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  1. Just enjoy the cool looking helmets and the athleticism
  2. They have old school Durene jerseys. And really old school knit 1930s/40s jerseys. They got an nfl license back again.
  3. https://www.ebbets.com/collections/nfl-durene-jerseys/products/buffalo-bills-1960-durene-football-jersey For those who like the Bills too much .Or have too much money. Ebbets Field flannels can help you.
  4. Thats not a curse. It's simply obligation. They are mimicking the Browns of the 40s through 60s. Notice how each decade, one team usually win 3 SBs. They are then just expected to lay down a long time afterwards. Belichick coached the Browns before he coached Pats. That was what allowed this.
  5. GB is original nfl. They have seniority. Roger doesn't do crap. He's a mouthpiece for the owners. He's Robert Duval in Godfather lol. Small market.. no.. cluttered market. Multiple teams/sports in the region. Don't need bills to win.
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