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  1. His deal included being on the only team ever to have a home game in the Super Bowl.
  2. He also signed an undrafted raw rookie QB in 1994 who couldn't crack the roster since Favre, Brunell & Detmer were ahead of him. After he got cut he landed in the Arena Football League and NFL Europe before being thrust into the starter's job at QB after the Rams #1 QB went down for the season. He ended up winning the Super Bowl and ended up in the Hall of Fame. The 1994 Packers had the greatest group of QBs ever in one camp: HOFers Favre & Warner, Brunell, who played 19 years in the NFL and Detmer, a former Heisman winner who lasted 14 years in the league.
  3. There are only 2 teams with 2 #2 picks (Jacksonville 33 & 45 & Miami36 & 50)& if either team wants to trade their top 2nd round pick all they'll offer us is a 6 or 7.
  4. Biscuit: The 2 people were a quote from the column I attached, hence the different font from what I wrote on top. I don't have any friends who had any problems getting tested. In fact, the friends I know who needed a test had no problem getting one.
  5. I was there & I remember the wind taking a punt by the Cardinals punter & it looked like it hit a glass wall.
  6. Biggest play since Carlton Bailey's int vs Denver in the AFC championship game in January 1992.
  7. Anyone but Tampa, although I would like NO. My reason for being against Tampa is they would have a huge advantage playing in their home stadium. No travel, ability to go home at night until possibly a night or 2 before the game and a disproportionate number of fans since they get tickets for being the host & get more for being a participant. When the Bills lost the 4 Super Bowls 3 of the 4 were in NFC stadiums (The other was in the Rose Bowl). Familiarity with playing in the SB stadium means something. No team should ever have to face a team on its home field in the Super Bowl & I don't want the Bills to be the 1st. I'm rooting big for any NFC team playing Tampa in this year's playoffs.
  8. One reason is because it's a logistic nightmare testing 67,000. Also the Bills would get hell for spending so many resources to clear that many people for a football game. Here in Albany we had a columnist in the local paper complaining that the 6,700 fans were taking tests away from those who need it more than someone going to a football game. I happen to know two people who came down with flu-like symptoms recently and were concerned they might have COVID-19. Both struggled to find a testing site that could squeeze them in; one waited five days for results, while the other waited six. (Negative, in both cases.) Given that context, how can the state possibly justify thousands of rapid tests being used on fans who, presumably, aren't experiencing symptoms? It’s absurdly wasteful. It’s blatantly irresponsible. https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Churchill-With-Bills-decision-the-whims-of-15845437.php
  9. The moron went on another Bills message board with the same nonsense. Since I saw it there 1st I kept my replies out of this string, but here they are: Reply 1 No QB is going to look very good with an unpredictable wind. OP is either blind or didn't watch the game. Reply 2 Originally Posted by Klaista2k With Allen's arm strength shouldn't he be able to still make throws in windy conditions? Thought that's one of the reasons we drafted him." The ball was sailing on him going over the WRs heads because the wind was taking it. I have a serious question for you: Have you ever been in Bills Stadium on a windy day? I've been to over 250 games there and I've seen QBs have the wind disrupt their passes numerous times. It has nothing to do with arm strength when the wind takes a throw and it sails. Look at what the wind did with the kicks. Justin Tucker has the all time accuracy % and he missed 2 of 3 kicks.
  10. When you talk the talk, you've gotta walk the walk. Now Milano did the talking & the defense did the walking, and all I can say is "How about them Bills!"
  11. You're so fucking stupid you don't know what free speech means. Free speech means the government cannot punish you for what you say. Fuck off moron.
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