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  1. The guys on WGR were just talking about this topic.....both said even if the Bills lose every game and go 6-10...they are safe. They did not give their reasons. Are you fucking kidding? That is a choke job of epic proportions. They rolled out with the team they wanted. They didn’t do fucking shit at the trade deadline. They had PLENTY of chances to improve the offense. And didn’t. This is the defense they want. Most normal sports franchises would can their asses. Fuck that noise that they’re safe.
  2. I hear ya. Oh I’m gonna watch. If Bills win cool...if they lose...it will like watching a train wreck. And who doesn’t want to watch a good train wreck?
  3. Lol no way does a guy of McDermotts nature would be cool with that. Noooo way. I swear he rather have Allen be a game manager and lose over a wild and reckless Allen and win.
  4. This is why I rarely watch other games. I can’t stand to watch my team being inept...while other teams be competent...and their happy fans being entertained. Fuck them and fuck this team.
  5. We are more fucked than fucked. but throwing Barkley out there would be a doomsday scenario. He’d only give false hope, win games, ruin draft position, and then what? Make him our starting franchise qb next year? LOLOLOLOL we are FUCKED
  6. Missed on deep balls.....that were short...and picked off. But his receivers were at least in play to make a play. Noticed after the New England game all his deep throws are over thrown waaaay overthrown. Me think Dabol and McMoron have coached that into him -if your gonna take a shot....it better fucking not get picked.
  7. Let’s replace Allen with pre Patriot game Allen.... i fucking called it too. I fucking called it at halftime of that game. I said in the shoutbox that the Patriots will ruin Allen. And they have.
  8. Oh, I’ll watch.....since I have nothing better to do. Maybe I’ll have it on in the background while, I dunno, clean out the fridge. Fuck.
  9. Lol. Same. I have a home and an away custom Bills jersey. Been in my closet for 10 years now. Almost busted them out to wear during the playoff game but I didn’t want the stench of a loss be on them so in the closet they stayed..and it looks like they will stay in there for another 10 years....
  10. Touché but how many times have the Bills been expected to blow out a team this year and throw up on themselves? Maybe it’s because the Bills are a bottom feeder team themselves with an inflated record.
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