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  1. If it's nflshop, am I allowed a full on authentic jersey? And if so, anyone know how those fit? I'm 6'1 180 lbs.. so I'm not big/thick.but tall. I have no idea how authentic size/fit. ======= I've gotten 2 nike Game jerseys, they print the numbers and the shoulders are fitted tight, so when you raise your arms, the whole jersey rises..it's weird
  2. Pats will go 15-1. Kc will lose in second round. It's always fun to read the Chiefs planet forum after a loss. They are hilarious in their anger
  3. Sorry but KC won't matter as they always haven't mattered since the 60s. Kc never gets there and they have Reid who never gets there. Thsts double up on the disappointment
  4. the Fact is the Pats will lose to the Redskins. its a stone cold guarantee. the game is on 10/6. When 10/6 falls on a Sunday, Brady has lost. Twice, 2002, 2013. The Pats are 1-4 on 10/6 when the calendar year is the same as 2019. the only time they won was 1975 vs Baltimore Colts. 10/6 is the day in sports history that the Cubs were given the Goat curse. Brady = Goat.. in its current popular/positive vernacular. but its not recognized as a official nickname for him in profootballreference, with his 200 other freaking nicknames lol Pats will lose
  5. to be honest, i never knew he was saying that. I just like old/80s new wave /punk etc. . its odd and choppy but still has a rhythm
  6. I don't think fruit loops ever did that. In the 70s, I got a little baseball player..out of what I'm sure is a discontinued cereal.
  7. it will be like 2 boxers who know and respect each other.. but the one guy always wins
  8. I am a Rams fan. I told them this year would not be as magical. I didnt even think the re-sign would happen yet. theyll falter this year. Somewhere along the line, he gets benched. dont get me wrong, the Rams will be very good for the next decade. Just not this year and not with Goff after this year. some how, some way.. theyll work around his contract and come out shining.
  9. i dont bother with covering unless I think the underdog wins/will win outright. I thought Pack tonight.. I was wrong. I thought Redskins Monday, I was wrong. I picked Jags last week, I was right. This week, I would..if i had cash.. I dont,,. but I would bet Redskins to win. but in betting world, all you need to bet is to cover. after this week, i'll start picking rams to lose.after this week, if not sunday, Bucs will start winning as well. No Breees opens big doors for them. Browns will start to win.
  10. lol what a load of malarky. Eagles trip all over themselves vs lions and falcons. but on a short week, away game. win on a last seconds int because the great Rodgers decides to throw right at two white jerseys.
  11. this wasnt the onr that took the place of some other Bills forum that disappeared 2 years ago?
  12. oh come on. Anyone whos watched the game for 30 years ,knows the first two weeks are full of lobsided misdirection outcomes that have nothing to do with how the season goes. The Browns will be more than fine. Baker has contracts with Hulu and Progressive and god knows what else.. underwear? Nissan.. the league is not wasting that investment. Theyll get 10 wins at least. and theyll beat the crap out of Jets next week. not to mention all of OBJ's endorsements
  13. I'm 54. Lit would be a stupid trendy, dumb slang term for me to use. yo, i'm Lit bro...... nope, doesnt work for me
  14. neither will be a Star. Josh might get a tad more juice for a short time but Darnold.. his name is Darnold. Sounds like retard. He looks like howdy doody. the league does not promote ugly guys with stupid names. its the tv age, not 1945 where guys named Abramowitz are the stars anymore.
  15. oh please,both QBs are horrible. this game was a comedy of errors. maybe..they wont get 16 wins combined. Josh sucks ,Sam Sucks. Pats will go 15-1.
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