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  1. The Bills knocked the Jets out of the playoffs the last game of the year a while back, in 2015. Of course, there probably isn't many around to remember it other than the fans.
  2. You look at the crowd and what they are wearing and it hits you like a truck. No one is wearing jerseys or even blue Bills sweaters or hats. I didn't see any but the video was a little fuzzy It looked more like a crowd from a 1940's MLB game. That state of the art score board, the walls around the field still will the freshly poured concrete look. Strange referee signals, line number markers without the arrow showing direction to the end zone.
  3. This was my first Monday Night Football game. I will never forget it. What an exciting game and fun night. Madden spoke of this game a couple of times with no fondness as one that really upset him.
  4. Biden lied and as of now a very high number of 402 thousand died.
  5. Oh yeah, if motivated and focused were testosterone all these Bills would have had raging hard-ons today.
  6. They must have been yelling something at him. At least they didn't throw a dildo at him, which I laughed at too when it happened in Buffalo.
  7. Buffalo 24 New England 16 Plus, the Bills will still have all of their sideline tablets intact at the end of the game.
  8. I am starting to feel forlorned about this game. Now Davis? But....Sanders will be back.
  9. Do they lose the Pro Bowl merit badge too or only if they don't have a note from their coach/owner or doctor?
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