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  1. The amazing thing, is that it wasn’t all that slow. Looking back, it seemed like overnight. And Schwartz goes to Philadelphia, and helps them win a ring
  2. And what did these politicians do? They paid people to stay home. Yeah, these are politicians that clearly care about there constituents, state and country. Question is, who do they work for (take orders from)?
  3. We are in big trouble ... I thought he was going to yell at him to get off the lawn
  4. You know what JC, I don't think I would be surprised. Question is, what are you researching, or looking at? I don't care that you have different opinions, because that's one of the nice things about you. Lets face it, if we were all in agreement on the same subjects, this would be one heck of a boring website. In fact, I'm surprised we have political discussions on this site. And good ones at that. What I get tired of is the "got any proof." You're not playing devils advocate, you get off on that shit. There is nobody on this board that has the kind of proof you claim to want, because if they had it, they wouldn't be here. And you, well you wouldn't check it out anyway. And as for John and Sarah Connor? Maybe they are here, but they go by different names. Could be lots of them. For all we know, maybe they spend all their time on bitchute due to being kicked off facebook and youtube. After all, the best way to stop the resistance is to keep them from getting their stores out to the public. And as for the NWO being the natural progression, does it look like they are interested in capitalism?
  5. Go look! This is the world wide web, where there's a lot of information right at your fingertips. Instead of asking for proof
  6. This right here? Hmmmmmmm If you look at the shape of the dollar, that is backed by nothing (thanks to them), and the fed coin (no privacy what-so-ever) that they hope to shove down our throats. Well then this virus (fake or otherwise) makes for a pretty convenient scapegoat ... Again Hmmmmm To be honest, this should really have it's own separate discussion. All those incapable of thinking for themselves need not apply
  7. Wreck took a defense that was number #1 under Schwartz, and tried to fix what wasn't broken. It was a hot mess. I couldn't believe they hired Wreck
  8. Not totally defending Taylor, just think they should have played more to his strength's. He's not a pocket passer, and it seemed like the Bill's tried to make him one. The offensive line wasn't great, so in my opinion he should have been more mobile. It seemed like McBeane wanted Taylor gone right from the start. They were winning, and he was still benched in favor of Peterman in San Diego, and we saw how that went. I loved that they made the playoffs (finally), but where did they draft the next year?
  9. It's not like he was out there calling the plays. And lets be honest, they were lucky to make the playoffs. Also, I think making the playoffs put McBeane a year behind schedule
  10. But at that time the Bill's (the fans) were just looking to make the playoffs
  11. I always thought Tyrod could have been a poor mans Russel Wilson, great wheels, decent arm (not great). In my opinion, coaches should have been playing to his strength's, just like they do in Baltimore. I think they tried to make him a pocket passer, which was a big mistake.
  12. They sure as hell do. But okay, give us some facts. Oh, and make them your facts, and not some fact that you heard from some academic along the way.
  13. So what direction is this objective reality coming from, the left or the right?
  14. He says consensus of historians, and academics, like they were NOT primarily marxist.
  15. I love it. You just know that this guy was kicked out of his share of economics courses.
  16. Go ahead, explain, how in your mind, it's alternate history.
  17. But her controlability. Yeah, for sure she will be easy to control, and do what she's told. Biden didn't win, but he did get some votes. And for those who voted for him ... SHAME
  18. Sometimes, all that needs to be said is "faggot ass shit" to get your point across. Well played Woody ... Well played indeed
  19. Is there a reason why I should vote for a Democrat? Am I supposed to vote Democrat, because you've done it? If and when a Democrat nominee gives me a reason to vote for him/her, I will vote for him or her. Aside from Tulsi Gabbard, I don't agree with anything they have to say. Now granted, I haven't heard them all, but for those that are considered the best and brightest from the Democrat party ... no thank you. And as we saw, once the Democrat party heard what Gabbards had to say, the lamestream media did their best to run cover for the Democrats and made sure as few people as possible knew anything about her. Very progressive of them. But that doesn't mean that you can't pound your chest and say "at least I voted for a Democrat from time to time. Knock yourself out
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