7.5 points. If I thought a team was going to blow out their opponents and I could get 5.5 to 1 odds by giving a measly 7.5 points I'd be willing to drive anywhere necessary to get that bet in. Take a look at these odds from my local casino: https://riverscasinoandresort.com/betslip/#event/1005444556
  13. I got in on the Bills at -5.5. Bet $1,000, potential return $1,910. The line moved from -5.5 yesterday (Tuesday) to -6 today (Wednesday), so it looks like it will end up at Bills -6 or -6.5 by Sunday. It opened Monday at Bills -6.5 and quickly went down a point before going back up by 1/2 point.
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