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  1. Is Lol this game was blatant proof how staged it is, do defenses just take turns lying down?
  2. No public cancer or flu cure after 60 years but you're supposed to believe a vaccine for this after 8 months is going to work?
  3. Lol yeah. You still believe things that don't exist.. he has no virus
  4. The thing is, they were set purposely by a man. How pre-planned were they? By whom?
  5. 17 to 20 miles away is not that bad.. but it was scary and could have changed. The first Tuesday or Wednesday the sky and air was black as night as early as like 4 pm. Just sitting,waiting.. hoping level 2 didn't become level 3 to leave the house. Now deer keep showing up in back yard and Hawks in the trees. At least 3 deer so far and a hawk use to be a rare treat in the sky. Now we hear their shrieking often
  6. A germaphobe's dream nightmare gasm. This is effing Stupid and paranoid beyond reason
  7. He had no internet. Then his phone went bad during the Oregon fires. 17 miles away and scared it might reach him. Everything's ok now. Except no internet at house till maybe this week..long story... But that's the most scared I've ever been of dying or losing everything
  8. It baffles me that I see people walking alone on the sidewalk or driving with a mask on.. it's mass psychosis. People are just freaking dumb.
  9. There's a delay on this mobile site. I get more spelling errors here than anywhere else.
  10. Whether got it is irrelevant. Someone is making someone comply.they ar3 just worker bee's. If anyone was fined, they just need to walk into court abd say, show me where it's a law..They have to drop it right there. People just don't challenge. People fear govt while believing they exist for their good. That's how trained a dog tge public is.
  11. Originally Posted by BlackOp People need to understand the real "end game" behind not only Portland...but the other cities that have "seemingly" lost their minds. The whole purpose is to create as much uncertainty, dysfunction and social unrest as possible. You're seeing this with defunding the police in Minneapolis while their city is on fire....NYC removing bail requirements...releasing rioters and soon as they are arrested...preventing federal level help to curtail the chaos. Seattle allowing a group to shut down highways and take over other's peoples property. Universal support of tearing down statues and preventing people from going to church. St. Louis politicians treating people defending their home as the criminals. This isn't an accident...or an organically developing situation. This is double downed with compromised Corporate media spinning everything 180 degrees from a logical stance...it's collective psychological warfare... they use cancel culture, silencing those who are objecting, through the guise of racism. Corporate Social media are actively manipulating opinions/accounts that contest this premeditated, deliberate narrative. Antifa is funded by a man banned in 6 countries for trying to internally destroy them...BLM creators are openly anti-American Marxists. None of this is supposed to make sense...it's designed not to. They want to perpetuate an image that artificially inflates a "loss of structural control". The "end game" is the same Globalist mantra they have used for years..."Order out of chaos". They covertly orchestrate/arrange the problems...then come out of nowhere to "save" the people with promises of stability...for a price...their freedom. When you hear a presidential candidate start talking about radically transforming America...this is the "end game". This whole thing is fake...it's coordinated political theater designed to destabilize and morally exhaust the United States. It's internal subterfuge...and your average citizen is going to be completely ignorant to it. As Orwell accurately predicted..."The people will actively participate in the demise of their own freedom". This isn't about Republican/Democrat...this is about external forces wanting to destroy the entire democratic political structure...it's about controlling the world.
  12. lol at wearing a mask in the dugout but Judge give a high five on the field. dump the masks you morons
  13. the players are told to/paid to kneel. its a show. A propaganda show. the cut outs are to mock you the public
  14. ive started messing with ps2 madden 2003-04. much more fun than the last 15 years of crap
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