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  1. True. KC got their trophy. Bills don’t. Im glad I don’t have to make that decision. But if Im a Chiefs fan, and I see my franchise qb start Sunday...I’d be freaking out on every passing play. Every one.
  2. Let’s say Allen got knocked the FUCK out Saturday but they still won. What would you rather do?
  3. Of course they’re going to say that. And of course he’ll play...which is probably the dumbest thing I’ll ever see. One decent hit Sunday he’s FUCKED. Hope it’s worth it Chiefs, it’s your money.
  4. I saw somewhere that in the last 5 years, 29 qbs have gone through concussion protocol. 29 out of 29 took at least 7 days to recover.
  5. I guess the Buffalo Bills themselves are trolls. They’re the ones who made the video.
  6. Bigger than Buffalo. And who knows how many St.Louis fans jump on their bandwagon.
  7. Oh I’ve been saying that since the mid 90s...and especially so when Goodell took over that Buffalo winning a Super Bowl would be a financial disaster for the NFL. A small market team that doesn’t have the bandwagoners like the Packers have.
  8. Hey now! Lol. I started getting confidence right after the Monday night win vs the Niners. There on out I was saying Bills would run the table and even the last two playoff wins. Even changed my avatar from a pissed off Red Forman to a less piss off Red Forman lol. But this would truly be mind blowing if the Bills won this Sunday.
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