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  1. Well, we will have the proverbial interview with Robert Reich or Paul Krugman as to why this is a bad deal for the working class, then they will interview some workers and ask them what their prepared opinions are and then they will interview a farmer or dairy farm owner who will tell us how it is killing their livelihood. That will be non stop for a couple of week as a diversion from the impeachment hearings.
  2. What is right, as in not wrong? Well there’s a year’s worth of wasteful arguing. We have an unethical, lying deceitful molded human waste product that can form words and tries to define his version of what is right or wrong. Schifty shitty deceitful Schiff and his band of merry fools and malicious power hunting mongers of socialism who absolutely hate the thought of an outsider getting duly elected as the United States President. They watch as he brilliantly exposes their attempts to expunge him from office. Their hate of the outsider’s intrusion is transferred directly to the person. You can see the smoke smoldering from their ears as their face turns red. Their rage is so deep they can’t talk without grinding their teeth or they stutter as they can’t get the words out because their entire body is tensed from muscle spasms. Schiff has lied repeatedly about what he did or didn’t do to push the Congressional House to an ill-conceived and unconstitutional impeachment process directed by Nancy Pea-brain Pelosi and whoever it is that is really directing this attack. Donald Trump is like Zorro in a 20 to 1 sword fight. He just keeps beating them back. Sgt. Garcia is running out of combatants in the bunkhouse. Schiff claims he knows what Donald Trump was thinking and THAT is of no importance whatsoever because you just can’t be charged with a “crime” if you merely think it or if others think you were thinking it. Schiffty, Nadnuts, Pea-brain Pelosi, Chuckie Shroomer, and all the rest are walking breathing turds. The rest of the loons behind them are just turds putting off a smell. Schiff has said Trump is just in this for himself. “Everything he has done is to benefit himself, Schiffty says about Trump. Think about that for a minute. Donald Trump didn’t need to run for president to become wealthy. He didn’t run to be berated constantly or to have his family attacked with a viciousness that no one has ever seen. He took on the lions in their own smelly den and he is going to clean that smelly pit up. What is it about success that makes people so spiteful towards someone? For that individual, it is one or more of the seven deadly sins shining through. Trumps not a perfect human being but he is a fighter. He didn’t need to run and win the presidency to increase his wealth. If he had, you can bet there would be calmness amongst the greedy elitists of Washington as they all shared with Trump the wealth that comes from stealing the Treasury’s money. You know, like Joe Biden and Hunter did, or Hillary and Bill Clinton, or James Comey and on and on. That is the real tit these people are feeding off of. To them it is and endless supply of money to a wealthy status. Work a deal with a foreign country or entity, give US aid to that group, launder it back to family or companies you have stock in and you are home free. Especially if you are a Democrat because you have the power in most layers of government and the communist sworn or leaning press that will cover for you. Throw a bone to some Republicans just to make it easier to operate. Wake up. Wake the fuck up.
  3. You have to get over it. No, it wasn't meant to be. We still were counting on Tyrod Taylor at the time as I recall. There were other needs at the time. Besides, check out i Mahome's scouting report. KC knew the had to bring in a new quarterback. It took Buffalo another year to realize it. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/patrick-mahomes?id=2558125
  4. I just figured it out! Lit is Jerry Sullivan. Same style.
  5. What's Ed Oliver seeing? Snow? what a wus. Go to Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Boston, Green Bay, Chicago or New Jersey during a Nor' Easterner.
  6. I can remember pissing the night away at a few Buffalo establishments, like The Masthead, Mulligans Brick Bar, Mulligans on Hertel Ave., Wally Bobecks, The Lockerroom, Coles, Mickey Rats.
  7. StraightJ, honestly, I have no idea what you are talking about. Put the fucking coffee down! There Glenn, now a lot will have no idea what I just said to you. PS, It's Wild Bill Hickock.
  8. I posted this new one because for some reason the original I added will not display on my computer. It said it cannot display in frame. I have no idea what that means. I got a new lap top with WIN 10 and have been loading it and still I am scratching my head over WIN 10 functionality. Anyways, that is why I loaded the longer video in case the original video was not showing up on anyone's system. These idiots are the same ones, snowflakes, coming out of college. They are, in my mind, drifting souls with no roots. What really boggles the mind is the number of politicians at all levels of government that are members or get endorsements from this group. Nadler is a case in point of a real Communist and one fucked up dude. Das Vedanya (until the meeting) comrades.
