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  1. Whether anyone thinks he is or not, is irrelevant. The elite picked him to be all part of the political show.
  2. He did it because the establishment paid him to. He's a puppet. Not some rebel. And who cares if a country is disrespecte? It's a silly saying. America can go fuck itself for all the shit it puts us through.
  3. The easier the propaganda has grown over the years , the worst it's gotten. My grandfather was the last family farmer.. my dad got weaker, then I got weaker. .I mean mentally and physically. He also taught at a grade school or high school. Things were alot simpler then obviously though
  4. Youre basically too late. It's already here and has been for years. I mean come on. Odds are there was no chance in hell a 2000 computer crash was going to happen. Bullshit. Judt got my Redskins cap today
  5. If the jiggaboos want to sing a little negroe spiritual before the game. Meh, go ahead and let them ( calm down, that was sarcasm, I was joking)
  6. no i didnt. I assumed you were adult enough to not take everything literally. No where did I say it was only a basic flu. Ive said it a few times around here that its real, just not worth all this. the fact is, they are using flu numbers with it
  7. you seem to not mind media telling you lies 800 times in a row. Thats how people believe lies = repetition simple truth is just that. I didnt say its just the flu. I said its numbers indicate you have as much chance to get it as anything else the last 50 years.
  8. lol such paranoid stupidity for something you have to win lottery to catch. just like any other flew. and cdc shows its completely below pandemic levels
  9. I just bought a Redskins cap online https://www.hatland.com/nfl-hats/washington-redskins-hats/
  10. someone pointed out that alot of media shots about BLM have mostly white people in them lol. most black people even know that BLM is bullshit.
  11. I was born and lived in so. Cal ,the first 50 years of my life. I don't consider myself an Oregonian. It's nice and all, but....
  12. I don't quite understand what thst means. Whos BLM supposed to support? I don't give a crap who's president or will be. It doesn't matter in the common man's life. This shit would be going down if Obama was in office right now. It doesn't matter
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