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  1. Jesus Christ, look at this little fat titty soft baby ass bitch getting on Tre Edmunds who was injured as fuck having a hard day against a super bowl contender. sean, tell your mom to get ready, I’m taking this out on her
  2. You guys act like Baseball didnt have huge outbreaks. THis could be a false positive. THe whole team would be tested before the game tomorrow anyways, so we will see.
  3. He’s one of the best defensive coaches ever. No idea why the rams let him go. But also at his age he needs to call it. The nfl life is too demanding for a man his age, also he’s far too big a Covid risk at his age and weight, he he should teach a couple courses in the offfseason to prospective coordinators who are currently position coaches, maybe cement his legacy with today’s loser woke culture by bringing in black assistants and help that program that grooms them into higher positions
  4. go back - o think this was a bit off. When he releases the ball the left target is at the left of the M. And when you chart the angle there is three dolphins blocking his view
  5. He’s a degenerate loser. Grow up finally you fucking twat. So glad games are closed because of this guy.
  6. This is social media panic at its finest. 365 million people live in this country and are just trying to live their life. Maybe 50000 are open fighting in the streets. The dems have lost control of their dogs and this will All be our to rest soon. Less than 1 percent of a country losing their minds doesn’t equal a civil war.
  7. Why do they always go all in on these loser criminals who deserve what they get? Its Mike brown all over again. Literally just robbed a store but they rioted cause he "was a good boy". Meanwhile cops actually DO kill innocents everyday and no one cares. They need to pick their battles better.
  8. Imagine you have been locked away with your wife and kids for months. One of you is out of work, the other facing a looming furlough. The stress of the political climate and covid has you at wits end. No child care and trying to work remote has been very hard on you and your spouse. Finally as restaurants open up to decide to get away for a night, to try to salvage your relationship and have some level of normalcy in a world on fire. Then a bunch of animals scream in your face that you must do whatever they say or you are evil. You support BLM but just want to eat dinner. You are surrounded by 100 prople screaming at your and threatening you with violence. You are just trying to understand whats going on. Welcome to Joe Bidens America.
  9. Now that the protests are dying down they need to stir the pot some more to keep unrest high until November
  10. If this is true, why do 46 percent of these mentally ill people try to kill themselves. They are their own biggest enemy yet trumps the problem?
  11. Like he had it before? These mental ill people are a fraction. He didn’t have or need them last time
  12. They are mentally ill, are one percent of the population and 46 percent attend suicide who cares we have bigger fish to fry
  13. What a shit topic. Yes. Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they keep their pro bowl linebacker. What kind of pants on retard even asks?
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