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  1. I’m done with this nonsense. I heard a sermon on church today that may have changed who I am now and will be in the future. I am truly sorry for all of those who I have mocked or ridiculed over the years. It sickens me to think about my behavior. I just can’t waste my time on a board that is obviously posing as Bills fans and complains about wins and losses the same. It’s a joke. And like I said...a waste of time. This board is nothing more than an addiction and addiction is very unhealthy. Good luck to you all and I hope the best for you. If you would like to private message me to find out how I came to this decision I would love to share my thoughts and testimony, but I will not be replying to anymore of this nonsense. Best wishes.
  2. He also didn’t have enough arm to get the ball 30 yards to the goal line for a Hail Mary at the end...
  3. No. You’re looking REALLY foolish and you are too arrogant to admit it. Allen led this team back today. Fact. You can’t act happy about and that’s what makes us call you out. It’s a joke. Keep being you...
  4. Then why don’t you ever act happy when we win? All you do is wait till he does something bad and then you create a thread about it. It’s not too hard to see your agenda.
  5. I agree. Good post. Another guy he compares favorably to is Big Ben. It always amazed me how Steelers fans (I’m around a ton of them) bitched and moaned about Ben even in their SB years. He had a knack for making you scratch your head for three quarters, but the Steelers D would keep it close enough that Ben would drive them down the field to win it in the end. I saw it many times. That’s who Allen is.
  6. He’s got a very similar mindset to Favre. I don’t know why it’s such a stretch to say that. Oh right...you don’t like Allen. Cool...
  7. Right. He’s a gunslinger. It comes with the territory. Just like Favre.
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