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  1. What do you think the government has planned for us due to this virus?
  2. Thanks, I know who Gretel was, but I wonder why page not found. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/greta-thunberg-coronavirus_n_5e7a78c0c5b620022ab2b15a
  3. It's official, the Swedish climate change darling Greta Thunberg may have the corona virus. However, her brother Hansel is being strangely silent. https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/03/07/coronavirus-fears-thinning-attendance-at-greta-thunberg-climate-rallies/
  4. I don't show the video's in hopes of people watching them and suddenly SCREAMING, "I had no idea, I have to do something." The video's were put up to show others what could possibly be happening and to do their own research. That being said, I do believe our trusted politicians (sarcasm), both sides, are intentionally breaking the back of the dollar and are using the virus as the excuse. The dollar was in free fall anyway, and on it's last legs. This was the crisis that was to good to waste. And they don't care how many lives they ruin in order to get what they want. Now they are gearing up to say, it wasn't our fault, it was the that damn virus that we needed to protect you from, because it's killing everyone in it's site. I'm sure the scripts are already written, and they've begun working on their lines for when they have to stand in front of the microphones. And just when the economy was churning ...
  5. Relax, all I said is that he can throw the ball. And besides, I don't know why I always need to be the one who has to say this, but QB's don't win and lose games all by themselves. Has he ever been a part of a team capable of being a top 15 offense? Takes more than a QB. Might be fun to see what he can do for an entire year with a good offense.
  6. Probably, but he does have the ability to air it out, with some good production
  7. And another coincidence, in the video he talks about companies gearing up to make our indoor stay more comfortable with free stuff, and I just got a text from netflix telling me that they were giving me 4 free month's of service. I told them to fuck off! Actually I said no thank you, it was my heart that said fuck off
  8. Sometimes it's hard to admit that the ship is currently sinking, even when you're standing on the deck.
  9. If you think it's just him, you're wrong. Plenty of people out there saying the same thing. Anyway, we don't need somebody else telling us that something is seriously wrong. Just look and listen
  10. Donald Trump, and all the other minions ... Making America Great Again? No. Don't think so Who do they work for?
  11. Okay, I will put on my detective hat, start looking for interesting names, their past, parents, family, friends. Not just politicians. I will go back in history as well
  12. It's not really funny, just not sure what kind of names you expect someone to find, by searching the web, or reading books. However, I will say that in the past when you asked for names, it did sound like you were making fun. Not anymore? If you're serious, then let me know, because like I said before, I think this stuff interests you. At least I think it did in your past.
  13. How about little Andy Cuomo, looks like he's doing his part. We are being pushed around, and they are taking notes. They want to see just how far they can push us, before we push back.
  14. Actually arrogance is a very good answer. They don't fear us, and with predictive programming show us what's coming down the line. It's up to us to figure out a way to stop them, and they don't think we can.
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