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  1. He writes for the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Full time NFL reporter. He’s seen some shit. He knows some shit. It’s nice to see the opinions of non homers. Ya know guys like Chris Brown who were reporting shit like EJ Manuel would be great. This is the first time ever that I’ve seen so many non Bills people give them their due.
  2. Then he gets bashed and laughed at by every dolphin fan saying he’s on crack. but I’ve followed this guy for 4 years...and just like the Jets dude bashed and laughed at the Bills for the last few years. He bashed Allen for 2 years. Even after huge games he still thought Allen was a joke. He tweeted several times during the playoff game mocking Allen. But early this offseason came around on Allen. And now this? Unreal.
  3. Because Motor is not an every down back. The dude is a midget. He can only take so many hits.
  4. And the Rams did it by running the ball right down the Bills throat. good job Ed Oliver.
  5. For the first time since the 90s Super Bowl teams.......I feel the Bills could and can beat anyone. Saying that, I think the Bills are going to fuck up the raiders. Seriously. I think we destroy them. Titans...not impressed. Fuck them. Bills better win. And I think they will. I would lose my shit if the Bills make to that Chief game 5-0. I’d be so pumped I might need oxygen. If this was a normal year, my god that stadium would be fucking rocking. Even if they do let fans in...how many will it be? 1000? Big whoop. What a fucking waste.
  6. Look at this.....this is fucking video game numbers. This is fucking GOD mode.
  7. I even seen fuckers say shit like “I cAmE aWaY moRe imPressEd wiTh tHe rAmS tHan I diD wIth dA bIlLs”.
  8. that all the highlight shows and what not are only showing Rams touchdowns and people losing their minds over how such a great and epic comeback was thwarted by the refs. no credit to the Bills no Bills highlights fuck them.
  9. If I were McDermott I would have told all my DBs to start grabbing the ball after Ram players caught them. And then bitch why they didn’t count as interceptions.
  10. Balls first half bills goats 2nd half bills this 3 quarter shit is getting oooooooold. When it was 28-3 I told my wife “take a picture of the tv so we enjoy this moment”. She asked “why?”. “Because they are about to blow it.” But unlike years past this team actually pulled a win out of their ass! this is how Pats fans have felt for years.
  11. I know right? Lol for years I’ve said I’d swap a good offense for a bad offense in a heartbeat....and it looks like they have. And I love it. what has changed with the Bills D? Star? I dunno.
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