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  1. In other words, I'm right and you know it, so you just contradict. There is no isolated virus either. So how would they know what they were making it for?
  2. In other words, you are unable to confront or challenge what I said. You know it's the truth.
  3. No one wears tighty whiteys any more you idiot. Boxer briefs. Moms basement. Another unoriginal class system insult. Assuming you aren't nature or adult or human unless you're another miserable married dumbfuck with a mortgage. Its a term to make people feel proud of being single tax slaves in crappy apartments, trying to get on the rat wheel and keep up with the Joneses. The more of them there are,the more tax dollars the elite get to be rich doing nothing ,while you slave away. 100 years ago, the family stated together so the kids could inherit the house. You possess no critical thought about history or the true meaning of anything
  4. Sorry but...You fucking ignorant fool. By doing this they are condoning no choice what so ever in the future. Only compliance. The more you comply, the more they take. How in the fuck can you not see it?
  5. No, they aren't. That is an outright lie. False. Not remotely true. And who would give a fuck if they were ,you blithering idiot. They aren't liable and don't care if you die. You worship authority.
  6. You're very ignorant. You really have absolutely no idea what previous vacc did or did not do. You know nothing about polio. That was 100 years ago. You're basing it off what? That's right, you're basing it propaganda from govt and media. Its amazing how these things show up every 100 years. See a pattern yet? Of course you don't. You're examples are irrelevant. In the now. They will use passports to enslave you to get new shots. Those deflecting me are fake accounts. There's no way a logical adult can't see this progression. You can't be this stupid.
  7. This is a asinine comparison. What I say has nothing to do with this. I thought you were smarter. You are also doing what media trained you you to do. Mock anything that doesn't agree tlwith the media propaganda narrative.
  8. You are fake account. No one can be this stupid. The nwo is taking over the world you dumb mother fucker. There is no safe region anymore. You are giving up your life for a fucking football game , of which there may be no sports at all in year.. because you'll be dumb enough to believe in the new variant that's too deadly, that they'll spring on you. You are the nazi. You are the compliant slave to govt.
  9. Reasonable?? Very stupid logic. You can't be a real person to not understand the dangerous snowball to fascism this causes. You're allowing govt to decide for you,what you can do. You're allowing a political entity to make your health choices. Your remark is that of a simpleton slave.
  10. Yes it is. You are doing something based on peer pressure and fear. Not actual proof it's necessary or even works. Coercion and propaganda
  11. Obviously people who walk around alone and drive in masks. Getting the shot is proof of living in terror.
  12. Larken Rose ########### People who have lived in terror for the last year, acting like the Black Plague has returned... ...if they didn't get sick: "Good thing I took all these precautions, avoided any human contact, and wore this hazmat suit all year!" ...if they did get sick: "It's the fault of the people who were out there living their lives!" ...when they see someone who didn't live in terror and who didn't get sick: "You're selfish and mean! It was only blind luck that you didn't die horribly!" ------------------------ There will naturally be a huge psychological hurdle to people admitting, "Well gee, none of what I did actually did any good at all." But in the long run, a lot of people will eventually reach that indisputable conclusion.
  13. You're mental gymnastics are sickening. You're basically a village idiot. By making people agree to this, you will then be forced to do it at every turn if the govt expects you to get a new vac for something else. You really have no critical thinking skills. You won't be able to go anywhere
  14. The fact of the matter is all vaccs are poison. All long term side effects. No one relates a cancer issue 5 years or more after a flu shot. Now ,they are simply not hiding that they are forcing you to take it. All medication eventually leads to another issue. Even the covid swab test could be dangerous.
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