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  1. Oh I got one when I’m in a good mood....it’s smug grin of Red Forman. It was my avatar from the Cowboy game until the playoff disaster...then it was back to this.
  2. I’ll get excited when I see... pre-season is now 0 games instead of 4.
  3. This is more of what will the Bills DO do to fuck this all up vs what Cam and the Pats will do. what will it be? Allen getting hurt? Diggs getting hurt? The defense all of a sudden turning into shit? The oline turning into shit? Freak plays that go against the Bills? I’m waiting. Something will happen. Just watch.
  4. Oops I should have posted this here in this thread.... Vegas is trying to make money off the average fan who still has the perception that the AFC East is still terrible, including even the Bills. go look at various online sports and news website comments sections....filled with “I could sweep the division as qb for the pats” type talk. Getting swept...again...last year did not help the Bills cause.
  5. And some of this is coming from the perception...real or unreal...that the Pats will STILL be getting 6 auto wins. Your average NFL fan out there think the Jets, Fins...and yes...even the Bills...are still garbage.
  6. To be honest all the Miami games with Allen have all been muddled and hard to distinguish by now. Dallas game...by the 4th quarter he went into hand off mode..which again...is more on McDefense. In all honesty I wanted them to keep scoring...this ‘pack it up once we got a 7 point lead’ is bullshit and it bit them in the ass big time in the playoffs. Hate to say it and I use to despise this but Brady and Belichick would still be running and gunning with the lead in the 4th. No mercy. I’ve yet to see a McDermott team do this.
  7. Watch Cam Newton win comeback player of the year.....just fucking watch.
  8. Hey jungle....Think of it like this...you claim Lit hates Allen.....well that actually shows he cares...lol. You might have a point if Lit didn’t care one way or the other about Allen.
  9. Or the Pens.... that’s right...the motherfucking Penguins have a legit shot at the number 1 pick. Are you fucking kidding?
  10. Agree. But he was a terrible hire to begin with. But again, McDermott will never want an aggressive or innovative OC. It doesn’t mesh with his philosophy, or “the process”. If Daboll sucks McD will just bring in another 1975 OC that he can control.
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