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  1. he lost ,like a good slave. So the world could have Manning win his last SB.
  2. Govt planned it , if it happens. Bill Gates would be dancing in the streets.
  3. You are down and out. I am up and above. :) what'd I do to you in the first place? This is all out of no where?
  4. I am of course an authority figure of first hand cult experience. You can't question that. I am an authority figure on sports as entertainment. That is unquestionable as well. It's called wisdom. You apparently are still working on getting yours to function correctly. Still in the childish mockery stage of inexperienced adolescence.
  5. Yes, to inferior thinkers (You gotta admit, you walked right into that one!)
  6. You have absolutely no clue or understanding of the history or situation. My mind is obviously superior now, in so many ways. Because of going through that experience.
  7. Your point is what? The numbers are irrelevant. This is no dangerous threat to the world. It's a decoy for 5he other dangerous threats
  8. whats funny is you literally believe all this silliness. its all part of the propaganda show. the only other option is : he's not doing it because he's dumb. Its because he's the epitome of evil and no one will stop him. Which makes him smarter ,rather than stupid. Smarter than you, smarter than everyone. but ultimately, he's just an old puppet twiddling his thumbs, while his handlers and the nwo have their thumb on top of all media and world interactions.
  9. dont be snarky, Hay-suse! try this one too. Be sure to hit the cc/translation button if you need to
  10. I'm guessing the one on the right, isnt a woman? although they really had no rating system in 1925, I think.
  11. Entertainment is..entertainment. Sports is entertainment. Just like any tv show/ concert etc.. A saw searching for Bobby Fisher last week..
  12. Well, since I can't leave the house.... :) Because at the end of the day, it's about getting along. Not about separating over politics. I still like sports as entertainment. I just showed you trading cards n stuff. I still haven't opened my official buffalo Bills electric football set i won during the season from the Tudor facebook page. Im here because like all humans, I need to communicate in some way, with someone.
  13. And you know, what? You know numbers on a screen. You have no clue how many are dying and of what. You know lots of unprovable propaganda, but no truth.
  14. Lol you're a good ,obedient slave to your govt masters. Who said we need to go backwards? Govt made none of this exist. We can have all the modern tech without them. Neither money nor govt made any of it appear. Neither money nor govt know how to design/maintain it. They ar3 useless. The public is so godam stupid, they don't realize the NWO just executed ww3 without lifting a single gun. And people are too ignorant to realize they exposed you're only purpose for your entire existence. You need to make money to live. You've never been free a single day in your life. We are tax slaves.
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