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  1. Larken Rose ########## Whatever you think is the factual and medical reality of the current situation, if you DON'T see the obvious CONSPIRACY happening right now, with all dissent and criticism of the current political/big-pharma agenda being attacked and suppressed, then your head is probably too far up your ass for it to ever be retrieved.
  2. Lol at no one is forcing you. You are bombarded by 24/7 get the vac propaganda. And your private business falsehood cliche excuse...what the fuck were a the mom and pop stores that govt forced to close forever. Those were private business. You're in denial, a fool. They've made it quite clear that even the vac won't give youufe back. Its over, your life is over
  3. In other words,if you are real. You ar one dumb fucker. If your life is attached to doing everything government dictates digitally.. you are a slave. You were already a tax slave. You are a fool. Idiotsije you are the reason we wi b dead or enslaved soon. You're promoting a vac? Did you see the news today you dumb mother fucking fool? No, you aren't a real account.
  4. From another forum ================== Fauci is, was, a will continue to be a mascot clown for the Great Reset criminals. If things start resembling a sense of normalcy...it's his job to ramp up the public fear. It's why he changes his story every other month...and is becoming more ridiculous as time passes. That's how lies work... Now you have the woman from the CDC saying Michigan needs to go back to "full lockdown"..for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate. That is literally like forcing a lock down over influenza. It was never about the virus...it was about concocting a means to trick people into accepting a digital passport. At it's very base...it's about control and coercion. They want to ultimately be able to control you with a universal social credit score system... and your compliance will dictate your quality of life...everyone gets reduced to an obedient dog. Once truly in place...they will able commit to whatever "crimes against humanity" they wish. If you resist...you will be digitally executed...all your money and mobility will be tied to the grid. There will, ultimately, be so much unethical shit connected to that passport...in China, they knock your score down if you buy too much alcohol...or talk about about forbidden topics online. Every facet of your life will be monitored...and judged on a point system that they create but dont adhere to....it's technological serfdom. The elites are trying to use technology as their new form of extortion...nobody else is pushing for this shit...and ****ing "smart cities" The guy from the WEF essentially said the "smart phone" makes all this possible...people need to start destroying their phones...go back to burners if they are going to used like this...they know this is major flaw in their plan...it's why they have talked about "chipping" people for almost 2 decades...cant readily throw an implanted chip away...black market chip removal surgery will be the new abortion clinics....this is why they are working on vaccines with nanaotech embedded in them. The only problem will be how to universally force everyone to get it.... Once established..if not already...the next lab-created virus will be a doozy...you will HAVE to get one for survival. The only reason they didnt use a more potent virus this first go around...there is a real risk of them losing their control. To be powerful...you have to have people to submit to your wishes...people dont take kindly to being deliberately poisoned/infected
  5. Fake account or a fool. You can not be ok with this. You're allowing the State to make your health choices for you. Slavery.
  6. FeetGoddess's Dom palace of pain. Because buffalo fans are a bunch of simps who enjoy abuse
  7. Its not medias job to look for truth. Its their job to create truth.. to hide real truth
  8. You prove my point. You believe sports isn't staged. You don't actually know. You have nothing to prove it isn't. So you do what you were trained to do when confused and confronted by new info. Lash out and insult and contradict.
  9. Lol Rueters is a bought and paid for propaganda site. The nwo planned this years ago.
  10. Apparently you're the one truck pony because you're entirely incapable of a counter point. Just another typical non thinking american. Exactly why sports was invented. To distract the flourude guzzling mouth breathers while govt steals from you daily
  11. Some mod..please delete hipjats above spam post. That's pushing way too far and childish. Or give him a chance to delete all but 2 sentences. Seriously, dude.......
  12. Lol it's so fucking obvious. The proof is the constant exciting outcomes and bad calls at the most strategic times. Brady's entire career is proof.
  13. I say it again. The league is straight up mocking you to your face and you're still too dumb to see it. They made no mistake
  14. Idiot or not a real account. Trivial for an adult. Its the all anything category. Off topic= not sports. This is about idiotic logic as much as , or more than politics. Sex shouldn't be political. But I suppose since you're ignorant enough to let the State make your health choices, you'll let them decide your sex choices as well. You just enjoy having your free will destroyed
  15. Yep, nothing valid. Just childish contradictions. The league is straight up mocking you to your face and you're still too dumb to see it.
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