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  1. Exactly how I feel. Millions still laugh at the Bills. Fuck, I’ve seen people think Allen and Peterman are one in the same guy. WAsn’T jOsH aLLeN wAs thE gUy wHo tHreW 17 pIcS aGaInst tHe cHarGeRs? hE sUckS. there are legions of Nick Wright assholes waiting for us to lose tonight. And then say “see...poverty franchise”. You may be thing I sound bitter and all I have to say is...
  2. Can you imagine be a Raven fan....and having to ride or die on Lamar’s legs? I mean can you see a 30 year old Lamar still doing this?
  3. Thought it was interesting that McKenzie takes one to the house the first time he fields a punt in years....
  4. Did anyone catch this conversation between Mike Schopp and the Bulldog yesterday on WGR around 3:30 or so? They were talking about Lamar vs Allen and it went something like this: Schopp: I would still prefer Lamar over Allen long term. Bulldog: really!? Schopp: Lamar has shown he can sustain his game longer. Allen hasn’t proven anything yet. Bulldog: ummm no. I’m picking the guy who can throw from the pocket. Schopp: really? I guess I could see that? Uhhhhh then he changes the topic. im like really? REALLY!? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU SMOKING DUDE!?
  5. Except they have a QB that’s not Drew Lock and Tua. Aside that... if Brown can hang on to the ball Defense gets turnovers Roberts takes one to the house or close to it I think it’s going to be a low scoring slug fest.
  6. IMO the offense looked vanilla. This looked like the 2019 offense. Not sure if this was by design or it was due to shit field position all game.
  7. Yeah after their team has been eliminated. Did they change the rules?
  8. WHAT THE FUCK? Instead of preparing for the Ravens our coordinators are preparing for interviews. FUCK THAT!
  9. Isn’t great that we don’t need to draft to fix massive holes anymore?
  10. Lamar’s passing game is check downs to Hollywood Brown and Mark Andrew’s. End of list.
  11. They are crying because the play AFTER the bullshit fumble play....Pittman fumbled the ball out of bounds backward which kept the clock going. The broadcast didn’t mention it and thus it looked like the colts were robbed of 10 seconds. But that’s the rule...if you fumble out of bounds the clock keeps going. I think that happened to the Bills on TNF against the Pats once. Sammy Watkins fumbled out of bounds...bills had no timeouts...game over. They are also bitching because they thought McDermott called a timeout after the colts snapped the ball.
  12. I miss blowouts. I miss blowing out good teams I want the Bills to do to someone like the Browns did to the Steelers...well in the first half at least. Can I get that? Please? Thank you.
  13. Imagine having to hit the road for this game? Again...this is why we played for the 2nd seed.
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