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  1. blacks are overrepresented bc they kill MORE PEOPLE THAN ALL OTHER RACES COMBINED ======================== you couldn't prove that statistic no matter how hard you tried. Believing media isn't proof. Purely in america or world wide? they take up maybe 13% of the country but lead the nation in murder? Odds are that's utter bullshit. but let's suppose it isnt. they've been lynched for a couple hundred years. You get what you pay for ,whitey lol. they are entirely justified. Govt enslaves all of us through taxes but they were reduced to a lesser race all together.
  2. Just words on a screen dude. You critiqued me, I responded. Do you think you're actually free to do as you choose? You've never been free since the day you were born. America is a corporate business and you're a employee
  3. In other words you enjoy being a obedient slave to master govt. You need a governing body to do your thinking and provide for you.
  4. It's symbolism. He was on the team they play sunday. It's a hint about the game. No, I don't know what it is. But I'll pick Browns to win for the fuck of it.
  5. Thats another thing.. who said it was defined as anarchy? I'm not specifying any type of pre wrapped classification/solution. Govt was designed to control you. Money was designed to keep you poor. How did countries, become countries. Some guy ruled am army and told them..go tell everyone I'm king..it's my way or death. That dynamic has never changed. You don't get whipped now. Just taxed and fined till you're on the street and then told what a failure you are because you didn't comply and succeed in a system you were never allowed to choose.
  6. Remember the oil shortage that was threatened in 70s? We aren't at mad max level yet lol. And those killer bees that would take us over? .......
  7. And in another thread you'll talk about kids inability to think for themselves. If you want to know, you'll look.
  8. So have a bunch of other dumb jocks that I won't remember forever. He won't be remembered forever. Can you name off your memory who's all in the hall? Nope, no one can. Just some old guys with fake heads in a building. Frank Gore was just another jock with illiterate sound bites in media. Wow, he ran foreword alot lol. -Perspective- Him and Curtis Martin are in the....oh, yeah, that guy too, i forgot...part of the drunken bar sporfs conversation, lol. 🙂
  9. And no one will remember him and no one will care. I really don't either. I'll forget his name in sports history soon enough
  10. Assertions? Look for yourself or stay in the dark. It's up to you. I'm not doing research papers for every name on the internet. It's really easy and has been going on for decades. They already admit to seeding clouds. Weather warfare is as common place as toast in the morning.
  11. The govt is fully documented with the ability to alter weather. But climate change is as bullshit as the cold war and whst ever other fear mongering they throw at the wall to see what sticks to the dumbest populous minds in the country /world. If climate change is real...there's not a thing anyone can do to stop it anyway.
  12. Lol because you disagree with what? It's critical thought. Authority is an oppressor. Not a helper. Govt is designed to sustain its authority. Not to help the advancement of the people. It's not that I'm stupid. It's that youve never actually thought about the world around you. You accept what authority tells you and obey like a good puppy. A good trained puppy. Everything you/society thinks and do is because society was trained to. I'm talking about societies reaction to authority. I'm not personally attacking you.
  13. No, I'm saying you have no idea where any chart or survey came from. It's all made up propaganda. I could care less what any actual numbers might be. Odds are they're all lower. Because those charts are probably counting the fake stories of killings that never even happened. Most of the national news stories of white cop ,black kid, are pure fiction.
  14. Well, no, I dont think missed your point. You seem to be saying again what I already countered. We are a civil society because we obey oppression by force. That's exactly what you are saying in so many words. Comply or be beaten. Cops are mostly unnecessary, looking to bust people for pointless crap. Not once in my life have I called police for anything. They're a useless waste of money and civilians time. Where do we thrive? There's slums, taxes. Competing for eployment means capitalism has failed. If you design a system where you need to make money to live. You damn well better have a job with a living wage in line for everyone. Cops are there to harrass the poor and homeless. You can't stay here, you can't stay there. Govt telling you they own the ground beneath you..by laws they made without your approval. Court was not designed to find the truth. It's designed to make up what ever it feels like enforcing, like a nfl ref lol. If you question a judge, it's called contempt. It's actually their inability to tell you the truth. 🙂 have a nice day. Happy Halloween! Thanks for reading! I love you.....in a platonic, manly way...5 feet away...with no touching... 🙂
  15. Chocolate cream...or pecan or pumpkin. I'd like cheese cake but they charge way to fricken much for that. Plus, ya know, 3 bites and youre full.
  16. There's a slight chance Brady might lose the SB on another team. Like oakland/Vegas.. or...
  17. The Vikings never finish strong, they won't this year either. But they make playoffs more often than most teams, even with no QB in their history other than Favre and Tark
  18. Everything he says is scripted for him and ment to influence betting trends. He's an actor, not a sports expert.
  19. No, it's simply jocks getting paid to do as told. It's been that way since the 1920s ======================= George Orwell in '1984': “Films, football, beer, and above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds. To keep them in control was not difficult
  20. Lol it still hit his hands = fake drop. You can't not catch with those gloves. They don't even need hands in them. The ball just sticks. They said so in a telecast last year.. and I've had them in my hands. You have to be a retarded 5 year old to not catch a ball with those.
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