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  1. I, like many of the posters in this thread, am a great believer in "style points" including huge offensive statistics, highlight reel plays, and large margins of victory. If a win does not meet all three of these criteria, it is a wasted effort and the fans should indeed treat it as a loss and protest these tainted victories. I propose that we "hard core" fans (as opposed to fans who accept such befouled victories with the mantra that a win is a win) petition the league regarding such wins on the basis of "style points." Maybe our collective voice can be heard by the league bigwigs and that they will not allow these sub-par winning efforts to count in the standings by using some kind of statistical rating that accounts for the style points. I am sure that will be the wave of the future. I personally feel cheated that the carefully planned end-zone celebrations of our players have gone to waste on such a lousy victory. Again, there should be some kind of scoring/rating system that account for these superbly choreographed routines which will place even more onus on the team to win big. I cannot put into words how disappointed I am with this victory, this winning season, and the team in general. We need style points and we need them now.
  2. Definitely one of the most innovative defensive performances that I have witnessed. The Bills encouraged the Chiefs to run the ball down our throats by playing weak run defense to keep the ball our of the hands of Mahomes. You could see how gassed the Chiefs offense was near the end of the game after we forced them to keep the ball for 37 minutes.
  3. Agreed. Allen has defiantly bee figured out. He needs to be cut immediately and send in the next man. He might not be as good, but he might not be figured out.
  4. If we can only get rid of the coach and GM we can go back to losing to bad teams as well. Then we won't feel bad about losing to the good teams.
  5. I hope the Bills fire this idiot right now - before we make the playoffs again.
  6. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search;_ylt=AwrUiqFoAXtfrFcAHi4PxQt.;_ylu=Y29sbwNncTEEcG9zAzIEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Nj?p=trump+on+hillary+pneumonia&fr=yhs-aztec-default&hspart=aztec&hsimp=yhs-default#id=2&vid=d3880f4ac0ced4fc688358945ca331b8&action=view
  7. This is so true. He would never gloat about someone becoming ill. He got a bad rap when he made ridiculed Hillary Clinton having pneumonia, but he would never do it again.
  8. I'm with Sean on this one. I would much rather have Gesicki. The guy looks like a hall of famer. One-handed graps all over the place - practically impossible to cover. Edmunds is turning into a bum. Dodson is just as good if not better.
  9. When are the Pegulas going to wise up and fire McD? He has to be the worst gameday coach in the league. The Bills manage to win despite the coaching and that is pretty amazing considering that the talent on this team is mediocre at best. Maybe its time to tear the whole thing down and start over, starting with a new head coach and GM.
  10. If the Jets had played a lot better they would have won. There is no doubt about that. The Bills were very lucky - they would have lost against any other team.
  11. The only way to motivate kickers is to have a policy that they will be cut if they miss any kicks. There is an endless supply of them, and you will eventually find one who will not miss.
  12. Its definitely time to start Fromm. That guy won't run or fumble which is what the team desperately needs at this time. Plus, he never misses an open receiver.
  13. He is obviously a bust and should be cut immediately. In fact, anyone who is not active on game day should be cut - bunch of losers.
  14. Being president while black.
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