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  1. Now that the protests are dying down they need to stir the pot some more to keep unrest high until November
  2. If this is true, why do 46 percent of these mentally ill people try to kill themselves. They are their own biggest enemy yet trumps the problem?
  3. Like he had it before? These mental ill people are a fraction. He didn’t have or need them last time
  4. They are mentally ill, are one percent of the population and 46 percent attend suicide who cares we have bigger fish to fry
  5. What a shit topic. Yes. Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they keep their pro bowl linebacker. What kind of pants on retard even asks?
  6. This is absolutely retarded. Smoke and Diggs are the two best across both teams. Then Hollywood. Then Beasley then Snead. Two best and 3 of best 5. What stupid world do you live in that the ravens is better at wr.
  7. I don’t think so Lit. Severe recession yes, and I’m 100 percent with you that this will take a long time to swing back up, but ina years time we will be back to 90 percent of people back to work. It won’t be a 5 year downturn like in the 30s
  8. Not defending it, but you should also note other owners are PAYING ARENA STAFF. This is a different company. Different business. Its a separate restaurant group from the team. Look around sports at owners core businesses. They are firing people left and right. You are skewing facts and being disingenuous in the typical Lit fashion. Once again, fuck these assholes buit lets be real with facts
  9. I won’t defend the paid time off thing, that’s slimy. But im dealing with these types of layoffs right now in my own life. It sucks. But here is the facts. please read up on the legalities of massive layoffs like this. You must present them as terminated to qualify them for all benefits. You cannot promise they will have their job when they return because there is legality in who and how you bring back returning staff. Lets say say we lay-off 10 servers. When business starts picking up we can bring back 4. Which 4. We promised them all their job back. What if business never returns? What if we only bring back 6 total. Now we are sued by the 4 remaining, this is is even harder for places dealing with union members.
  10. H also is demanding a new contract to be the highest paid WR. Diggs is on the Starr of a SUPER cheap deal for a 1
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