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  1. Which is a ridiculous theory because most of those religions came before jesus, Christianity.
  2. Generalizing. Same fucking thing. You become weak living in a box.
  3. Has nothing to do with that. It's simply boring to see the same plastic environment for every game
  4. Stop your crying. Pats lost , therefore buffalo lost. Can't have a 3 game lead this early. That's bad for tv and league interest.
  5. Movies aren't real, yet to watch those. Same thing. Entertainment for the eyes. I've been to games but live in California lol. Sure, I'm not sitting in the cold. But it makes for great tv
  6. No, controlled atmosphere weakens your ability to stand the elements.
  7. I could give a fine fuck about advantage. It's about entertaining television. Domes are generic , antiseptic, boring.. It's already tag/flag football. Let's at least see a dirty uniform.. those fag ballerina tight uniforms
  8. There is no - off the script.. it's what it was going to be no matter how it looks to me, you, us
  9. Everyone will drop a couple games that fuck with every bettor. They have 2 bad games, who gives a fuck? They'll still win 10 or 11
  10. Straight up. They weren't going to any SB this year. I already knew that. But don't worry. They'll still make playoffs.
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