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  1. I wouldn't take to much away from anything written by Panthers fans. I lived in eastern NC for over a decade and even consider it home, but talking to most of the local Panthers fans will certainly make you only more dumb in anything football related. Just talk to them about cooking a pig, nothing more.
  2. So do we actually have a list of Rangers that will be there? I guess it seems like it's going to be very very few of us
  3. So its been a long long time since I've visited or posted here. But basically I came back to see who would be attending this game, I'm currently stationed in England about an hour from the nearest Underground station. I've already got my tickets along with some other Bills fans (and a Packers and Steelers fan, full discretion) I will be at the party being hosted by BillsMafia at the Pipeline. Just wanted to see who might be attending as well
  4. I see that are in some cases ranking QB groups....... But based on current starting QB's, EJ should def beat out Geno, but I understand if they are sceptical that Vick may start 2 games before breaking his ribs...
  5. I'm pretty sure Rodak started his career as a intern for the Patriots..... Things the make you go hummmmmm..... He also worked for the Boston ESPN website at some point
  6. really? Would this have been accepted with this level of support 10 years ago?
  7. Has anyone else watched his media interview on the official website? His mannerisms and look are alarmingly similar to Doug Whaley!! Possible illegitimate bastard? Ross Snow?
  8. I was hesitant to come back and post anything when I got the news of a sell... Eventually I got suckered in, which can only mean one thing, you did right!! Thanks man!
  9. While you're right! It's kind of a moot point!! Calling and asking the price does not mean that Doug was willing to pull the trigger at to steep of a price, hence the reason the never did.
  10. Is it gonna be acceptable to hate him cause its forced on us 24/7 by ESPN? I mean the same way everyone started hating Tebow for no good reason other than ESPN forced him on us 24/7? It's actually all quite sad that we as a society even give a shit what his sexual preference may be. While its ground breaking, and great and I'm very very proud that we are growing as a culture (slowly), it's still disappointing that it matters at all...
  11. I know this isn't the popular opinion in this thread. But only a QB would hold the value of what we'd have to give up. If there is any truth to this rumor, which I doubt there is, I can only believe it's for Manziel
  12. I don't buy it anyway. Bleacher report writers are literally the dumpster divers or the sports journalism world.
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