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  1. It's time to pick a location. Next to New Era Stadium is the best short term planning because everyone knows how traffic routes work and expansion of the open area around the current complex. Downtown would be a long term plan and it would take a lot of adjustments to traffic. Open stadium vs dome is an option in Orchard Park but a dome would seem to be the only option for a downtown location. A dome would help in bringing in other venues such as the NCAA semifinals or finals. Yeah, money is a BIG issue that is not easily solved but a downtown dome would bring in other revenue. There is a market for more hotel rooms based on the occupancy rate during the summer and early in the schedule Bills games. So we have a few snowy, blustery games every year. Canceling a game because of a Lake Erie fueled snow dump does suck though. I'm torn. I am still waiting for a much needed Peace Bridge to aid in commerce. Actually, a new bridge to Grand Island would be a better option in my opinion.
  2. I had to look it up. You are right. Kramer was actually David's idea based on a neighbor, Kenny Kramer, and he did a lot of writing for the show so he was the expert on Cosmo. But, it was a show about nothing. https://www.quora.com/Were-the-characters-on-Seinfeld-based-on-real-characters?share=1 Jerry Jerry Seinfeld played a shallower version of himself. George This character is based largely on Larry David himself. Kramer Cosmo Kramer was inspired from Kenny Kramer, an American stand-up comedian, who lived next-door to Larry David.
  3. What's so funny about that? Single payer healthcare is like any other mono-system or business. Add to that a government so bogged down in it's own ineptness at regulation that the only correction it seems to make is to throw more money at it and turn it's back on oversight. There is no better way to control the citizenry than to control their healthcare, income and spending. Throw in behavior modifying; taking the sublime and making it criminal. If it is so wonderful, why do the democrat douche bags call it medicare for all? Medicare as it is does not come close to single payer healthcare for all. So they hide the true malevolence of their unaffordable plan. Healthcare is not a human right in itself. It is a vehicle that society can provide help through but there are limitations on ability and costs.
  4. Kramer was based on Larry David. Not that there is anything wrong with that. He was more messed up than George.
  5. Okay. Amherst/ Williamsville is a really nice are north of the airport and the home of Ron Gronkowski, University of Buffalo, some nice hotels and some great eating areas. Good access to the NYS Thruway and the interstate belt routes around the city and suburbs and the Niagara Falls area. In the fall US Route 5 and US 20 along the Lake Erie shoreline are great drives with plenty of fruit farms, grapes and there are new Wineries popping up all the time. Jamestown, NY about 60 miles south of Buffalo has the National Comedy Center, a museum to the great past and current comedians. It is really fun and interactive. Jamestown, hometown of Lucille Ball, the Rock group. 10,0000 Maniacs, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, Nick Carter, one of the Backstreet boys. Just sayin'. Jamestown is one of many towns and hamlets that are in a really beautiful hilly area south of Buffalo know as the Southern Tier. It is a plateau, Allegheny Plateau Region, dissected by many rivers and streams that created deep valleys running through heavily wooded hills of almost uniformed heights and in the middle of October in a good color year the fall colors are incredible. Just a drive through the area is worth it. Driving out of the hills in the Dunkirk/Fredonia area and overlooking the flat area along the Lake Erie shoreline is amazing or even going south from the area of New Era Field on US 219; weather and sunshine permitting. Niagara Falls on the American side on Goat Island that sits between the two falls and the view and tourist attractions on the Canadian side (bring your passport). The Niagara River Gorge down to the mouth where it empties into Lake Ontario. Fort Niagara on the point of the mouth on the US side dates back to pre-Revolutionary War and slightly up river on the Canadian side is Fort George. I am sure you will get lots of advise on restaurants and other Arts destinations. The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in the city of Buffalo for one.
  6. Are you from Buffalo originally? Do you have family or friends there?
  7. They (Sabres) should dissect what the Blues did last year. I saw somewhere that coming out of December 2018 Saint Louis was last in their division.
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