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  1. Didn’t Tyrod have like 2 interceptions for the season? I wouldn’t use the Lack of interceptions a measuring stick for success. ive said a billion times now...after his 3 pic game vs NE, McDermott went to Dabol and or Allen and put the cuffs on him. “if you throw it deep make sure the defense doesn’t have a chance on it.” which is what his deep throws looked like after that...like obligatory deep shots that no one has a chance to catch.
  2. Well no shit. im talking about do they want him to be a pocket passer or not? just look at the playoff game....the first two drives they are aggressive and used him in the running game more and it works. second half they try to make him a pocket passer and it doesn’t work...and it hasn’t worked.
  3. Oh shit...apparently this news has been scrolling past the bottom of the screen on sports center.... I only know this because I got a text from someone I know who doesn’t know SHIT about hockey letting me know “hey dude...I didn’t know Buffalo’s hockey team sucks too...guess you’re best players wants out” it’s over Awesome.
  4. When Allen is allowed to wheel and deal...he’s #1. When Allen is forced to be a pocket passer...he’s last. I still don’t know what they want from him or what they want him to do.
  5. But what IS fucked up is Dan O says he “likes” Allen but just needs to see him take the next steps. I agree. BUT You could say that for Darnold too...Has he taken multiple steps in his development? And Tua hasn’t even taken A step. For fucks sakes if that his criteria why not put Allen last?
  6. As predicted... Again...how the FUCK does a team who has picked in the top 10 for like 7-8 straight years be this bad? I mean it defies logic.
  7. Good..fuck them. they shouldn’t be rewarded with the shit product they put on the ice.
  8. Holy shit...I didn’t even notice the extra 50 guys he mentioned in the honorable mention list...no Bills! But a few dolphin players, 3 more steeler players...damn Steelers should be winning the Super Bowl with all that talent right? A few more charger, Bucs, and bungle players too as well. Do the Bills even play in the nfl lol?
  9. Also what team they play for factors in this bullshit as well. The Steelers and cowboys....two teams the bills beat in their houses...have 11 combined!!! Most are in the top 50! Are you fucking kidding? 4 of the 5 steeler players are on defense! LOL the same defense that gave up a gw TD to the Bills. the Bucs have 6. The Chargers have 5! What? LOL The Bungles have 4! Again..what?
  10. Bingo. I think it was Matthew Fairburn of the Atlantic that echoed this sentiment. He said Allen, Edmunds, and Oliver HAVE to show this year they are truly in fact STUDS and not just guys. And says that is what separates the big boy teams from the little boy teams...the number of studs and playmakers you have on a team. makes sense right? When’s the last time there was a super bowl winning team filled with nobodies and role players?
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