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  1. Leftist Writer: Even If Biden ‘Boiled Babies And Ate Them,’ He Would Get My Vote "The Nation", writer Katha Pollitt . This trumps Trump?
  2. It has to do with association of thought with a particular subject or person; say, Bill Gates or modern art. Modern art is distasteful to some in any form so Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Wassily Kandinsky or even Pablo Picasso have no chance of acceptance. Mention Bill Gates and his Windows invention and many automatically assume a Bill gates project will carry the same stench.
  3. Fox misrepresented this whole thing, - Yeah, very convincing. You KNOW? I'd ask you to prove it but your statement is argumentum ad hominem. a lying, destructive, moronic, fat fucking retard - ad hominem fat fucking retard - ad hominem posing as a president - argumentum ad hominem a vile POS ad hominem. corrupt - ad hominem exploit the Oval Office - argumentum ad hominem in spite of the country that suffers for it. - argumentum ad hominem a fucking pig - ad hominem no common sense in the soul of a Trump lover - ad hominem you're just going to have to take my word for it. Yeah, I think I will pass on that. you have unloaded with Trump Derangement Syndrome and nothing , nothing of any substance. Carry the water for the lame stream media and the leftist loon deep state subversives. That's what is killing this country. That Joe Biden guy, he shows some real potential - argumentum ad hominem.
  4. SMFH. SackMan, I know your posts aren't just for this guy and the other TDS Democrat Debbie Downers here so keep em' coming. Democrat is a profane word by the way.
  5. The translator gets it. By the way, is anyone else getting tired of seeing these translators? I've just about had it. Some are soooo animated I have to think they are making it up on the fly. They have ways of scrolling the words across the bottom of the screen fairly quickly with AI.
  6. Moss doesn't grow on a rolling stone. I want to see a two back set with Moss and Singletary. It will mess up the opponent's LB core. Do they contain up the middle do they defend the pass coming out on the edges. They will have to do both at once. Cool stuff.
  7. I can't count him amongst the very best but he is a strong kid and a punishing runner. Utah had some offense issues and I think that hurt his level of selection. I love that he has the ability to catch out of the backfield like Thermal Thomas. I don't know about his attitude long run but I hope he doesn't turn into a McGahee or Beast Mode in attitude towards Buffalo and the team that drafted him. It's a little different given the current Bills team vs previous attempts and coaching changes.
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