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  1. When it comes down to it, you don't have to agree with any of it. We have opinions, and at the end of the day, that's all they are. I think we can agree that there is something wrong, but with all this information, or misinformation being thrown at us how can we be sure exactly what it is? Right now, knowing that something is wrong, and looking for answers has to be enough. But we need to keep looking. Maybe just leaving the system. Political parties are fucked up, and we're fucked up because we continue to go out and vote for which ever lesser of two evils they continue to put in front of us. I'm sure the powers that be are amazed in the number of people who continue to cast a vote, for the slop that are running on either side of the isle.
  2. When it came to President, I know lots of people who voted for anybody but President. With each passing year, more and more people are waking up.
  3. Both sides have a part to play in the destruction, and it's up to us to wake up and put a stop to it. One party pretending to be two.
  4. No I'm not. Most of these people wouldn't have bothered to vote at all because of the choices they were given. Or they would vote a 3rd party.
  5. Lots of good Republicans, as well as Democrats out there. People that believe in our Republic, and not some sham of a democracy. The problem is that when these people get into politics, they don't have the mainstream media running cover for them, so they rarely make it out of their local county. But when they do, and their ideas begin to make traction, along comes the media to brand them as crazy, or kooks. Just ask Ron Paul. And if you're trying to say that the Democrats do not have evil spawn, just look at California or NY City
  6. Here's the thing, it's Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris???? If this alone (but there are others) does not send up red flags, then you are indeed living in a coma. Been in the biz for 47 years, without accomplishing anything, Questionable family values (actually, very questionable), can't draw flies to his speeches, yet more than 80 million votes? Sorry, not a believer in Joe. And I highly doubt 80 million others are.
  7. The one who sounded the most like a Republican, was a Democrat, Tulsi Gabbards. I actually liked her
  8. I'm not a Trumpster, just cant stand Biden (or Democrats) and I hate the lesser of two evils. if there is another election, I think I will only vote local. We deserve much better.
  9. There will most definitely be a fight. But we shouldn't be fighting to defend a President, we should be fighting to uphold the Constitution, our freedom and liberty. Because the dark side wants it all
  10. Isn't it strange how Republicans always seem to back down? Any fighting that the Republicans do, will probably have to be done locally; Including Sheriffs, and the people.
  11. For the recount in Georgia, they are talking about having democrats move to Georgia and vote. Insane, but ain't that America, for you and me
  12. You think it's bad now, what do you think is going to happen when the communists control the house and senate? While the majority is focused on the steal, they are doing the same thing in the lower elections. Be a good time to find out who your local politicians are, and talk with them.
  13. My fear is we are being played by both sides.
  14. Has to be something, and I'd love to know what it is. Coaches see him all the time, and we don't. Thing is, he's a better receiver and can run after the catch. I would think Daboll would love to have someone like that in his offense on a regular basis.
  15. They may have reviewed it, but not really. I'm sure the announcers, 5 seconds after the catch said it's been confirmed. But there was no lengthy delay, with teams standing around waiting and they didn't bring in the high priced NFL review specialist to give his take on the play. "I didn't see any juggling of the ball, and it looked like he had every INTENTION of getting his hand under the ball. So I think it's a good catch" "Yeah, the INTENT was definitely there, touchdown" Also, I don't recall anybody on the Bill's complaining. Shouldn't they be?
  16. You can't revert to 1975 football, if you can't run the ball. That being said, McDermott may be telling him to slow it down so that mistakes are reduced to a minimum. Or, the league is truly WWF. Think about it, how many games have gone to overtime, or down to the last series in the last 10 years? Owners tell us all the time, it's not sports, it's sports entertainment. However, we're not going to know for sure until somebody comes running off the bench with a folding chair in his hands.
  17. You know why they struggle? Because they get a lead, and instead of smelling blood in the water, McDermott chooses to play his own particular brand of the 4 corners. And just like that, out of no where, a game appears. Not sold on Daboll either.
  18. Looking at the picture and video, there is no way he controlled the ball to the ground. Question is, was it reviewed? And were the Bill's complaining about? WWF ...
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