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  1. Stop your crying. Pats lost , therefore buffalo lost. Can't have a 3 game lead this early. That's bad for tv and league interest.
  2. Movies aren't real, yet to watch those. Same thing. Entertainment for the eyes. I've been to games but live in California lol. Sure, I'm not sitting in the cold. But it makes for great tv
  3. No, controlled atmosphere weakens your ability to stand the elements.
  4. I could give a fine fuck about advantage. It's about entertaining television. Domes are generic , antiseptic, boring.. It's already tag/flag football. Let's at least see a dirty uniform.. those fag ballerina tight uniforms
  5. There is no - off the script.. it's what it was going to be no matter how it looks to me, you, us
  6. Everyone will drop a couple games that fuck with every bettor. They have 2 bad games, who gives a fuck? They'll still win 10 or 11
  7. Straight up. They weren't going to any SB this year. I already knew that. But don't worry. They'll still make playoffs.
  8. Wrestling obviously has fans. I like sports, the aesthetics of sports. I've obviously been around it my whole life as a fan. I'm a grown man who still likes baseball caps and trading cards and older Madden games. I love football helmet and sports uniforms history. Sports is another entertainment, like movies and music, hobbies. My friendship base is sports fans. It's Americana. Doesn't mean I can't see through the facade ..since about 6 years ago. I'm pissed about Redskins history changing. Been seperating all my Redskins cards from my junk wax collection to keep extra special
  9. The title alone should wake you up to what a lie this is. No team could not practice for two weeks and win a pro game. It's just fucking stupid to believe. Entertainment
  10. It's just one week in the first qtr of season. Every team in the league gets blown out every year. Look at KC vs raiders. New orleans vs raiders. The mighty fall every week.
  11. Stop believing the bullshit tv narrative. There is absolutely no way in the real world that Titans could do this. It's a lie. After they comeback on the Rams, they then can't understand how to play? Bullshit
  12. Lol it's pure bullshit to believe Titans didn't practice. This was all set up for the bettors who thought for sure that Buffalo can't lose
  13. Join Date: Feb 2020 Casino cash: $500 As it turns out. Some of my best friends from high school lived a couple houses away from the Van Halen family in the 70s and 80s. They had a neighborhood lawn business going and would do Van Halens lawn. Got paid but also got tickets and passes etc.. Eddie gave one of the Brothers a quitar. And the sisters were in his wedding, if I'm not mistaken. Just a bit of Pasadena history
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