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  1. Yes the left who is calling for 70 million Americans to be sent to re-education programs and have spent the last 6 months destroying buildings and rioting in the streets are totally trying to maintain normalcy.
  2. I hope so. And I hope a comet murders you mongoloids all in your sleep because you are all 85 IQ morons who don’t deserve to live
  3. He is awful. He has zero clock management or review skillls. He’s a great motivator. Who cares. He should be assistant head coach at best. He’s a loser
  4. Shows how worthless those fans are. The bills were a playoff team last year and coming into this game 6-2 how th fuck they shocked a playoff team scored 44 on the historically worst defense ever? They live in a bubble and still think the legion of boom is hanging around
  5. Sadly his biggest win was Thanksgiving against shitty Dallas
  6. Trump supporters wont burn the country down because they actually like the US. And even if they do, your faggot commie friends have a 6 month lead on damage.
  7. Odds. He’s dAr more likely to fumble than return for a td. With current rules you have a less than 1 percent chance to bring it back for td and no time to score if he had a long return than fell Short
  8. If they can keep the chiefs scoring down they can keep Seattle down
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