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  1. “Trump divides us” - Democrats ”I don’t care what is right or wrong, I have to overturn democracy and tear this country in two to get my way” - also democrats
  2. “Sad pathetic loser liberals continue to push fake hope, still have no viable candidate to beat trump so use impeachment to try to overturn democratic elections” better title i hope these idiots realize what they have done. They have set an all time low bar, and now every president they elect will be impeached by the republicans. Thse idiots are weakening the the systems of government, take it from me, someone who voted against trump, that the democrats have lost me forever when they have so brazenly lied and faked stories. Love him or hate him, love Obama or hate him, we should all be terrified that the elite cabal do not take seriously the power of removing an elected president from office. We we will look back in 30 years at this moment and realize this is when the system finally failed.
  3. It was just one year ago lit was felating McVay and the Rams for doing this same thing, using limited base sets and running a no huddle to keep the defense on the field and more time to setup and process what a worthless pile of shit, he can’t maintain a single stance
  4. This title is shit and not even close to what you posted do you even read or just copy and paste?
  5. Do you know anyone who self indentifys as alt right? It’s like 5 internet losers who use it, then CNN calls anyone who is under 40 and conservative an alt right nazi. get out and meet some real people.
  6. Ahh, so you admit there is a border crisis of drugs and smugglers sneaking into our country, and the need for increased border security is real. what kind of mongoloid idiots think that the exact thing trump is trying to stop, happening, somehow wins the liberal argument? how fucking loopy are you?
  7. So you would be upset going to the super bowl? Or beating your beloved chiefs in what’s considered the greatest Monday night game ever? Really?
  8. Younger than a guy drafted last year? Wow what a huge change. This is shuffling deck chairs on the titanic. Same people making bad picks.
  9. I love how you morons are so beholden to draft picks that you don’t even realize every player they trade they need to replace. They just traded a top 15 first rounder for one pick that will be around the same value. They didn’t gain any value. Now they have to use that same pick to replace all the talent they traded away
  10. They also don’t have any of their last 5 picks on the roster and zero talent
  11. http://Www.google.com http://Www.nfl.com http://Www.espn.com What a shitty thread by a fucking moron
  12. I like the title. It draws the eye and really drives home the point when you click and read the thread.
  13. It was Nsheke laying on his ass that infamous play
  14. I bet you could have had him for 4. No one would think he would be the best for 12 more years. Not one NFL personnel person. There was talk he was gone 5 years ago. You called them in 2007 and said “you can have our next 4 picks” they might do it. Belicheknis that way. Then he says 5 and we do it. Also....those 5 Marshawn Leodis Maybin Spiller Gilmore
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