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  1. Niners fucking sucked the last two years. Now they are in the Super Bowl. How long is this going to take the Bills and or Allen? bills ain’t going to the super bowl next year. Lol let’s be honest. They ain’t. They’ve built a Super Bowl caliber defense and we are now stuck with a terrible offense. That will take a couple years now If They start draft heavily on that side of the ball starting now. But they won’t....they won’t. Why? because this organization thought drafting a DB was more important than a QB. End of story. there are no what ifs here...the Bills had Mahomes in their laps! And they pissed it away!
  2. Trading seems to be this regimes answers to the offense. no way they draft one. Why now? They could have the last three years. Why start now?
  3. And it’s not like the Bills “passed on” Mahomes. nooooo huuuuuge difference on passing on him and being sold a bill of goods like the Bills were. I mean the Bills are the Indians who sold Manhattan for 24 dollars. And again I love Tre White and all but....he ain’t winning the Bills a super bowl. Ever. And Mahomes will be real soon most likely. Why is it hard for some of you to admit the Bills FUCKED UP? They did. 1000% And it’s that fact that leads me to believe they ain’t drafting no WR in the first or second round of any draft. This regime would rather have a DB over a QB is insane and tells me EVERYTHING about this team’s philosophy.
  4. Bla bla bla about all the “who woulda thunk it that Mahomes woulda been good”. please. Bills were in NEED of a QB. I, me, wanted either Mahomes or Watson. Bills were in PRIME position to get the most important position in the game. But our defense minded coach traded out of the pick to get...a DB. SMH I remember going to bed that night thinking ‘well....hopefully Mahomes will suck’. FUCK
  5. Here is a list of all the pass catchers McBeane have passed up on.... Marquise Brown NKeal Harry Deebo Samuel AJ Brown Mecole Hardman DK Metcalf Terry McLaurin Jalen Hurd Calvin Ridley Courtland Sutton James Washington JuJu Smith Schuster Cooper Cupp Kenny Golladay FYI the Buffalo Bills have a rule where they are not allowed to draft play makers. Did you all know that? seems like this organization goes out of its way NOT to draft playmakers. Like these guys are infected with the plague. Instead we got guys like Edmunds, Oliver, White, Phillips who MIGHT make one big defensive stop a game. Smh. What a ROI!
  6. McDermott will be watching the Super Bowl from a defensive point of view. Why? Because defense is all he knows. its his baby, it’s his passion. Therefor he will be watching KC and SF with the eye of “how would I stop them?”. And his answer is “defense”. watching these two teams, among others, light up the score board just reinforces his belief that the Bills will need to beef up defense. I don’t think he’s even fucking cognizant to the fact they you need to outscore them. so that’s why the first two picks will be defense....probably DE and LB. And some will say “well we need those!” Just remember that when you see those two kids chasing Mahomes, Watson, Jackson, around the field and losing games 17-13. Been saying it all season long....I think MOST of us will be disappointment come draft weekend. Offense will be addressed like it was last season. Scrubs, free agents, backups, journeymen and late rounders. Some of you forget that the Bills have NEEDED a WR for like 4 years now...and each of those years I’ve bitched about the Bills need to draft one....and every time...they don’t. Expect it again.
  7. The only way Bills will ever “win” this trade is if one day Bills meet Chiefs in the playoffs....and the Bills defense led by Edmunds and White shut Mahomes down. That’s it. but watch next year....just watch. We will see Mahomes running circles around all the 1st and 2nd round picks on defense. Oliver, Phillips, White, Edmunds and the DE and LB they’ll draft in rounds 1 and 2. Fucking book it.
  8. Well it was McBea...fuck it..it was all McDermott that got rid of all of them(except Mr. Scapegoat Roman). he didn’t have to. But he did. Because he wanted more defense. but can you imagine those dudes with Mahomes? may not be super bowl caliber but it would be WAAAAAAAAAAY fucking better than bottom 3 offense we’ve had the last few years god damnit.
  9. Whatever makes him sleep at night. Sadly...I do this too.
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