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  1. KC did what KC does...score points. Everyone and their brother knew if you want to beat them you had to outscore them. All our weapons were broken...except Diggs. I blame the offense for the loss. You thought, that out of the blue, our D, or anyone’s D, was going to stop them? 😂
  2. I think some are scared to draft a RB because “experts” and what not will laugh at the Bills. Meanwhile the Chiefs picked a RB with the last pick of the first round last year and everyone praised them for it. That RB became an instant contributor and ripped the Bills defense a new asshole. Harris and or ETN would be instant contributors. An OLmen might as well. Anyone else you pick there is sitting the bench, contributing nothing...
  3. True. And I think of those years the Pats would draft defense...give Brady scrubs on offense...and they still win Super Bowls...and not because of their defense but because of their offense. Are we there yet? Give Allen whoever and he can make them look all star?
  4. Huh? The Bills didn’t go 13-3 because of their secondary/defense. For a solid 7-8 years...maybe longer, I bitched about how this franchise put way too much stock in defense...especially DBs...and throughout that time the Bills were dogshit. Sure the D was usually solid...but we had fucking scrubs throwing to scrubs. Garbage. Feed what got us to the afc championship. Feed the offense. Make our strength stronger. Build around Allen. Last season proved perfectly how right I was for all these years. Hater.
  5. True. I love Diggs but it’s prob not to hard to body him up. Try that on a Michale Pittman or a Chase Claypool type(two rookies by the way that had huge seasons) and see what happens. KC was going to get their points. We needed to outscore them. Too bad most of our weapons were broken....the solution: get more.
  6. I didn’t even see this thread when I made my WR depth thread. And right now it’s Diggs, a bunch of old guys, and Gabe Davis. I’m not so sure that Beane looks at that group and say “fuck yeah we set at WR!”. If he does..he’s a fucking idiot.
  7. Or lack thereof....during the AFC championship game. Gabe played hurt. Beasley played with a fucking broken leg. Smoke played hurt. Moss, our best pass catching back was out too, so all KC had to do was focus on Diggs...Game over. Smoke is gone. Beasley is getting older. Sanders is fucking old. Y’all think Gabe is legit? Or did he benefit from the system? Are these old guys gonna make it thru a 17 game season? What if Diggs goes down? fUcK u SeaN! roOkiE wRs tAke LiKe 7 yEaRs tO dEVeLoP...wE nEeD to dRaFt d liNe dEPtH. THaT wILL pUT uS iN dA suPeRboWL. focus on what got the Bills to 13 wins. Make our strength stronger. Not saying we need to use our first rounder on a WR(maybe I am) but I’m not so sure I’m cool with what we have right now..which is Diggs and a bunch of old guys.
  8. For 17-18 years we watched the Bills POUR everything they could in stopping Tom Brady, hence the outrageous amount of picks and capital in beefing up the defense. And for 17-18 years we watched the Bills sTrUgGLe mightily. I can not...I WILL not live in that world again. For one shining year. For one beacon of light. The Bills actually did what I bitched for YEARS for them to do....get a stud WR...and fucking air it out....and look where it got us. I rest my case.
  9. You probably believe the earth is flat and a creationist aren’t ya? I hope 50 years from now people will look back at people like you and laugh...just like these idiotic things we laugh at today....
  10. And then we had the near miss with the Colts. So that’s two playoff games in a row where refs fucked up BIG TIME...BIIIG TIIIME. What the fuck?
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