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  1. Once again, the judicial system with its fancy pants rules of evidence is proving to be a roadblock to justice and democracy. I hope that you libs are happy with yourselves and the broken political process that is disenfranchising the president. The only hope is that Giuliani takes the time to join this political forum and reads all the internet proof that is available to him here. It is slam dunk after slam dunk of unimpeachable sources and mathematical truths. Release this Kraken of data, and watch the nation tremble under its weight of evidence.
  2. These Pennsylvania judges need to be impeached. What are they waiting for? When a judge gets appointed he takes a solemn vow to uphold the principles and political views of the person that appointed them or the political party under whose auspices they ran for election. Now we have rogue justices everywhere making up their minds independently. Its a disgrace. I say we should eliminate the entire judicial system when it comes to the interpretation of constitutional law, or else we are going to end up as some kind of banana republic where dictators can be elected at the whim of the public vote.
  3. We have to start the resistance by sabotaging any procedures to eliminate the Corona virus since this is the focus of the new Administration. Refuse to wear masks, refuse to quarantine, and actively spread the thing whenever possible. Maybe we can put our heads together to find some way to get rid of the vaccines that are on their way. This goes hand in hand with eliminating all kinds of governmental heath care including the affordable care act, medicare, and veterans hospitals. That will fix those lib-tards but good. Remove any kind of government oversight on the pharmaceutical companies. Next, go after the environment. Remove any and all mechanisms that fight pollution. Actively pollute whenever possible even if it is only taking a piss into the water supply. Burn your trash whenever possible, especially when there is a lot of dry tinder around. There are so many way to resist this illegitimate administration - this is just a start.
  4. This situation is all on Guiliani. All he had to do is re-imagine the concept of "proof" to the courts and he would have won easily. Why didn't he do it? It is incomprehensible. You know, the whole problem with this legal system are those so called "rules of evidence." It really is an outmoded concept in the computer age. It is time for a new paradigm - I call it "Internet Proof" Under this concept, you can just go to an internet site that posts "Internet Proof" consistent with your world view and espouse those proofs as proof in court. Things like hearsay have a bad connotation in the courts of today, but re-framing it as Internet Proof has a real ring to it. Plus, any kind of mathematical thought experiment could be presented as cold, hard Internet Proof. And conspiracy theories...the sky is the limit. There is so much Internet Proof there that you can get lost in it. Rudy just did not have the guts to present this kind of legal concept - he was too old school. Instead, he tried to create some kind of reasoned legal argument that had absolutely no chance of being considered as worthy of consideration under our current system. Trump should have handed the whole thing over to Sidney Powell when he had the chance. Now there is a babe with some proof!
  5. What about Don Jr? The kid's a natural and he already has experience negotiating with the Russians. You want charisma? The only person you can compare him to is his dad. And his wife - va va voom! What a first lady she will be.
  6. How much more proof do we need that this election was stolen? We have Trump and Giuliani's word that the fix was in and that is good enough. So, the next logical step is to place the so-called "president elect" under house arrest and declare martial law. Then, go after the traitor democrats. We know they did something, but we just lack the who, where and when. So, the only course is lock 'em all up - concentration camps like we did to the Japs in WWII. Bread and water is too good for those bums - let's starve them to death. Elections are going to be obsolete, so we might just as well set up the line of succession to Don Sr. Under the rights of "promogeniture" Don Jr takes over in the event that Don Sr. dies. This is really exciting stuff! - I am a firm believer in the concept of Divine Right of Kings and I hope that we can amend the constitution to reflect that. Or, we can just throw the whole thing out - that works too.
  7. The only way that this test can be made accurate for me is to add a whole bunch of cells to the upper right hand corner.
  8. There has to be some way to subvert the will of the people and swing the election to Trump. We have some of the greatest conservative minds in the nation in this forum. Let's put our heads together and figure this out.
  9. I think that the conservative voices on this site are doing themselves a great disservice by looking for alternatives to Fox. We have the wherewithal l to create a conservative utopia right here on this forum. This site has proven to be a veritable “Algonquin Roundtable” of conservative intellect – why would we want to look anywhere else? Any progressive fool trying to make a point will be swallowed up by the genius level retorts of our fine posters, or we can just use the OANN model and outlaw any dissent in the first place (that would be my choice). That would allow us to set up any straw-man or specious arguments we choose in order to fight the good fight for our cause while not having to worry about any criticism or “gotcha facts.” Plus, there would be a glut of high-quality content with Trump Tweets and Q-Anon posts to decipher. The only problem that I can see is that once word gets out to the general public about the high level of discourse here on the Range, the site will be inundated with millions if not billions of free thinking conservatives looking for pure unadulterated right wing truth. It will definitely overload the server. We may have to spin off the forum and charge a fee, but that is the price of progress. Hell, we could probably pay off Trump’s campaign debt if we use fine print. I think that we can make it work. We already have a pretty good start.
