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  1. Are the Bills going to be footballs version of the Portland Trailblazers picking Sam Bowie over Michale Jordan though?
  2. I would also say most, if not all, Americans think the same about Buffalo....who’d never been.
  3. Well this just means McDermott better draft like 2-3 d linemen to counter such talent at right and left tackles. eyeroll.
  4. 99.9% of my posts are about the Bills. Because it’s a Bills website ya know. Shocker. And don’t get me started on where they were drafted earlier. Ed Oliver...luxury pick. Cody Ford...terrible. Dawson Knox...LOL. im sorry...Oliver is solid and will be good....but come the fuck on. Ford blows and people are talking about the Bills might need to pick or sign another TE. meanwhile some of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round receivers are making defenses look foolish. Must be nice! and right now we have a staff that sees that....studies it...and right now is saying “shit we need to draft some DBs to hang with those guys”. Tell me I’m wrong.
  5. Well, well, well look at that! 6 of the top 15 or so rookies were receivers! this time last year I was banging the drum about drafting one in the first and or second rounds. And most of you bitched and moaned saying “it’s a weak class! They suck! We don’t need one!” fast forward a few months later and those same people are screaming “we need receivers!!!! AGHHHH”: fast forward to now and those same people are now bitching about drafting one now. ****waiting for excuses******
  6. There was one an hour away from me. Was a regular there from 2006-2008. This was the JP Losman/Trent Edwards era. And as you remember it was baaaaad football. I couldn’t rage like I wanted to because there were kids around and the president of the club would yell at people cursing. After that Browns snow game in Cleveland I was done. I wasted half my Sunday and a lot of money to go watch the Bills lose. Haven’t been back since. Then from 08-11 I did the streaming thing. This was when there was no mirroring and I had to watch games on a laptop with the video quality of an 8 bit Nintendo. Fucking SUCKED. Finally bit the bullet and bought Sunday ticket. Haven’t looked back. But it does suck being 3 plays behind sometimes.
  7. You know what it is? Misery. And misery loves company. Since leaving the comfy confines of WNY 15 years ago....I’ve been by myself with my thoughts. Before leaving WNY I had other Bills fans to bitch too and move on. Dont have that down here. Therefor you bastards must read my wrath.
  8. Again...anyone thinking/hoping the Bills will fix the offense with this draft will be disappointed. The offense has needed fucking huge help for the last 5 years....and like Lucy yanking the ball away from Charlie Brown they still go D. I don’t expect that to all of a sudden to change. if they do draft offense, offense, offense.....I’ll stand up. Slow clap. Wipe the tears from eyes then fall to the ground praising god.
  9. Some people think Nathan Peterman is the Bills starting QB. Or they think Allen and Peterman are the same guy. That’s how horrific Peterman was.
  10. Must be nice. went from bad team to super bowl team in a blink of an eye. He may not play but who gives a fuck? He’s probably gonna get a ring.
  11. With McDermotts obsession with stopping the pass I wouldn’t be at all shocked. oh I’ll be fucking furious and yes, something will get broken. Then I’ll just laugh maniacally mumbling “I knew it I fucking knew it!” I’ll probably do the same if it’s LB and probably anyone on defense.
  12. I know you’re joking but.......... I wouldn’t be surprised at all.
  13. Agreed. But the best predictor for the future is the past. And I’ve said it a few times already. This team thought it a better idea to draft a DB over a QB. And ever since then has been picking defense up the ass. And it will be defense again this up coming draft. McDermott is watching these high powered offenses and counter them with strong defenses....at the expense of the offense. Just saying it now so nobody will be shocked and angry when the Bills don’t address the offense through the draft. again.
  14. Cute. This dudes tweet actually proves my point. He basically points out all the terrible picks the bills have made over the years. And yes, 80% of the Bills picks have been terrible. You do realize that outside of the Kelly years the Bills have been mostly a shitty team right? Why? Because they make shitty decisions on draft day.
  15. Niners fucking sucked the last two years. Now they are in the Super Bowl. How long is this going to take the Bills and or Allen? bills ain’t going to the super bowl next year. Lol let’s be honest. They ain’t. They’ve built a Super Bowl caliber defense and we are now stuck with a terrible offense. That will take a couple years now If They start draft heavily on that side of the ball starting now. But they won’t....they won’t. Why? because this organization thought drafting a DB was more important than a QB. End of story. there are no what ifs here...the Bills had Mahomes in their laps! And they pissed it away!
  16. Trading seems to be this regimes answers to the offense. no way they draft one. Why now? They could have the last three years. Why start now?
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