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  1. Cool. Maybe we can do what most other good teams do...rely on their offense to win.
  2. I’m to the point where as soon as someone gets even close to him...I’m expecting a fumble. Its like death and taxes.
  3. Sigh.... What’s more alarming is that it’s a player on defense. McDermotts bread and butter. I can understand him whiffing on a WR or RB but DE? Smh and I said It months ago, on here, that early reports indicated he was looking overwhelmed..against backups. I dunno....he reeks of Aaron Maybin to me.
  4. So much of kicking is mental. That’s why it was SUPER important for that kid to hit his first one. and he fucking blew it. Oops. Even if it ‘should have counted’ it shouldn’t have been that close to begin with. and then it obviously got in his head and he proceeded to miss another easy one and then almost missed a third. I think he’s shot. It’s in his head now. He’s damaged goods.
  5. Saw some Jets beat writers tweet very similar stuff like “I can’t believe the Jets are still in this game”.
  6. This has been a trend for awhile now and I don’t get it. Most McDermott games follow the same script: Bills start hot and look aggressive put up 14-21 points. Things look good. Things are exciting and fun. And then do you notice the Bills usually get the ball before the end of the 1st half and can really put the game away and instead run a piss poor laughable 2 minute drill that goes nowhere. halftime cue the 3rd quarter borefest-Bills offense seems to do a lot of moving up and down the field with little to show for it. Meanwhile D is getting tired and let teams low key creep back into games. By the 4th quarter that 3 score lead is down to one, 4th quarter bills put together one more scoring drive to ice the game the end. Bills try this against KC and they will look like the Texans in the playoffs. ”oh cool we’re hanging with the Chi...oh...wait...oh shit....fuuuuuck”
  7. Yup. On that second fumble I was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOO” as soon as he started running and the ball was on the turf before I got to the 5th O of my NOOOOOOOOOO
  8. Exactly. The 2nd half was some of the ugliest football I’ve seen. Not good.
  9. My favorite “fake crowd noise” moment was when McDermott went for the 4th down and they piped in the ‘crowd clapping in approval’ noise.
  10. So game averages out to a C. C is not bad. stop fumbling, make bunny field goals, and make a fucking tackle then I would have give them a B or A.
  11. Lots of those balls that Diggs made tremendous catches on would NOT have been catches to Brown or Beasley. Simple as that.
  12. I’m happy as fuck that the Bills used Allen like I WANT them to use him. Like they SHOULD use him. But the dude needs to hang.on.to.the.fucking.ball and it’s not like he’s getting drilled....he’s literally dropping the ball out of the fucking blue. Like it’s covered in butter or something. I don’t know what they need to do to prevent this. There may be nothing.
  13. I must say though...Diggs made acrobatic catches on some bad throws. Diggs did what he was suppose to do.
  14. Brady threw an atrocious pick 6....and it was glorious. just throwing that out there.
  15. After half....it was. Once again, another game Bills go Uber conservative after half and let an inferior team back into it.
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