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  1. someone pointed out that alot of media shots about BLM have mostly white people in them lol. most black people even know that BLM is bullshit.
  2. I was born and lived in so. Cal ,the first 50 years of my life. I don't consider myself an Oregonian. It's nice and all, but....
  3. I don't quite understand what thst means. Whos BLM supposed to support? I don't give a crap who's president or will be. It doesn't matter in the common man's life. This shit would be going down if Obama was in office right now. It doesn't matter
  4. It's stupid all the way around. It's a govt. started psychological op. No one's life matters to govt.. as all the last 2 months have shown.
  5. Lol just saw a white girl wearing a black lives matter mask at Walmart, here in Salem Oregon.Don't k ow if she cares or if it's sarcasm OR simply a sense of humor
  6. I know this is a Buffalo forum and all..but I want this to moderately work for them lol..oh the media of it all. Meanwhile, the Bucs too. But both will die in playoffs
  7. it would be hilarious..and sad.. if this turned into Randall Cunningham/ Jim Plunkett kind of success story.
  8. first off, russia and usa are in the same bed. this is all bogus. second, all soldiers should just go home, put down their guns. the world leaders couldnt do shit then
  9. What? There weren't any 124000 covid deaths yesterday. Nope. I love you too
  10. They've also said they are useless. If so called experts keep contradicting themselves and can't agree, it means it's all bullshit.
  11. They don't tell you when or how many tests and they don't say death is down.
  12. I have no clue what thst even means? Proven wrong? Everything he says is a scripted lie/response. It's irrelevant
  13. Who gives a fuck? It's just a symbol on a t shirt. Frankly, that and the Confederate flag are fascinating art. Id wear the t shirt but people are idiots and take things far too personal.
  14. Not wrong at all, you prove my point. It's not worth getting upset over a design, symbol. Who cares where the exact same shape is pointing?
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