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  1. No, no no lol. I made a thread for weird/ bad music tunes. It goes in there lol
  2. I've been kicked of , I don't know. ..20 some odd sites for saying sports is staged. Really pisses me off. 2 jets sites even lol. People Are idiots and can't handle alternative thought.
  3. Uhm.....where's the negative in any of that? Lol. There's a million factors as to why that's the case for millions of people. But the guy who's a willing rat wheel slave, just relies on this: You aren't one of us. You didn't do what normal society said to. Youre weird. I also realize though, you may have sort of said that as a cliche-ish tongue in cheek.
  4. Lol those wolfmother lyrics are hilariously bad. Tunes ok, but the lyrics..lol. is that the 80s? Recent?
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