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  1. That’s giving him too much credit. He is honestly butt hurt about this game.
  2. Are you a secretive coding genius who has magically developed an algorithm that gives you a feed of Bills hatred you grace us with so consistently? I'm skeptical that a human Bills fan could be some combination of adept and dedicated to be as prolific and efficient as you are without some sort of system. LOL if we still had signatures on our posts…this might be a good one.
  3. The opposite of love is hate. I love the Bills. I got a little choked up watching the highlights yesterday. But yes, sometimes I hate the bills because they fuck up or failed to meet my expectations. It’s almost an abusive relationship lol. Until this team wins a championship I’ll always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for the wheels to fall off…it sucks but the day I’m like “meh it’s ok” is the day I stop being fan.
  4. Balls: everyone at that game. Kudos to those folks to brave the elements…I couldn’t imagine sitting in 0 degree weather to watch the Bills lose. Happy it turned into a party for them. Goats: pats and their fans. Fuck them. I said it somewhere else…it was ALMOST worth 20 years of suffering to watch them get obliterated on prime time at home for all of us to see. National media: even right up to kickoff they ALL were still talking about the wind game like it happened last week. No mention of the week 16 game but damn all they still wanted to do was talk about how the Pats might and probably will win because tHeY dID iT iN wEeK 16 aNd beLicHiCk wILL hAvE aNoThEr pLaN..fuck you! That bullshit can stop now.
  5. Well how many playoff teams are on our schedule? That’s the point Matt Cassel was saying…cant control the schedule. Bills went 3-3. Not sure I’d classify that as “not good”. This fucking idiot would have a point if he said the Bills had a losing record against teams under .500, or a horrible point differential..
  6. You didn’t know that? Harrison Phillips took the starting spot…2-3 weeks ago. I think the last game Star started was the Pats game week 16.
  7. Which got me thinking…. all season we’ve heard jOsH aLLeN iS rEgrEssInG yet….we haven’t heard anything remotely like this since Lamar’s mvp season. Dude has fallen off the fucking map and it’s crickets.
  8. This needs to be a thing from now on for night games. Even pats media people thought it was fucking cool.
  9. If It were the pats version of myself I’d be sitting there saying the Patriots are not that good.
  10. He sounds like he’s 10 years old. A butt hurt 10 year old lol.
  11. I knew it wasn’t a TD immediately…but I thought Hyde tipped it away of something like that…but to actually catch it? Fuck yeah!
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