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  1. round 2- darrell taylor or james lynch round 3- jonathan taylor round 4- terrell lewis round 5- antonio gandy-golden round 6- jordan elliott round 6- bryan edwards round 7- cam akers
  2. Stop trying to act crazy just so you fit in around here. This place is like the land of misfit toys.
  3. Why would he even "think" that unless he didn't know who's in charge around here. Doesn't say much for the latest site owner now, does it. Hypothetically speaking, since all evidence points to the fact that you still own it. https://giphy.com/gifs/11DFuwckOK9mdG/html5
  4. Edited posts, Lit spamming the entire lead in page with negative threads, thebomandouche rabble rousing in every thread. who needs this bullshit. Please let billsman buy this place back, get some real mods and get the haters off here. fuck this place
  5. STFU asshole. You're the main reason this board started sucking. Trolingl fucking loser on just about every post. Somebody disagrees and ya bash em. Douche
  6. Goff current completion %: 60-65% Allen " " 56%. Now let's not get stupid with our comparisons. Goff was accurate in college. He didn't grow into it. To think Josh will suddenly get accurate now he's in the NFL, is ridiculous. Is that supposed to happen by being coached up by Daboll or by being surrounded by a bunch of never was back up QB's?
  7. He's like a Big Ben with a little more legs and 1/3 less accuracy. I don't see any 400 yd. games in his future. Mayfield on the other hand is already showing potential for it.
  8. He was only looking for a 1 year deal. Like he even cares that much about production at this stage. Do you even watch football?
  9. Bortz has been talkin about players that the Bills have past on ever since I can remember. Whether it's the Pats Saints or whoever, I can see the dudes point. the fact is, they aren't coming here and you guys just accept that, like you know the player's mindset and whether calls were made. Incredible. The point is- when free agency and trade deadlines come up again, you guys will be doing the same old song and dance while good teams and even poor teams are making themselves better, while the Bills sit on their hands. And BTW Bryant expressed interest in going to frisco at the beginning of the season so you can shit can those he didnt want to come here BS excuses. Do your homework next time. Oh wait Garrapolo was gonna light it up that's why he showed interest to go there for a 1 year deal.. Yeah riiiiight...
  10. Ivory- 3 less carries and triple the yardage. Douche Peterman even better than that. Worst Bills team I've seen since the Elbert Dubenion days.
  11. It's only taken one Gronk to destroy the Bills for years. The who drafts better than who is a pointless debate.
  12. I'll take his word over yours any day of the week noob or should I say lit damage control...
  13. 5 mins. have gone by without his alter-ego meathead fake mod showing up for damage control. Classic. LOL
  14. Guess this dipshit never heard of sweetening the pot and unloading at the same time to go along with the pick. Great post Einstein. Come back when u get a little knowledge son. Oh wait, you work for the Bills. I get it now. lol
  15. Package McCoy (lost a step) and Benjamin (becoming a distraction) and see what they want for the draft pick after that. If they don't take that, then just pay them what they want within reason. We need a real QB in here to mentor Allen and jump start this thing. If they don't jump on this, you just know this team will be just like the Ralph era Bills from here on out. Bet if the Pats were in our situation we'd be hearing about a completed deal by tomorrow morning . Open comment to Pegula- Don't F this up.
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