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  1. No one else see Pancho hang up on coy wire? We just drafted a rb. After signing two in FA. Am I in the twilight zone?
  2. DK is the next Randy Moss. If we get him we will be SB champs within 3 years. I'm drinking all the Kool aid.
  3. If it makes you guys feel any better. It's 7:39 pm and I'm still drunk.
  4. and I'm drunk, questioning everything both our franchises have done up until this point, to bring us here. Losers. It's the truth, We're losers......But why? The cheap mentality can be thrown away.... hell I'm ready to throw away the "They don't wanna play here" mentality. No I don't buy it, I think it's the area (us). I think YOU yeah the person reading this, deep down believes yourself and myself to be a fucking loser....... (Enjoy the weather) Let's flip the script
  5. Good/great teams don't just sign/scout/draft stars. They make them, they create studs. Over the last twenty years we've just let our's walk, we need to keep talent and start creating superstars. As far as I'm concerned, if we don't make the playoffs this year Mcdermott and his process should be fired. Plain and simple. What do I think will happen this year? This is the first season in the past eight years I'm a little excited for.......which means I fully expect us to go 7-9. Rinse Wash Repeat #OneBuffalo
  6. A friend of mine brought it up a couple weeks ago. It's been stuck in my head since. Four straight is our thing I grew up with it, owned it. We can't let them take it from us.
  7. We're beginning to close in on the draft. As most of us know come draft, warmer weather and sunnier days are (usually) what follows for us Western New Yorkers. Before we know what hit us mini camp and otas will be in full swing and we'll be driving straight towards the start of the 2019 NFL season. One topic of great concern that I don't see or hear anyone bringing up is the fact that our dearest afc east friends Tommmy Billy and the New England Patriots have now been to THREE straight super bowls over the past THREE straight years..... meaning if they happen to do what they always seem to do and win the AFC championship this year... One of the most cherished accomplishments in Buffalo sports is in grave danger.... 2019 is a season of hope for us looking inward. Looking outward....I'm very worried.
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