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  1. Unlike the blue bloods from Bama and LSU-who are all tall lanky speedster while shenault, Davis and Johnson are fucking beasts 200+ lbs 6-2+. Not exactly speed freaks but have have hands, can take a hit, and are tough. All traits McBeane would value. These dudes remind me of the Eric Moulds type WR.
  2. The one problem I have with some first round WRs is this: most of these guys have been fawned over since middle and high school. They’ve been told they’re special. The can skip class. Get any girl they want etc. They get their pick of what DI power house college they want to attend. They are catered for. What they want they get. so when draft day comes that stops....all of a sudden..GASP..they GASP...have to go to *sob* Bb buF bb BuFFaLO? NOOOOOOOOO! or insert any place not named Dallas, LA, NY, anywhere sunny and warm, even rust belt shit holes like Pitt and GB are more preferred since they are “good”. This is one of the reasons I believe the Bills have no passing threat is fucking YEARS. Last time Bills drafted a blue blood WR he underachieved and was “always hurt” and complained how the fans were mean etc etc. Jordan Matthews complained(not that he was a stud but still). TO was desperate...did his “time” here and got the fuck out. the last really good to great WR we had was Lee Evans....from Wisconsin....not exactly a WR friendly system and or a DI power house. before that Moulds and Price were coming in on the tail end of when the Bills were still relevant. so at the end of the day...the dudes from Clemson, LSU, and Bama are no gos for me. As is the dude from OK. They scream “diva” to me. McBeane probably looks at those guys as entitled and spoiled. Only use to losing once a year...if that. Get me the guys from smaller/ less known schools: Shenault-Colorado Reagor-TCU(at 5’11 I dunno...but still towers over most our current wr corps lol) Davis-UCF Johnson-Minnesota
  3. Sooooo what you’re saying is the Bills shouldn’t pick a WR in round one out of fear of them busting? Cool. Sounds good. What a super philosophy.
  4. I watched several of Watkins games at Clemson. Almost every game he missed stretches of time due to injury. He usually came back in but was always hobbling on and off the field. Also, Watkins was MOSTLY used on WR screens. Clemson was and still is masters of the screen game. EJ Manuel was fucking god awful at throwing a screen. My god, how many times he throw those passes at dudes feet. He was was used terribly here plus EJ is why he fucking failed.
  5. Wouldn’t be shocked if Beane wheels and deals. Also wouldn’t mind if we trade that 1st for a proven talent.
  6. Shit. it’s been forever since they played last. Meh. I couldn’t care less.
  7. They draft better and smarter than the Bills. They draft guys like Debo Samuel. We drafted Cody Ford instead. They draft George Kittle. We drafted Nathan Peterman instead.
  8. They gave it to Motor 7 times because the kid was getting POUNDED. He’s 5’7 100 pounds! Lol
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