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  1. That's pretty inciteful and a racist job by Fredo. And of course it's terribly inaccurate as you would expect from CNN's human step stool.
  2. So the Marxist, Socialist leftist conglomerate took exception to the Republicans doing what Democrats have done a number of times before, decided to yell ouch and it was time to match conventional firepower with a nuclear response? We shall see if they are successful in getting it to go off and what they might do with the all out mess they will create. What can be done can be undone eventually.
  3. Touch a match to Jerry Nadler and he would go up like a Thanksgiving Turkey grease fire.
  4. This will turn the court into nothing but a hot potato from election to election if the two sides swap majorities. One side tries it with a majority and if it get s passed the next majority comes in and reverses it. Fat fuck Nadler was picked to introduce a bill in the house. Right now its just throw a stone in the dark and see if you hit anything.
  5. Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker were white. Ma, Barker, John Dillinger. I got to see the Browning Automatic rife that aerated Bonnie and Clyde's car and their bodies. The rifle was at the Texas Ranger's Museum just off the Baylor University Campus in Waco, TX. What a thrill. meh.
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