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  1. Watch Josh Allen’s rookie highlight reel and watch how many catches KB had. More than you’d remember. And MOST of those catches were of the “throw it up and let’s see what happens” variety.
  2. Of course this is true! That second round pick is going to the defense. they. Don’t. Value. Offense. Period. and stop bringing up the “but but but they tried to get Antonio Brown.” bullshit. I think it was a weak attempt and just a PR move. The bills had no fucking serious interest in that shit. if they were. Diggs would be here. If they seriously want to improve the offense. Diggs would be here. expect a MAYBE a 3rd round, prob a 4th rounder used for WR.
  3. Of course. Not sure there is anyone like this in this draft though. I may be wrong.
  4. Cooper has already made it clear as crystal he would never ever come to Buffalo. Even if they gave him a blank check. Ouch. Howard would be nice.
  5. I keep laughing at folks who think the Bills are gonna use a first, or even a second round pick on a WR. I’m not saying the Bills will NOT pick a WR, but I’m fully expecting a WR picked around rounds 3-4. Maybe both rounds. deep class. Plenty of talent will still be there round 3. They don’t want a high octane offense. A blue chip WR would be miserable and disgruntled here. They want to stay their course. The process. They want to replicate the Titans. I can see them drafting a RB before WR. They’ll draft DE and LB in rounds 1-2. Look at McDermotts history. It would be so out of character for him to draft a WR that high. It would be like your frugal, penny pinching neighbor rolling down the street with a brand new Porsche. and this is why the Bills will never get to that next level.
  6. Yessssssssss. Dude reminds me of a Eric Moulds type. if anyone hasn’t seen or heard of him, watch the Outback Bowl highlights. He fucking abused an SEC defense with over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns. His talent leaped off the screen for me.
  7. Dudes from Clemson, OK, LSU, and Bama are hard no’s for me. They are all divas who would probably be miserable in Buffalo and underachieve. Plus they are all too slight for me. Like 190 pound range. Shenault, Aiyuk, and Pittman are fucking beasts. 6’2 200-220 range. Sign me up for that.
  8. Too little too late imo. most of the FA were bargain bin dudes. Role players. But what do expect? draft wise...eh I dunno. Ed Oliver was a luxury pick and Cody Ford is a mess. Bills passed over ALOT of dudes that went on to light the league up. Dawson Knox is a project. Devin Singletary was the only pick last year I was pumped about. And he proved me right. Beane....lets be honest here....McDermott should have been leaning a little more offensively 3 years ago. Hence the too late part of my statement. Still haven’t drafted a legitimate WR, and IF they do this spring we will have to wait 2-3 years to see dividends. By then the defense is old and Josh Allen not be the guy. The 2018 draft still kills me. 8 picks. 4 on offense....but when 3 of the four were rounds 5-7 and no longer on the team you done fucked up.
  9. Don’t be surprised when the NFL copies and adopts some of the cool interactive aspects of the xfl. NBA did it with the ABA.
  10. When he went into that Jet game at the end of the season....to replace a benched EJ Manuel...I was pumped....my god he made Manuel look like Pat Mahomes in comparison. He was god awful. That was his first and last shot in the nfl.
  11. You didn’t get the memo? You’re not suppose to question anything this team does. Everything this team does is correct and on point. If you don’t agree, or have a question.... you’re a hater.
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