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  1. I think they will just promote Ken Dorsey anyway. He may add a few new concepts or schemes but I would expect the system will remain mostly the same. Allen can run it in his sleep and he seems comfortable with what they are doing.
  2. If that were really the case (its not) then how come the Giants and Bears haven't won more Super Bowls. Two long time NFL franchises in big markets. If the league was going to play favorites then these are two teams that would benefit. The Giants and Bears would certainly get more "favors" then the Pats.
  3. I live in NJ (Jets-Giants territory) and Bills assistant GM Joe Schoen had a 2nd interview with the Giants yesterday for the GM job. The thought/speculation with the media is that Daboll will get the job as the Giants HC if Schoen is hired.
  4. The Steelers D actually held up well early on. It was 7-0 midway thru the 2nd Q and off a defensive score as well. The problem is the Steelers O shit the bed by going 3 and out and punting all the time. It was only a matter of time before the Chiefs got going on offense. I expect the Bills offense will do a much better job than the Steelers offense did. It would be hard to do worse actually.
  5. GB is tough but the Bills have the talent to beat anybody. They can win the Super Bowl and they have more than just a "punchers chance".
  6. https://nypost.com/2022/01/18/joe-schoen-is-first-candidate-to-get-second-interview-in-giants-gm-search/
  7. These are the two best teams in the AFC but the Bengals and Titans can certainly cause problems especially the Bengals. Burrow with all of those weapons on offense shouldn't be overlooked. If Henry is back he will be healthy and rested. That guy is a beast who can dominate a game.
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