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  1. Lol he sold his soul to the nfl. He's no whistle blower. All entertainment as usual. All a show.
  2. Lol what a load of pseudo science bullshit. That may mean it's just another germ I side you. After you already had a cold or flu years ago..
  3. Flu, pneumonia... What ever you want to call anything.. you can't prove what covid is or isn't and whether any elderly who died, died of it.. it's all bullshit 200,000 people in 9 months is more or less a lie and proof it's not worth all this anyway
  4. It's all a show. A multi billion business wouldn't make that mistake. Stop believing everything you read
  5. Nothing happened. More fake bullshit about something that's not even going to kill a jock
  6. Is Lol this game was blatant proof how staged it is, do defenses just take turns lying down?
  7. No public cancer or flu cure after 60 years but you're supposed to believe a vaccine for this after 8 months is going to work?
  8. Lol yeah. You still believe things that don't exist.. he has no virus
  9. The thing is, they were set purposely by a man. How pre-planned were they? By whom?
  10. 17 to 20 miles away is not that bad.. but it was scary and could have changed. The first Tuesday or Wednesday the sky and air was black as night as early as like 4 pm. Just sitting,waiting.. hoping level 2 didn't become level 3 to leave the house. Now deer keep showing up in back yard and Hawks in the trees. At least 3 deer so far and a hawk use to be a rare treat in the sky. Now we hear their shrieking often
  11. A germaphobe's dream nightmare gasm. This is effing Stupid and paranoid beyond reason
  12. He had no internet. Then his phone went bad during the Oregon fires. 17 miles away and scared it might reach him. Everything's ok now. Except no internet at house till maybe this week..long story... But that's the most scared I've ever been of dying or losing everything
  13. It baffles me that I see people walking alone on the sidewalk or driving with a mask on.. it's mass psychosis. People are just freaking dumb.
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