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  1. Who's kidding who? Buffalo just don't win in American history. They lost super bowls to Cowboys and indians lol. It's like rock paper scissors. Buffalos always lose to indians for food and get skinned by cowboys.
  2. Fun fact..they beat Bills by 8 ,in Buffalo. JA passed for about 120 and ran for 40 as leading rusher. Buffalo is screwed.
  3. The nfl is a tv show. Mahomes is the new star. Mayfield, Rodgers, him, all multiple commercials in every game and they advanced a round. How convenient. Hey, I'd love to see Buffalo in. But they are just this years Jags , Titans. Maybe they get to be the Panthers and go to lose the SB. Such is show business. Also take into account they've been getting good since there's been talk of need of a new stadium etc. Josh is just the new Kosar, Pastorini, Bert Jones.. good , but not good enough
  4. Sorry dude, I will not read all that. I didn't attack you. I explained to you the reality of the situation. Questioning the validity of your internet persona, is not attacking you. How is it classless and no respect to doubt strange text on a screen? To question supposed reality? Links to what? What I explained doesn't need a link. Either you want to know the truth or you don't. Your wife is just an employee. Just does what she's told. She's not a virologist or a scientist. Germ theory is propaganda bullshit or you'd be dead years ago of just about anything. Govt is doing everything that's wrong. A virus is the least if anyones problem. Are you waiting for govt or a vaccine to save you? You're wasting your time and killing more people than any virus from having that ideology and belief. -----&----------+++++++++++++++&_$$##&-+++++ ___' did not post to be falsly called and dismissed as a ignoramus. Critical Thinking! your objective analysis and evaluations are based in nothing but propoganda, conspiracy theory and unfounded rumour. You presented no links from supportable sources, you are just posting whatever you want.. As far as government controlling and manipulating us, I could agree on that, to a degree much less than you, but expect govt. disceptions---- ==========================° You need links to figure out simple math? The amount of people who've supposedly died of this are a fake number. And that fake number is still too small to matter. 400,000 in a year is miniscule compared to the number if deaths through so many other things in a year. The number in over all yearly deaths of everything isn't growing. So it means the covid death's are embellished using other numbers and calling them covid. It's real simple to think about. I don't need link to tell you they never isolated any virus. It's absolute fact. Common sense= if this were that bad. You'd see it all around you, you'd feel it. You'd see it affect everything.You wouldn't need tv to keep reminding you. But you don't. I see the same people working in the stores. People aren't disappearing. This is the distraction. Not the actual problem. The only reason we fear anything, is because tv keeps telling us to. I'm not disrespecting you in the slightest. I'm helping you understand reality but you enjoy the fear
  5. It does, while it is a virus, it is new, and scientist world wide are figuring it out ******########$$$$$$$$####### And any who speak truth are shut up and censored. No one's figured it out. Which means it's never been isolated. Which means the vaccine is fictional bullshit. Which means govt is lying
  6. Your comment stated the virus did not exist. It does exist______ ======================= Context. It does not exist. It does not exist in the context it is presented. It's danger and growth to the mass public is pure fiction. The growth and death numbers are pure fiction. How a virus is transmitted per their propaganda, is pure fiction. Lies mixed with truth. Viruses aren't living things. Everything else your saying shows you're lying or have no clue how to critically think anything through. You're wife works in a hospital? Really? So? It's flu season. Hospitals are always busy then. If hospitals are super busy..it's because of a the other things people are going in for because covid cock blocked them this year. Not because of cv. It's amazing how many internet posters have a wife in a hospital lol. This isn't about a virus anymore. It never was. How real it is or isn't, is irrelevant to the real/actual problem. Dumb ass sheep letting govt make slave fools of them.
  7. Um....sure..ok... Computer games are common place. Moms basement jokes are typical non-thinking sheep rhetoric. You aren't a valid human unless you're a frustrated ,divorced tax slave ,like the rest of us. That's what being an adult is all about! You know what? Life just isn't that cookie cutter simple for us all. You know what? I haven't worked for a while. You know why? No, you don't. I've dealt with an irregular heart beat that comes out of no where sometimes. I've had an ablation and a couple emergency room times etc. Gee wiz pale. Look around you. Are jobs easy to get? Suppose I was in moms basement? It's better than the street where millions are in danger of right now. Life isn't no cookie cutter equation. Stay in your lane, dude. Lol and the cycle of life. One of my best friends. Has a couple degrees. Decent paying job. Had a nice two story home. 3 kids. A year ago he's in the middle of a divorce after 20 years of marriage and moved in with his mom. The basement jokes are trained shaming to get people to take pride in being tax slave worker bees. And I'd say alot of people are moving in together lately. Wouldn't you? Develop some tact and use some critical thought before you start knocking people's lives. I don't have kids. Never been married. Dies this make me a lesser person? I don't have a wife or kids nagging me. So I can do what ever I want. Video games...tells you everything you need to know about me? You live vicariously through a football team on your tv screen! Hypocrite. Have a nice day
  8. It has nothing to do with belief. Did people not die before cv? You are just thinking 2+2. Them labeling it covid doesn't mean anything. How old were they? What other issues? People have died of respiratory illnesses before. You knowing someone who died does not make shutting down a Nation valid. You are missing every important point here. Govt is doing this to you. Not a virus. Is govt doing anything to help you? No, they want you to die of either poverty or illness. It is in fact just a flu because people have died of just flus.. 99.7 recovery rate means nothing really bad is happening. You aren't helping yourself or anyone else cowering in a corner, worried a out this. It's already widely known that the tests are bullshit and everything is labeled CV. Everyones sorry for everyone else's loss. I'm not cheering for it either.But it still has nothing to do with what's actually going on.
  9. Yeah, there were really distracted by 6 thousand mask losers. They've played in front of 60Th and more. It's just silly crap
  10. Please tell me that's sarcasm.....? No such virology exists. Or you'd be dead of who knows what already.
  11. If the governor's were actually thinking for themselves,, most would actually tell fauci and Gates to fuck off. Presidents are puppets
  12. Lol at test program. There's nothing to test. He isn't doing shit. He's following orders from his handlers.
  13. Just saw 60 minutes promo... Calling the Washington thing, the worst terrorist event in modern history. Lol it was a staged photo op event. They were invited in and walked in between the ropes. So fake.
  14. Who most? I have two acquaintance from high school that believe every inch of it. The used video game store I go to..the lady raised her voice like a 3rd grade teacher scolding a student to put on my mask .such stupid people. They can't see that it's financial terrorism with a diversion. Morons still saying..well, when covid ends, I'm going to....I hope this ends soon....these fucking morons have no clue that govt has no intention of letting go.
  15. Where? The original post is spot on about the lying hypocrisy if all this. There is no killer virus anywhere
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