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  1. In 2018, the Baltimore Ravens traded all the way up from 57 to snag Lamar Jackson at the end of the first round specifically for the fifth-year option. Jackson is slated to cost $23 million on the fifth-year option in 2022 where the franchise tag is $25 million. If Jackson hadn’t made the Pro Bowl in 2019, his number would be just under $19 million. And they can delay his long-term deal which should hover near $40 million per year by another season. It’s a $15-20 million swing. This statement makes no sense since in the current NFL franchise QBs get contract extensions after their 3rd season in the league. The last thing a franchise that has found their long term QB is going to do is nickel & dime their franchise QB and alienate him.
  2. What are the chances that some schlub was going around Albany telling women he is the governor of NY and was groping & kissing them?
  3. That mock draft is 2 months old & seriously outdated. Once I saw the proposed trade at #3, when Miami still was picking 3rd and Carolina hadn't yet traded for Darnold I knew it was obsolete.
  4. In 1995 Bruce Smith didn't get a flu shot & was too sick to play in a playoff game in Pittsburgh. The Bills got smoked that game & a lot of people blamed Bruce.
  5. They said Josh Allen would take 5 years to harvest & he did it in 3.
  6. Beane & McDermott rebuilt the Bills through free agency after Whaley & Nix handed over a bad roster. Look at our starters, 3/5 of our OL, both S, at least 1 WR, possibly 2 in a 3 WR set and in 2019 our top 2 WRs were UFA, 2 DL & our P all came from free agency. That's 9 starters of 25 who the Bills rebuilt with using free agency. Without free agency we wouldn't be a Super Bowl contender. Without free agency Josh Allen's best friend on the team would be the trainer because he'd be getting killed if the Bills waited to rebuild the disaster of a line in 2018 after Wood & Incognito left 2 gaping holes in Josh's protection. They had to use FA to rebuild from 2018 to 2019, it was the only way to get that quick a fix. In 2018, probably because they didn't expect Josh would be the starter, the Bills offense gave Josh fewer weapons than the Jets have given Sam Darnold and we know where Sam Darnold is at this point of his career. It was rebuild through FA or stifle Josh Allen's career. Bean & McDermott did the right thing & it wasn't waiting for the draft choices to develop.
  7. Finally someone who understands that in our cap situation we don't have the room to trade for a veteran who is worth a #1 pick. We had a lot more cap space along with a bigger cap last year. One way or another (trade up, trade down, stay at 30) the Bills 1st round pick will be used on a rookie.
  8. I guess the Cardinals are anticipating a full capacity of fans this season & signed Winters so they could have another turnstile in the stadium.
  9. Years ago I had a friend take me to Hooters for my birthday and the food was mediocre. I told him next time lets go to a decent restaurant & then go to a real strip joint.
  10. Go back to 1976 when Gary Marangi replaced an injured Joe Ferguson for the worst QB ever. Marangi set a single season record for futility that will never be broken. Lowest completion percentage, season: 35.3, Gary Marangi, 1976 (82/232)
  11. Super Bowl contenders don't draft mid round QBs to be their primary backup in their rookie year. Look at our last 3 mid round QBs: Fromm, who as a rookie was the team's designated survivor, Peterman who was the backup on a team that was far away from the Super Bowl, and C. Jones who was 3rd string & inactive for 15 games as a rookie.
  12. He might be returning kicks this season. He's never returned punts so we still need a punt returner.
  13. The team needed a backup QB no matter what. He's getting $2.5 million, about the same as Barkley. Obviously they don't believe that Fromm or Webb could win in a few games if Josh went down for a month. Fromm & Webb may be battling for 1 practice squad spot this season.
  14. Latest is forced oral sex. Good news is he'll be old enough to run for governor of NY in 2026.
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