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  1. Are you disputing the truth I just said? Its a micro of something unknown to all who get it. Micros can take a while to manifest. You're being childish.
  2. ol. Numbers are correct with a small margin of error. You have no proof and can't prove they are not +++++++++++++++++++- Exactly dumb ass. They are fictional numbers that can't be proven real. You can't be a real account. You're a stupid sheep lemming that chirps govt propaganda.
  3. Lol your first line is nothing but a lie. You can't prove the numbers at all. Yes, your rights are being taken one after the other. You will be forced. You gave absolutely no clue about the vac being safe. That takes months and years to know
  4. Yeah, another stupid remark. You gave no idea what's in the vac. You gave no idea how it will affect you long term. What am I talking about..you don't even know virology .just another idiot obeying govt. Can't think for yourself
  5. Lol you're fool or a fake account. The numbers are bogus to begin with. The stadium won't be packed. You're another fool condoning slavery just because your drunk ass wants a game. Your logic is ridiculous. If your vac works, why do I need one? If they don't, why get one at all? You stupid fucking fool. If you comply to this,they'll do it to jobs and buying food etc. You're the idiots sending us to hell because you get on your knees to your masters
  6. You prove me absolutely correct. You're either shill accounts , or dumb ass willing slaves
  7. So, some very good good things were said to show what bullshit this all is. And you immediately make nonsense posts to hide them. Very suspicious.very telling.
  8. Lol, shot recommended for anyone with chronic illness. That's called putting cheese on a mouse trap. Its the absolute last thing they should do.
  9. Twitter Exercising, eating healthier, working to improve mental health & not being obese are the keys to a healthy life — not slapping cloth over your breathing holes. But politicians, media & “health experts” get paid off by the pharmacy industry. Healthy people aren’t good business.
  10. Pointless distraction propaganda while your rights are destroyed
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