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  1. Oh for God's sake look at the score and look at the opponent and that it's a home field game with a crowd that will shut up for you. The real question for you is, "What would Bill do?"
  2. You are correct. Thank you for clearing that up. I didn't think Brewman was who I was thinking of after I thought about it. It was like trying to remember everyone who was in my 1st grade class.
  3. I can't figure out what you are getting at. Are you an advocate for The Bills Zone or something? Did you just pop in tonight or is this a new identity for you?
  4. Well, he (Brewman) wasn't one of them; not even close but he kept playing with them. I remember someone saying he passed away too from a heart attack. I can't be sure it was him or this one other guy who was a Patsies fan, X-Marine and a building manager or supervisor in Boston. It's been too long and non of those guys came back. Which is not a bad thing .
  5. He went over to the Bills Zone with the rest of the liberals because he loved having them spank him with feather dusters.
  6. I was thinking that when Tre White picked up that 2 page sheet of defensive coverages, Bellycheat could come up with a plan to incorporate large fans behind the visitor's sidelines and have the waterboys pick em up.
  7. Mike Williams tackle/guard, All American University o Texas, Bills drafted him in #4 round 1, 2002. Bryant McKinnie (U of Miami) was drafted by the Vikings 3 spots behind. Williams was given 3 years before they cut him. He only played two more years and that was after a 2 year out of football. The guy never saw a chicken wing he never ended up eating. I think I remember reading something about him crying because the coaches and the trainers were yelling at him. There's no crying in football! There's no crying. Mckinnie had a 10 or 11 year career and a SB ring with the Ravens. So there is just no way of knowing until your hindsight glass is full.
  8. Cut Ford & Bean some slack. We were all clamoring for a high pick tackle or guard, mostly tackle. We got one. He'll come around. Yo don't ask for Dr. Kevorkian when your kid gets a cough.
  9. He did a good job against Dallas. He can catch, we drafted him for his grit and abilities. It the big boys league. You need a back that can catch too.
  10. Since I don't have a bankroll on this game and I can't get hurt other than my feelings I am taking the Bills 24 - Ravens 17. The weather conditions and winds are going to be almost identical to the Denver game and Allen seemed to handle it well. And, com-on it's a home game with a resurgent D-line and O-line.
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