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Bills vs Chiefs UPDATE

Reports are that if Milano plays, it will be in specialized roles and in a limited capacity.




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  1. The rare occasion the bills would be stopped on their own 10…yeah that’s a nice tool to have in your toolbox. But when we need to pin fools..which is more likely when punting from between your own 40 through 50…he ain’t doing it. Not saying Haack is the answer either. But Bojo is all break…no balls. To use a pool reference.
  2. If you look at the replies…you’ll see a bunch of Chief fans saying that Allen indeed has….and show videos of Allen throwing pics in his rookie year. Really? LOL
  3. Plenty of Titan fans think their winning this game. Why? bEcAusE wE bEaT tHeM lAsT yEaR Titan homers dumber than Bills homers.
  4. FUCK Monday Night Football and FUCK primetime games. It look me 3-4 days to recover from last Sunday night and that bullshit. Some people have to get up at the crack of dawn and go to work. The Bills will win.
  5. If the Bills won a super bowl or two…he’d be in by now. He’ll probably get in….50 years from now…as one of those veteran picks and people will be like wHo tHe fUcK iS sTeVe tAsKer? Lol shit…people under 35 are already saying that.
  6. Write an email to Joe Buscaglia of the Athletic about it. Yes, they(mostly Rousseau)rose up to the Chiefs. Epensea, Addison, Hughes, and Oliver have been on the struggle bus.
  7. Haven’t done SHIT. Don’t shoot the messenger. Just reporting what he said. And this dude watches the Bills for a living. Oliver: run D he’s been solid. Pass rush…only two good games…Pitt and KC. Hasn’t done shit in the other games. Addison: should be inactive on game days. Can count on one hand how many decent pressures he’s put on. Epenesa: outside of the Miami game…hasn’t done shit. Has been getting stuffed constantly. Hughes: has been ok…at best. Probably needs to see less snaps. Getting old. Says Basham needs more snaps. Says Rousseau has been a beast and better than all these dudes. Says when teams have made a concerted effort to stop him the whole d line turns to shit. the pressure we all saw against KC was all due to him and everyone else reaping the benefits. Now cue morons: yOu dOnT kNow wHat uR taLkInG abOut
  8. Yeah. Did you notice anytime Mahomes was touched he looked for a flag…which then prompted the crowd to start booing pleading for a flag as well lol. Assclowns.
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