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  1. Lolol only in the propaganda you read you blithering idiot. You're a fake account. The real world doesn't support this shit. If 90% support it you dumbfuck. Why is there shortage? Why are they forcing vac on them? You can't argue
  2. If nurses are refusing the shot. They must know something.....
  3. I get the flu shot every year. At times? On par? LoL what does that mean? It hasn't even been close. In fact, flu numbers dropped with masks, social distancing, and self quarantining #####*%¢¢¢¢¢¢############### You're a complete idiot believing that. Cases are rising even though a majority of people wore masks for a year. But the flu was killed?... You are a fake account. You're a fucking fool. You get a flu shot every year? I've never gotten one. There's no way In fucking hell you can prove your flu shot protected you from anything. And guess what..? They still advertise for flu shots at the drug store. They'll stab you every fucking way they can. Anti vax??? You're fucking anti logic. You're the one who's a science denier.
  4. This is proof he isn't a real account. Inciting separatism and war. Condoning killing freedom
  5. Are you functionally illiterate? I just told what the actual problem is. The vac will in fact kill you as well
  6. In other words you didnt fucking understand what I just said. This is govt execution. The virus isn't the problem. Those avoiding illness will be impoverished and starved
  7. Your post is fictional jibberish and also misses the point anyway. People don't get the vac because they know it was designed to kill. if they die from the virus that was also "designed" to kill, at least it's up to them.
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