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  1. 1 hour ago, Laughing Coffin said:

    Huh?  We are talking about somehow the hail mary pass being a staged event like it was a fucking WWE fight, that's a braindead take

    No, it's a fact. I know I'm not wrong. They practiced all week. That's what the scout team is for and the fact of the matter is, you have no clue whether or not both teams practice together in indoor facilities and walk throughs . They can practice that pass all week and the gloves make it easy. Go.look again. The bills players aren't even trying to knock it away. They are keeping their hands there as backboards, as cushions. If that were real, buff players would be hitting the ball away before it reached his hand. It's that simple. 

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  2. On 11/15/2020 at 4:55 PM, Thurmal said:

    The announcers were a step away, in the 3rd quarter, from coming down out of the booth to suck Murray off. I can't even imagine the verbal handjob that guy's going to get because of that play. God, being a Bills fan sucks. We'd never, EVER win a game like that.

    More proof it's entertainment. They were telling the Audi what to think a d building up his legend. Then the moment happens.Just like a movie.


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  3. 11 minutes ago, 212frawk said:

    Its not my job to prove your baseless assertions.  All you ever do is claim everything is fake without a shred of proof.  ever. 

    its boring. 

    Youre fighting with no weapons now. It is your job. I took it upon myself to discern truth. You rely on needing to be told whether it's true. You're just contradicting me now, with no ability to defend the media propaganda with your own evidence.

    I just told you exactly why it's fake. If this were real, govt wouldn't need to find ways to force people to  take a vaccine and do as told. You would be able to see it a around you. You only think it's real because they need to use celebrities to make you believe what's not there. 

    Antonio is a puppet. 

    It is up to you and you choose to remain ignorant. 

  4. 31 minutes ago, 212frawk said:

    prove it or STFU

    Like I said. You've proven nothing. Believing what media tells you doesn't qualify as proof. Prove is just a word.

    The correct thing to do is find truth. 

    Common sense tells you it's a just a show since they let him stick around. Also, they way they wrote the sexual harassment story is more evidence it's fake. Too many silly holes in it. It's all just a show. 



  5. 9 minutes ago, 212frawk said:

    bro you are a boring one-trick pony.   The next time you prove one of your retarded "fake" stories will be the 1st.  

    The next time you prove any story you believe , will be the first. You've done nothing but believe what you read.

    If antonio really did any of this shit, the nfl would have gotten rid of him. He's paid to have his name sullied and he knows it.


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  6. 21 hours ago, 212frawk said:

    dude you need a little variety in your posts. seriously.  

    Lol thanks for talking to me. This place is dead..


    Lol your entire schooling was hearing the same thing over and over so you'd believe it. I'm the one telling the truth. But now you're so conditioned that you can't hear it.

    Truth is very simple. Lies come in a variety of forms.


    And look who's talking..you lost the same crap in the chat box over and over!

  7. On 10/24/2020 at 5:11 PM, JoeFerguson said:

    Since the beginning of time there is no proof of what it's like after you're dead. No one ever came back from the dead and talked about it. Oh sure the Bible shows  that Jesus brought people back from death like Lazarus but no one asked him what he felt or what he saw when he died . But it does tell us what happens after you die like the rich man in the parables, who was not a believer. If that is true, then millions of Muslims, Hindus Buddhists, etc. will go straight to Hell if they don't believe in Jesus.

    Which is a ridiculous theory because most of those religions came before jesus, Christianity.

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