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  1. Lol who cares? He has millions and his super bowls. I'm sure he's sooooo upset. (Sarcasm It's called vacation for millionaires
  2. I bought the madden hype. But make no mistake. His death was signal they'd make playoffs. And you're a fool if you think the way that game played out and ended was natural. WWE
  3. Probably not. That phone commercial with the team in green uniforms.. the coach says, we're getting killed out there, we need a new plan.
  4. The last 3 years, the road team on wildcard weekend is 10 of 14. I'm sure the trend continues. Raiders Cards Dallas , neutral site, dallas old stadium Eagles Steelers Patriots
  5. What's even dummer about that game... Th jets ar in 2 wide receiver, 2 running backs formations , in their last plays that obviously have to be passes to win lol.
  6. https://twitter.com/cryptic_rick/status/1481053127373725697?s=19 https://twitter.com/cryptic_rick/status/1481053127373725697?s=19 https://twitter.com/cryptic_rick/status/1481053127373725697?s=19
  7. What exactly are you weakly disputing? You enjoy being put on your knees by govt?
  8. Dear God you're a fool and a liar. I don't even watch either side of news. It's all bullshit. The rest of your post is just redundant crap of you believing , obeying and worshipping MSM. I mean, seriously, you aren't being adult or using any amount if critical thought. You and HK just keep posting mindless lies. You are fake accounts or indoctrinated fools. We ar closing in on nazi Germany and already are in various countries. You are a liar
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