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  1. If we think the defense will carry the day...think again. When you have such a massive imbalance you get the following: Pats game-blocked punt...game over (I know this is ST but still) Eagle game-huge run for a TD to start second half....game over Browns game-Landry TD...game over Ravens game-60 yard TD to TE...game over theoretically....the Steelers could score only 10 and win. Our defense isn’t the 85 Bears. It only takes one freak/great play by the opponents offense and it’s game over. Either the offense better step up(doubt it) or we better start praying for defensive and ST scores.
  2. They are currently sitting at a 69% chance of making the playoffs. If they win it skyrockets to 80 something....they lose it plummets to the 40s. This is do or die for them. Bills are fucked.
  3. Another performance like we saw against the Ravens vs the Steelers and you better believe fans will start shitting their pants in panic.
  4. This is the god damn Steelers. A team the Bills haven’t beaten since the fucking 90s. This team is like the Pats...they just don’t lose to teams like the Bills and Browns...no matter what. I can recall 2-3 times the last 20 years where the Bills were indeed the better team .....and still got their asses kicked by the Steelers....it’s like when Bills players see that Patriot or Steeler helmet...they shit themselves. This will be the Steeler Super Bowl....they have FAAAAAAR more to gain with a win then the Bills do. I think the Bills get smoked.
  5. Ding ding ding I’ve said this all year. When we play a good to great defense...forget about our offense. It’s done. We ain’t scoring. sure we too have a good to great defense too but...the Bills have been MOSTLY on the wrong side of freak plays that other team capitalizes on....block punts, jailbreak runs to the house, TE taking one to the house. One mistep by the defense...it’s over. I’m tired of having a team like this.
  6. Halfway through the game, when we couldn’t hit a pass to save our lives, it occurred to me: why don’t we use Allen like Baltimore uses Lamar? Like that last play of the game....some of you mentioned on another thread how he had TONS of room to run. When of Allens BEST attributes is running toward the endzone. Anywho...if Allen can’t hit guys and or guys can’t make catches....fuck it....we need Allen running more. Fuck trying to make him what he is not. Ravens are not making Lamar a pocket passer.
  7. Thank you. I can only think of 3 or 4 guys who can drop dimes to midget speedsters time and time again. The rest of the league, except the Bills, have bigger guys who can battle for those 50/50 balls.
  8. Unlike the Bills...the Dolphins don’t shit themselves playing the Pats. But the Bills were a few plays to controlling their destiny and blew it.
  9. And homers are content with aiming for the 5th or 6th seed going on the road to a place like arrowhead. Lol
  10. Well, if I were playing the Bills.....I’d bring the house every fucking play. Teams before were scared he’d burn them with his legs....which he used to do....but now instead he wants to hang in the pocket. I’m sure taking off has been coached out of him. And now he’s getting killed. Steelers will do the same. Tomlin is a defense first guy. I see the same type of game today.
  11. Oh yeah lol. And that was just 2019. There are even more we passed over in favor of Harrison Phillips the year prior.
  12. We lose to Pitt like we lost today. Their offense just needs to make 1-2 plays which they are more then capable of doing. our offense on the other hand....for fuck sakes......can’t. And no, making fgs isn’t making plays. We lose 16-6
  13. But all of them got to one. Except Megatron. And most of them did not have elite QBs. They made average QBs look good with their elite play. Tom brady is an elite Qb. He can make any WR look good. As is Rodgers and Breese. Allen is not elite and never will be. But if we can get him a Julio Jones type guy than maybe Allen can be like a Matt Ryan. And with our defense then maybe that’s enough?
  14. And it really would be a fitting chapter for the litany of shit by this franchise. If there is any team that would BLOW a 90% chance to make the playoffs it’s the motherfucking Bills.
  15. I think Steelers have just as good if not better D than Ravens steelers have an unbelievable great prime time home record they are hot and taste blood in the water its an L Bills just don’t beat NE....they just fucking don’t. its an L by this time the Bills will be reeling and the Jets will be amped to knocked us out. Could be an L
  16. True, but I’ve seen Mahomes and Lamar make absolute shit throws that they’re stud WRs and TEs turned into massive plays. Until Allen gets that I’ll give him benefit of doubt. Problem is I doubt this team will get him those weapons he needs.
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