  10. I am sick and tired of these lame-stream media lib-tards reporting on elections. I mean, really - don't they have better things to do than to comment on who is going to be the next senator or president. What a bunch of pencil necked geeks. If they had any kind of integrity they would play dumb about obvious trends and voting patterns. I can't stand them and I hope that in the future they keep all their stupid statistical algorithms to themselves. Sure, none of their projections were proved wrong, but that is not the point. In fact, I don't know what the point of telling people what is happening during an election is.
  11. There will never be a fair vote as long as the Democrats and the lame-stream media exists. The solution is simple: either a military coup or we get all the militias and Proud-boy type of organizations to band together to overthrow this invalid system. It is the only way to preserve democracy.
  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again: We have got to get rid of McDermott and Beane before we make the playoffs again. Its obvious that we are not going to win a super-bowl with these jokers, so why try to compete at all? It makes no sense. We should be tanking and tanking util they are gone. Then we can bring in a new regime that might be able to instill a winning attitude and win multiple super-bowls immediately.
  13. The people that need to be investigated are the ones running the state elections. Start with Georgia.
  14. I think that Trump needs to hold more rallies. We have to prepare for the next presidential election, so the rallies should center around Don Jr. and Eric. That looks like a very strong ticket.
  15. I am a firm believer in a new system for determining seeding for the playoffs. The current system of wins and losses is antiquated and obviously does not work - witness the fraudulent Bills being in first place when we all know that they are the worst team that has ever been in this position (maybe the worst team of all time). The "total stats" system is really the only true indicator of a team's worth. We need a system whereby aggregate scoring and statistics determine seedings for the playoffs. I know that this is counter-intuitive for us Bills fans, but I for one do not want our success determined by the old system of winning games - it just does not make any sense. Plus, it gives teams more incentive to run up the score, which I find to be the most exciting aspect of the NFL. I do not want the Bills to make the playoffs based on some fraudulent winning record.
  16. I, like many of the posters in this thread, am a great believer in "style points" including huge offensive statistics, highlight reel plays, and large margins of victory. If a win does not meet all three of these criteria, it is a wasted effort and the fans should indeed treat it as a loss and protest these tainted victories. I propose that we "hard core" fans (as opposed to fans who accept such befouled victories with the mantra that a win is a win) petition the league regarding such wins on the basis of "style points." Maybe our collective voice can be heard by the league bigwigs and that they will not allow these sub-par winning efforts to count in the standings by using some kind of statistical rating that accounts for the style points. I am sure that will be the wave of the future. I personally feel cheated that the carefully planned end-zone celebrations of our players have gone to waste on such a lousy victory. Again, there should be some kind of scoring/rating system that account for these superbly choreographed routines which will place even more onus on the team to win big. I cannot put into words how disappointed I am with this victory, this winning season, and the team in general. We need style points and we need them now.
  17. Definitely one of the most innovative defensive performances that I have witnessed. The Bills encouraged the Chiefs to run the ball down our throats by playing weak run defense to keep the ball our of the hands of Mahomes. You could see how gassed the Chiefs offense was near the end of the game after we forced them to keep the ball for 37 minutes.
  18. Agreed. Allen has defiantly bee figured out. He needs to be cut immediately and send in the next man. He might not be as good, but he might not be figured out.
  19. If we can only get rid of the coach and GM we can go back to losing to bad teams as well. Then we won't feel bad about losing to the good teams.
  20. I hope the Bills fire this idiot right now - before we make the playoffs again.
  21. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrUiqFoAXtfrFcAHi4PxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzIEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj?p=trump+on+hillary+pneumonia&fr=yhs-aztec-default&hspart=aztec&hsimp=yhs-default#id=2&vid=d3880f4ac0ced4fc688358945ca331b8&action=view
  22. This is so true. He would never gloat about someone becoming ill. He got a bad rap when he made ridiculed Hillary Clinton having pneumonia, but he would never do it again.
  23. I'm with Sean on this one. I would much rather have Gesicki. The guy looks like a hall of famer. One-handed graps all over the place - practically impossible to cover. Edmunds is turning into a bum. Dodson is just as good if not better.
  24. When are the Pegulas going to wise up and fire McD? He has to be the worst gameday coach in the league. The Bills manage to win despite the coaching and that is pretty amazing considering that the talent on this team is mediocre at best. Maybe its time to tear the whole thing down and start over, starting with a new head coach and GM.
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