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  1. Yeah, I had no idea he left the Rams. I assume that was a cut and Green Bay picked him up on waivers. Shit, just shit. His downside was small compared to his upside. It had to be all about the money. I just noticed he was traded after week one. What sort of buffoonery is this? It never works that way.
  2. Again, the Commander In Chief, The President, authorizes military action. Now he may have authorized it by saying, if you get the shot, take it, whilst Jill and I take some time off in Delaware, but he authorizes it; we would hope, from a legal standpoint. The military or intelligence agencies in conjunction with the military, most likely, conduct the operation. It would have been nice to have an agent with a radio and a weapon for self defense dressed in flowing clothing and head and face covering nearby to see it wasn't at all what OTH intelligence (LOL) was looking at.
  3. Look at two of our O-line players. They were already ut of the play and could have doubled for bounces letting anyone in a black jersey into our backfield. Another is on the ground already and a fourth has turned to watch the carnage about to unfold. Allen's feet were already set for his throw. Still, not his best day.
  4. He said, "the bucks stops here; with me." So, okay you kept and brought in a bunch of buffoons in the NSA, State, and the Pentagon so, yeah the buck stops with Joe and his puppet handlers at the WH. I'm sure is response was, "do what?, when thy ran it (insert any topic here) by him. 5 minutes later the puppet handlers said, "he said yes, for the record".
  5. Cool, either she is making up new words combining Global Pandemic and Human Caused Climate Change or she's catching what Crazy Joe has.
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