  9. Listen to how the Convention moderator addresses the guy freaking out about sensory overload from members. This is your Democrat Party. Comrade Jerry Nadler a member of the NY Democratic Socialist Association (DSA) and the National DSA. New York State Assembly members Seymour Posner and Jerry Nadler were both members of the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee. (https://hardnoxandfriends.com/2019/03/09/jerry-nadler-socialist-incognito-as-a-democrat-for-thirty-years/ ). Also this: In 2007, with the Democrats in control of Congress, Rep. Nadler chaired the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. That wasn’t the only important position the man has held over the years that has afforded him the opportunity to quietly reshape policy and major laws that govern our country into the socialist mindset. Yet no one, just like in the case of Bernie Sanders saw fit to remove him or keep him from being a force to change our country because he had the protection of the Democrat Party behind him. He isn’t the only one who has been sheltered and made incognito by the party over the years, including Pelosi. At least Sanders and Warren have been upfront about their affiliations. Nadler, like his fellow New Yorker Schumer, votes to the far left on Democrat Party issues at least 90% of time according to voting records. He is also nearly foaming-at-the-mouth rabid in his hate and pursuit of Trump. Actually his determination is a bit suspect given that New York isn’t so large that it is conceivable that the two might have crossed swords on issues over the years. That amount of hate has to have had a beginning. Combining that zeal, legal expertise, decades of socialist experience, and his character is going to provide a lethal, full-blown “attack and destroy” mission on anything or anyone associated with Trump reminiscent of the witch-hunting men who dominated during the Salem trials. Nadler has had twenty-seven years to hone the hatred and push the limit toward a socialist-run country while in Congress. It is doubtful that he will discontinue his tirade against Trump and nationalism with only the 81 people already currently in his sights unless something dramatic forces him to stop. The pursuit and removal of conservative and nationalist “enemies” by he and others like him today may well place the communist hunts during the McCarthy’s era as a pale shadow before 2020. Watching Nadler pontificate to open or the avid mauling of the ones who appear before the committee may well provide a blueprint of how the country will look if the socialist Democrats ever gain complete control. These people have every intention of converting the US into a USSR or Nazi Germany land of https://hardnoxandfriends.com/2019/03/09/jerry-nadler-socialist-incognito-as-a-democrat-for-thirty-years/ https://www.dsausa.org/
  10. Dear Bills Mafia aka #BillsMafia aka The Mafia aka Bills Family aka Bills Familia aka Bills Nation aka LET’S GO BUFFALO aka Best Fans in the NFL aka BITW aka Best In The World, Dion Dawkins here, aka Dion From the O-Line aka DDawks aka “The Shnowman” aka #73 aka Dion — and there’s a lot that I need to write y’all about. First things first and it’s a pretty serious issue. It’s an epidemic sweeping across America. It’s called “people wanting to jump on this Bills bandwagon.” No, for real — talk to your loved ones about it. Here are the symptoms: You see someone getting very bored with their current football team. They’re just not vibing with it like they used to. And then on the other hand they look and see what’s happening in Buffalo, with Bills Nation. They see a team on the rise, with an exciting core of young studs, two playoff berths in the last three seasons, and the best fans that ever lived. And this is where it gets dangerous: Those people, they think to themselves, Man. I need to get on this Bills bandwagon for next season!! I need to become a Bills fan now. And they try to jump on. I have an important message for those people: DO NOT TRY THIS. DO NOT — I REPEAT, DO NOT — ATTEMPT TO ACCESS THE BILLS BANDWAGON AT THIS TIME. WE ARE CURRENTLY AT CAPACITY. THE BUFFALO BILLS BANDWAGON IS FULL. Yes, you heard me correctly: The bandwagon is full. We are no longer accepting new passengers. This is NOT a buy-low opportunity. Us real ones, we’ve BEEN here — been on this ride for years. And we’re GOOD. So to everyone else, everyone who’s trying to hop on in 2020??? Just know, We ain’t got nothing for you. Take it somewhere else. This wagon is full. There is. no. room. Alright….. thank you. I just really wanted that off my chest. I needed to start with that — especially coming off of this overtime loss to Houston in the Wild Card. Because I won’t even downplay it to you guys. I’ll shoot with you straight: Losing hurts, man. It just hurts. And that was a tough loss — pretty much as tough as any loss comes. We felt like we were right there, playing our game, had that W in our grasp….. and we let it go. It hurts. We’re a better team than what happened in that game, and you guys deserve better as fans than what happened in that game. Lots more Follows: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/dion-dawkins-buffalo-bills-mafia?fbclid=IwAR0XZssz96PR05tRrre_AtT2vepW1pDeAiQ0cpikt-pYAMDWVZcO-7G-nEs
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