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  1. Oh yeah; Big Time! Sally Kohn. Here is a quote of hers. CNN's Sally Kohn says 'I am gay and want my daughter to be gay too' | Daily Mail Online
  2. Ka - BOOM!, not just boom. Reports were saying authorities were storing explosives and makings for bombs that had been confiscated at the port over a long period of time. Lots of ammonium nitrate fertilizer there like the bomb the Oklahoma City bomber used.
  3. We know we are being played, deceived, lied to but look how it breaks out. The dumbed down ones just use it as an excuse to vent and riot. Others use it as a prod to fire up the dumbed down ones to an even higher level of incitement. Some feel trapped and know not every instance is black and white but their own experiences say they are not treated fairly due to their race, so they tacitly approve of “protests" to express their point of view or bias. Many of us have never been tamped down by authority or maybe just as a teenager because it is well know that all teenagers are troublesome. We see the evidence; we see that even if there were a race component, it didn't manifest itself in the outcome. We expect justice to be blind and, for the most part, it is. We don't go marching in the streets yelling, “keep the status quo, keep the status quo". The perpetrator did do what came out in the report and because of that, the actions of authority (police, court) was justified. What's to protest? But no, to the biased ones, it has to be something else and to keep the dumbed down lowly educated ones at bay the progressives in government feel they have to appease them. So, we get unending retakes based on nothing, really. The rationale of the rational is to vote or contact one's representatives. You just won’t see them carrying on in the streets with slogan banners and signs. Protesting is fine on its own merits but it is invaded and exploited by the Marists who want to change government and their only tool as they see is divisiveness, riots and to wear down the populous into acquiescence.
  4. So, as the student body president at the local high school, I say I say lunch needs to be be 2 hours long so we can go somewhere off campus to get our lunch since the cafeteria workers aren't showing up for food preparation, does that mean it's going to happen? I think the school administrators may have some control over that. At least the problem is addressed. Geez, talk about panties in a bunch. This is the leftist Marxist way.
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