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  1. Doesn't excuse the moron. I don't care if you're a bum or a doctor.you say you're going to do something, especially in print to 100 people, you do it ,or you are forever a dumbfuck, fucking loser. 39 years old, still acts like the dumbest 19 year old on the block
  2. i'm not asking, you stupid motherfucker. I dont need to ask. You owe me a prize ,you stupid, motherfucking, 39 year old loser
  3. Completely scrolled passed. No idea what the moron said. I know its above, on my phone screen. Ain't looking. Just more excuse babble from an ignorant lying pinhead
  4. He has no authority. He promised a gift. He has no grasp of humility and human interaction. Not nice? He's a moronic ,lying dumbfuck loser. Liar. Unethical, 39 year old child.
  5. I noticed in my feed, lit has quoted me twice. I'm not reading any of your crap, moron. You decided to celebrate a teams 20 year anniversary by lying like the 19 year old dumbfuck you were 20 years ago? Brilliant move idiot. 39 years old. ............ Thinks it funny to lie to other adults. Typical white trash, Homer Simpson, Al Bundy ,loser.
  6. i'm an nfl fan. Therefore I am a Bills fan. it doesnt fucking matter what I am. I won the jersey. I am the winner of the Jersey. be a grown up, you 39 year old loser. Fulfill your promise.
  7. I obviously already got one ,two weeks in. The 39 year old disease of contest starting liar. I deleted because I was trying to ask what the guy ment by Dave Navarro in a videology he posted. On my phone, all the videos were in the wrong posts, all mixed up for some reason. I couldn't see Navarro in any video. He's a stuck up weirdo now anyway
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