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  1. I wonder how much those shares of EJ Manuel stock are worth now.... https://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/02/25/should-you-invest-in-ej-manuel-fantexs-next-public.aspx
  2. Well we certainly aren't swimming in available cash, but it's true that we have a little wiggle room. The problem is that we have sooooo many holes to fill on this team. Expect other cap casualties. As for helping our cap, you are correct in that there is little immediate relief, but moreso longterm.
  3. This trade was not totally about the player, effort, or talent. It was about getting out from under a ridiculous $100 million contract for a guy who couldn't (wouldn't) stay on the field. It was an escape from cap hell...cutting losses now. You can debate whether or not this move was wise, but don't delude yourself into thinking that this move wasn't mostly about the cap.
  4. Yes, I too endorse this plan with the possible exception of WR -- we need to address the talent pool either through the draft or through FA
  5. So what have we learned over the past few years? Never give large amounts of money to big chubby guys. Dareus was on the verge of becoming Haynesworth 2.0. And let's see what happens once the novelty wears off in Jacksonville. Perhaps he'll continue to be a game-changer, perhaps not.
  6. This isn't a binary problem...it's not a question of whether Tyrod sucks or Dennison sucks. Perhaps they are both extremely mediocre. Can you get to the playoffs with a QB like Tyrod? Yes, history has shown that you can. But if your life depended on it, I'm guessing no one here would follow the model of having a QB like Tyrod take you to the promised land. Right now, Tyrod is throwing to some pretty underwhelming receivers. That being said, some of the receivers who were here during his tenure are now elsewhere and are now thriving. Could there be a connection? Marquise "freaking" Goodwin is going to be a 1,000 yard receiver this year. Robert Woods (with all apologies to Kupp) has been the Rams' best receiver, and if he hadn't been injured for a couple of games, Wood would have certainly been over 1,000 yards Sammy has been average with the Rams, but I think that's more about him than the QB situation. As for Dennison, I remember that Rex Ryan was villified for taking a top notch defense and ruining it by imposing his system upon the team. Dennison certainly deserves the same harsh criticism for his decision to run a zone blocking scheme in the run game. Our number one rushing attack has been throttled. As for Tyrod, Dennison tried to make him something that he wasn't, and after it became apparent that Tyrod was not going to succeed under that system, he made slight adjustments. The results even then were underwhelming. Tyrod can make plays, can be spectacular, and won't turn over the ball...the problem is that he can't consistently be productive. Time to give them both a one-way ticket out of town.
  7. I think Tom Coughlin deserves a fair chunk of the praise. Kudos for Marrone for figuring out that Bortles is a MUCH better QB when he's not playing from behind.
  8. The pessimist in me is waiting for the wheels to fall off the season (in typical Bills fashion) if we lose to the Saints. That is quite possible too... good QB and a very hot team playing good D
  9. You being right about this and you being crazy are mutually exclusive considerations.
  10. Ahh! Someone who gets it! How refreshing! :rockon:
  11. I can see that the concept of hyperbole (and most likely subtlety) is beyond you. I'll remember to use simple words and straight-forward concepts with you moving forward. All I meant to imply was that I was having flashbacks to Marcus Easley when I first heard of Zay's injury.
  12. Marcus Easley was considered to be a sleeper WR coming out of UConn. There were a lot of high hopes for him. Dude got injured almost immediately, then injured repeatedly throughout his career. He was a warrior, but was never able to amount to anything.
  13. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth -- both are members of the top 10% who are only interested in serving themselves and their rich cronies who put and keep them in office. Both only care about the middle class on some esoteric, symbolic level. They will support any initiative that creates more opportunity for them, or that minimally doesn't hurt their interests or those of their funders while helping the less fortunate.
  14. You know, I struggle with this every day. At some point I wonder if I should try to work the system from within or just blow it the hell up. I'm a registered Republican, but it's no longer my party (me and George Will). The Republican party that I grew up with (Reagan Republicans) is no more, and is now represented by the unthinking, hate and fear mongering party that the Republicans have become. Reagan policies would be considered a leftist by these nutjobs that have truly hijacked the party of Lincoln. Maybe my world view has changed as I've gotten older -- things are clearly not as black and white as they once were (or if you take it literally, maybe they are more so). All I know is that whether it's the Republicans seizing power or the Democrats, the only thing changing is the window-dressing. In the end, the middle class continues to be weakened, people are suffering, and most are too ignorant to even realize it. The Republican party was once a party founded on the principles of self-achievement and equal opportunity for all. Now the party is focused on fear-mongering, division and protectionism (ie. keeping the brownish people segregated). I can't abide by this. Nor can I support the institutionalized Democrats who are just the opposite side of the same tin coin. I hate to think that my kids will inherit this '78 Pinto that is our political system. Vive la révolution!
  15. Just a thought -- Isn't it quite possible (and probable) that Hillary is corrupt AND Donald Trump is a dangerous idiot? I tend to think that those who think rationally believe this is true. And Trumpheads immediately point their finger at Hillary when anyone even insinuates any wrong-doing by Trump. Talk about the ultimate deflection. I've contended for years that the two-party system is a farce, and the more the democrats and republicans can rabble-rouse and point the finger at each other, the more they secure their position in the powerful status quo. Anyone who sees one party as ultimately better than the other is just a member of the lazy, unthinking majority.
  16. Trump was elected because it was perceived that he had no political scruples. Trump's downfall will be that he has no scruples (or finesse). There were a 100 better ways that he could have handled this, but Trump is nothing but a blunt instrument.
  17. If the Bills let him walk, fans should demand a rebate for all the time and money they've invested in this team over the last three years. He's had a foot injury -- those take time to heal. And I remember the game that he injured his foot in -- it was that ridiculous Jacksonville London game. EJ made a horrendous throw to the endzone to a wide open Watkins. Watkins had to stop his momentum and reach back, twisting his whole body to make the catch. Another thing to blame EJ for. And before someone throws up some stats on Watkins vs. other receivers, I'd challenge any of them to come here and put up stellar numbers given the shitshow we've had for teams and QB's. This organization repeatedly messes things up and tries to reinvent itself every 3-4 years. And it's the fans who pay the price, and the players who waste an altogether too short career on the Bills' asshattery.
  18. How do you know this? What evidence have you seen? In actuality, in the limited time he's been under center for the Bills, he's shown much more poise and command than E.J. Manuel -- a supposed "bright" guy.
  19. As opposed to T.J. freaking Yates? LMAO. Get serious. And Peterman may turn out to be good, but he also may be Fitz 2.0...smart guy, noodle arm, questionable judgement. Cardale may be a bust, but he definitely has the best arm in camp.
  20. Watch for veteran cuts in the first couple of weeks in Preseason. I wouldn't be surprised if we added a veteran cast-off.
  21. I still have hope for Cardale. I know he's not McDermott's type -- McDermott likes experienced players with proven productivity. I'm hoping that Cardale will get a fair shot in Training Camp and PreSeason, and that he's able to take his game to the next level and impress McDermott.
  22. The disconnect here is that those who are in positions of power at OBD have a different perspective and experience than we do. McDermott can say Sammy and some of the other guys "weren't his picks/players" so has no problem in cutting ties to them. Pegula can say that "he only is responsible for 3 years of the drought", but we faithful have lived through it in its totality. As a fan, I'm pissed to see that these guys who I've invested so much consideration and hope in are being dismissed, or casually "considered" by the current regime. At those times when I am able to set aside my fandom, I see the logic of this move with Sammy, but I have this overwhelming feeling that this is yet another thing that OBD will screw up, and I will have again wasted hope on a very significant talent.
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