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  1. https://nypost.com/2020/10/06/eddie-van-halen-dead-at-65/ RIP. Eddie.
  2. Considering no real offseason, no preseason games I thought the Bills played well. Yes they have things to improve on especially when they start playing good teams. Game was over by the 2nd quarter. The Jets garbage time TD at the end made the score look closer than how the game went.
  3. Joe is a puppet for the Dems. Kamala Harris will be the real President (behind the scenes if they win).
  4. Just beat Miami and get to 7-3. Also it would help if the Browns can beat the Steelers at home this Thursday night. Looking at the overall schedule the Bills must beat the Dolphins, Broncos(won't be easy as the Denver D can cause the Bills O problems) and the Jets. If they win those 3 that's 9 wins. At Dallas, Baltimore, and at NE are most likely losses but if would be great if the Bills can steal one. The Steelers game IMHO is the season. Pitt is now back in the playoff race which is why a Browns win this Thursday helps out big time assuming the Bills take care of business on Sunday. But their is a very good chance that the Bills at Steelers game will decide who gets in and who is out. With this game my biggest concern is the Steelers physical D smacking the Bills O around.
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